Last Video in 2019

Last Video in 2019

This is the last video for this year so
I thought I share two things with you. Number 1 are the funniest comments on
this channel that I still remember and I managed to dig out for you. Number 2:
What we’re going to be up to next year. Let’s start with the fun part. The best part of having this channel for me is the active community. I really appreciate
your feedback and your questions. I know I don’t manage to get back to
everyone or answer all questions. But I read pretty much all comments, and I make
a note of your interesting questions. Especially those that can become videos
and can end up serving more people. Sometimes you guys leave really funny
comments that crack me up. Here’s number three funniest comment of the year: This is number two: And number one; but just a heads up: This
comment was made on the XLOOKUP video. Just to remind you XLOOKUP is the
new and improved Excel lookup formula that’s going to ultimately replace
VLOOKUP. They still make me laugh. Since this is
the time of the year where you set your priorities for next year let me share
with you what we’ve planned so far. We’re planning to expand on our Accounting
Basics series and move into more finance and controlling topics. Of course
we’re going to move accounting into Excel and make Excel based examples. It’s just
that the theory didn’t have to be done in Excel. So, the first few videos weren’t
Excel based. Apart from this we’re working on a couple of interesting
courses and projects for next year. We also plan to expand the team to create
more and better content for you. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter
to get updates and feel free to follow me on Instagram. As far as live Excel
conferences are concerned I’m going to be attending the global Excel summit in
London in April. Find out more about that from the link in the description. It’s
going to be great to meet you in person. If you’re watching this until now it
means you’re supporting my channel, you’re supporting my content. A big
thanks goes to you for just watching, for your thumbs up, for your comments. Also, if you’re one of the people who’s bought my courses in the past year. Thank you! Not
only are you supporting me but you’re also supporting two NGOs that we support.
A part of our yearly revenue goes to these organizations. This way we get to
pass on your support to get better education for kids. In this spirit of
helping kids get a better education I’d like to give a shout out to Faraz, Excel
Master who not only has great Excel videos but also helps school kids in
India become better in Office applications. If you’d like to check out
his channel and support him I’m going to add the link below. This basically wraps
it up for this year. What’s the one thing you’d like to achieve by the end of next
year? Is there anything specific you’d like to learn? Let me know in the comments below. I’d personally love to take some time
off and learn a bit more about Data Science. Let’s see if I manage. If you
have holidays right now, enjoy them. If you’re at work but your
boss is on holiday, enjoy that too. And I’ll see you next year.


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    George Reynolds

    Hi Leila, I think I will never catch up with you but already I am using some of the techniques you have demonstrated, so that is progress! Thank you for all the effort you put into these excellent videos and I wish you a Happy Christmas Season and an exciting and adventurous 2020 with every success in what you do!!

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    Chris Voros-Haynes

    Would love to meet you in London 🙂 – Are Dynamic Arrays still not available for the general public O365 ? … My aims for 2020 are to get into dynamic arrays and Power Queries

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    Yama Fanboy

    Leila please be more responsible about the graphics you utilize in your video thumbnails. I just saw the word "goodbye" and the words "last video" and had an immediate panic attack. Even though I realize now you're not gone all of my anxiety isn't either.

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    Mario Rossi

    Have a wonderful day Leila . Is my wish that you have a Happy New Year 2020. Thank you for share your knowledge. God bless you.

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    ORO Os

    Thanks so much Leila!. The high quality of your videos ( image, sound, production, your professionalism), are very outstanding. My best wishes for 2020. Happy Holidays.

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    Dave Mitchell

    Laila, you make me smile! Loved your end of 2019 video, plus all your others in the past 12 months. May 2020 be just as successful. Thank you.

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    Shweta Nair

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your treasure of knowledge with all of us. God bless you. A very happy new year to you.

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    Edmilson Nascimento

    Feliz Natal Leila e um maravilhoso ano novo! Merry Christmas and happy new year! I am enrolled in trhee of your online courses.

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    Vijay Arjunwadkar

    Thank you Leila for your super dose of Excel knowledge in 2019 ending with Accounting Basics! Looking forward to a great 2020 with more of everything in Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI and Data Science too! Wishing you a very happy new year! All the best and stay blessed!

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    Nipun Kavinda

    Actually, your commitment is very helpful to gain knowledge about excel in deep thoughts. Thank you very much to give so many wonderful things throughout this year. Happy ending with new beginning Leila…

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    Thanks, Leila. For me, I'll remember 2019 as the year that Leila's Powerpoint morph videos changed the lives of my sales team. I shared it with one of the sales guys I support, and he's now known as Mr Morph. We had a "morph off" for our internal quarterly sales meetings, where we did role play sales scenarios and had to create presentations.

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    Kashif Muneer

    Hi Leila i really like your way of teaching
    I am currently stuck to develop a formula to identify or highlight duplicate and ovelaped values (overlap in terms of working days) and duplicates the staff working on multiple projects) I can share the sample data if you want

    My email is [email protected].com


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    Titan Fitness

    Hey Leila I am going to start a Predictive Analytics certificate program next year. I am taking your vba and macros course right now and I love it. I enjoy using Excel and feel more confident using it for tasks at work. Look forward to more of your videos!

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    Ajay Verma

    Thanks Leila for excellent videos in 2019…these were very helpful for us..All the very best for next year.
    Merry Christmas to you

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    Monte Dudgeon

    Leila, I don't know if I've watched all of your videos, but most and I haven't came across a solution to a situation I have. I import tables from the web, one column of cells has multiple numbers I want to separate into new row of numbers (ex. 1-2-5-10-30). How can I separate these numbers into their own column? (ex. 1 is under A, 2 under B, etc) without manually doing it with each cell. Merry Christmas!

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    David Roper

    Leila: My 1st thought was; oh no! With more accounting. Please would you do a video which, expands on your earlier videos on the use of: Arrays CSE, F2 when editing formulas and F9. It’s these edit bar extras which are so helpful. Really it’s the Why and When would you use these F keys. I hope you and your support team have a great new year. David.

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    Nadim Petiwala

    Can you please make an excel course on accounting with the help of EXCEL.

    Means preparing P & L, Cash Flow and B/S etc. dynamically….

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    Mumba Luapula

    Thanks for 2019 knowledge. Coming across your analytical skills has changed my approach to do analysis both at work and private work. Merry Xmas and more in 2020.

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    Gabriella Prievara

    Dear Leila, thank you very much for your videos, it is great to learn something new week to week.
    My aim is for next year to learn about Power Query, Power Pivot and Data Modeling, and I would like to learn more about Data Science as well.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄

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    Conrado Hernán Villa Gil

    Leila Happy Christmas easter and amazing 2020 for you. God Bless you. I would like ( if its possible) videos about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big data and Data Science.

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    Kamran Melwani

    Please create video series on FP&A with projects reflecting real life examples. Also cover areas of different methodologies for forecasting and presentation tips.

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    Yugandhar G

    I have one doubt regarding decimals in Excel
    I am getting below While calculating through Calculator
    Decimals as 11 times Six and 12 digit as 7.
    But using Excel i am getting
    Decimal as 10 times six and 11th digit as 7.

    As per my requirement i need decimal places as getting in Calculator (decimal places 11 digits without roundoff as like calculator)

    Please help through formula ot VBA?

    Thanks in advance

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    Dennis D

    Leila, Thank you for all of the wonderful videos this year. I learned so much and look to learning even more next year. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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    Nordic Snowhammer

    You scared me! I thought you were done…as in DONE! You have helped me spreadsheet my daughter's entire life. Now when she tells me that I don't love her, or that I don't care, I just show her my DADLUVSKID spreadsheet and tell her to look at cell 129507 in Column C. It's a sum cell. And there's a dollar amount. When I do I get to update her eye roll total for the year. I love spreadsheets! Thanks for everything and have a happy new year.

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    Color Mile-hi

    Leila wishing you the best and success in 2020. I've been in the process of learning vba but can't seem to move forward after the beginning course. Work always seem to eat up the time I've scheduled for the course. Hopefully I'll at least get to finish the intermediate part of it. To learn vba will be the biggest tool I can make daily tasks automated. In line with vba, power BI will be another great learning tool to add. Cheers and looking forward to a fun 2020. It's been fun and learned a lot watching your 2019 YouTube videos. 👍😀

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    Silvia Brunialti

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Helpful and really appreciated.
    I am sure there will be thousands of people looking forward to your lessons in 2020.
    Best wishes for the New Year.

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    Louis Barber

    Leyla, happy new year! It is really been awesome been subscribed to your channel. Can you put out a schedule where you will be visiting,,,I would LOOOVE to meet you in person.
    Any chances you can make an US.
    Look forward to a great year in Finanacials, accounting and some help with manipulating data on your Gracious excel ways.

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    3dalex13 L

    I just recently subscribed to your channel and I am learning so much from your videos thank you and have a Happy New Year

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    Sachin Vartak

    1st You look amazing, 2nd Each and Every video of your's has led to logical evolution for those watching it and 3rd Don't forget No. 1 & No.2 🙂 Being a finance and statutory compliance guy, I'm really looking forward to your Accounting Videos. DEBIT THE RECEIVER (YT watchers) AND CREDIT GOES TO THE GIVER (Read Leila) . Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous 2020:)

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    yogesh galdhar

    Leila babes please make video on how to extract data from importing text, or other files and also analysis of financial statements such as balance sheet,

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    Clark Higgins

    All the best for the new year, and I'm looking forward to continued growth. I should give you a bonus, my boss literally calls me the excel guru. For the new year I want to get certified in excel, and like you, explore data science, like DAX, and Power BI. Could you suggest a course of yours, or another that might help me in my quest. Thanks, all the best. – Cheers

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    Omar Azol

    J essaie de pratiquer votre présentation mais sans résultat car on trouve pas ces fonctionnalités sur notre office.
    De coup je vais désabonner.

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    abdallah elmetwaly

    I am from Egypt. You are the best teacher I have seen in my life. Go on. I wish you success. I would like you to continue explaining the documentary course of accounting, financial statements and financial analysis.

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    Dave Goodmanson

    Hi Leila, I’m planning on doing the Microsoft Certification in Excel this year. And, if I pass that, try for the Excel Expert certification. Thanks for your help in 2019.

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    Clark Ditter

    Hello, thank you for your video explanations. I have only just begun as a subscriber to your videos. I look forward to further Accounting-related videos from you. Thank you.

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    Kokitoro M

    Dear Leila…. I work with excel a lot, but my weakness is a Vlookup. I work with SAP at work run reports where I fin a challenge just to find and clean data….I want to learn Excel cause is part of my duties regardless….please tell me where to start as I have already the basics training. Thank you. Happy New Year’s…🙏

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    Zakir Hussain

    Thank you LEILA GHARANI,
    for introducing
    Faraz Shaikh Excel Master..
    For a simple Indian English.


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