Building a page with Kartra’s Page Builder. In this video, I’m going to show you the basics of building any kind of web page, using Kartra amazingly simple Page Builder. You probably know Kartra is a comprehensive online platform, where you can create web pages, marketing funnels, membership sites, host your email list with lots of analytics, an affiliate marketing program and much much more. Hi, my name is sue Ferreira, founder of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, where I show you how to take your Wisdom to the World, so you can create a much greater influence impact and income, using video and all the cutting edge tools of the web. Subscribe to my YouTube cCannel to learn more about how to get more clients, by taking your message to the world. Click that “Subscribe” button below and then click the little bell icon, to get a message, every time I upload a new video. Let’s go over now to the back end of my Kartra, and I will show you how to build a page with the Kartra Page Builder. Here we are in the back end of my Kartra and you can see we’re already on “My Pages” I’ve got a few built already. I’m going to build a new page and I’m going to build one from scratch, but I’ll show the other ways you can do it too. This is the default page you will see, when you go to add a new page. We’re going to use this one here, blank canvas, but one of the neat things about Kartra is you can save your own templates. Once you’ve got your own branding on a particular template, you can save them, as I have done here, and if you don’t want to start with a blank canvas, you have all these other options down here – squeeze pages – look at them all – squeeze pages galore – videos sales pages, Thank You pages, everything you could desire, all the way down to upsell pages. Beautifully created templates that you can use, but as I said today – build from scratch. Back to “blank canvas” and launch builder. Enter the name of the page “Test” and I’ve got “no particular category”, because this is a test page. I’m just going to create it and here we are on the basic build page. Before you start building a page in Kartra, understand that there are sections, there are blocks, there are components and there are columns. It will always tell you down here, which one of those options, you can drag and drop into any section. Now obviously, here it says “Drag and drop a section here”. Briefly tell you the difference between the Column Mode and the Component Mode. The column mode – think of that as the scaffolding of a building. Components on the other hand, are what you would do in between the scaffolding, that you’ve put up or the structure, that you’ve put up of the building. You might have a room inside with a window here and a window there, and then on another part of the scaffolding, you would have a door. The components are really doors and windows that fill in between the scaffolding – your columns. You can either leave them invisible or you can show them as well. Now for this demonstration, I’m going to show them because it kind of makes things a little bit easier. We are going to “drag and drop a section” here, so we go to “Sections” because that’s what it tells us to do! When building out the page, why don’t we put in a top menu, because the chances are at some stage, you’re going to have a top menu. It’s no point trying to “click and drag” just like this, because the little arrow tells us we have a drop-down menu here, and when we click the little down arrow, we have all these options for header menus. We can choose any one of these headers, and click and drag it into this section. Every one of these headers can be customized, so don’t worry about the colors, don’t worry about the positions. It just makes it easier for you to begin with. There, we are we have added a header, and you can see there are little pinky-purple lines around these two columns, because they are columns and I’ve got it on “show columns”. if I click the columns “off”, they disappear, but it helps to give you an idea of what you’re building on the page to be able to see them. Also if you want to, you can edit within the color. It helps you knowing which column or which section you’re editing. For example, here there’s two little pink columns and so by clicking this pencil, I would just be editing this part of this block. If I come over here, I would just be editing this block. Now if I came over here to the “blue”, you can see that underlying the pink, there is also a blue line, which means I would edit everything in between these two blocks combined. I’m going to keep it now and say “Apply”. I can’t edit the logo at this stage. if I wanted to add my logo here, I can’t edit the logo at this point, because all I can do is edit this entire block. If I come over to component mode, I can now edit my logo – go to the “edit button” – I’ll pick an image, pick my logo and confirm, apply, and now my logo will be up here. If you’re clicking furiously and not getting any result, always check back and say “have I got a section?”, “have I got a component?” or “am I in column mode?”. That will save you frustration when you first learn how to build a page in Kartra. Let’s add a “Hero Section” – you know, the big section that goes right at the top. Let’s see, this looks pretty good. Come in here and drop this Hero Section in here and again we can, we can see the columns that are there. Here is our Hero Section again. This will edit just this section, this will edit the two together. Let’s say, now I’d like to put in another empty section. Here is an empty block. I’ll bring it down and drop it here and now we have it, it tells us to “drag-and-drop a column”. If we come back and click “components”, we have column options here. Again, don’t try and click it on its own. It won’t work. Click the little arrow that goes down and up will come your different options for columns. You see you have a lot of different arrangements. Suppose you wanted to put in the sidebar. I’m going to drag and drop here and you will see an orange bar has come up, that turned green when you get close to them. When they turn green, you can let go of your drag-and-drop click, in will come your new columns. We have a column that is 66 percent and 33 percent, so basically we’ve built kind of a sidebar system. Here now it says “drag and drop a component” not a column, not a section. We’re in components, go to components and let’s add a “mock-up composition”. Click and drag this component in here. It’s orange – it turns green and it has appeared. Let’s click and drag, this one of New York into the other side and there we are. We’ve now added a 2/3 and a 1/3 component into our columns here. If I want to bring this component down a little bit, I can click “Edit”. I can put a margin at the top – I don’t know how much – I’ll say 60, apply, and down it comes and then you can fiddle until you get it looking right. Now, let’s go back to “sections” and add another section. This time, let’s look at section content. We’ve got a lot of different options here, for section content. Well we’re on the kind of iPad kick. Let’s put in these iPads and we now have another section. You will notice on the side the little red edit cogs. It really helps, because you can edit each section in here. It says Section 4 for this, so you edit within section 4 here. It will say Section 3, Section 2 and our header at the top will be Section 1. This is the “Move” icon, so you can also click and drag, and move these sections up and down, I have moved the large iPad and iPhone and put it below the four smaller ones, in the four columns. Let’s now look at adding a Checkout Form and we have many checkout forms available. Click and drag – I get to do one more Empty Section, an Empty Block. I’m going to drop it there. Components – and look at columns and this time, I think I’ll take a 50/50. Bring the 50/50 – it’s green and let’s add some text in here. We go to components, Text, which I will pull into here and into here. Drag and drop a column – let’s put an opt-in form in this box, and there we go. The only thing we really don’t have on this page now would be a Footer. Click Footers – we have our footer options come up, bring it in and drop it. There in a very short while, we have built a totally customizable page within Kartra. “Actions”, “Save Progress”, “Preview”, “Open Preview” – don’t want to translate this page now. It certainly isn’t the prettiest page you’ve ever seen. It would require a lot more customization, but it’s a page and it’s easily done – click and drag – just remember columns, components and sections and away you go! if you liked this video, which shows you how simple it is to build a webpage, any kind of web page with Kartra, hit the “Like” button below and leave a comment or a question and share the video with your friends, because they may be interested in Kartra too – and be sure to subscribe to my channel and download my PDF, The Only Three Tools under $20 You Need To Create Client Attracting Video” – the link is in the description below. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video. Bye for now!


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    To Be The Bearer

    Sue, I love your accent. "Yewchewb channel."

    I'm seriously loving your videos. Very helpful. Thank you!

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    Francesco Barbati

    Thank for the video! Can you make an e-commerce website in Kartra? If so what design would you recommend for an e-commerce website made in Kartra?

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    Professor Heather Austin

    Sue, such a great breakdown of Kartra's page builder. I haven't yet used this resource, but I think I definitely need to consider this.

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    Cynthia Giuffria

    Hi Sue! Great video. Have been on the fence between this and newkajabi. I think I am convinced that Kartra is the best way to go. Have tried connecting with you on LinkedIn to ask you a few questions. I have clicked on the 30 day trial yet it says 14 day. Does it automatically figure in 30? Thanks! I look forward to your reply AND to watching more of your informative videos! 🙂

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    Sarah Gallant

    Thanks so much for this demo! I'm in the middle of building my first page and couldn't for the life of me figure out out to add a component to a section. Thank you!

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    Kathy Roberts

    Would you ever do a step by step tutorial? All I know is WordPress and Membership plugin. I am so confused as to how to begin with this.

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    Mary Sloane

    Super helpful… used page builders before but everyone is a little different been at it about 4 hours and now I think I know how to get it finished Thank you

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