JSN ImageShows on mobile devices | Joomla extension video

JSN ImageShows on mobile devices | Joomla extension video

JSN ImageShow on mobile devices. JSN ImageShow looks on desktop. On Iphone, JSN ImageShow still show Auto Play… …Thumbnails… ..Background color… You won’t see any flash effects since it is a HTML / JS version. The images are resized automatically to fit with mobile device’s screen. So everything you make with JSN ImageShow will look the same on Mobile devices. Thank you for watching. You can get in touch with us at Facebook and Twitter with username: joomlashine


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    nigel carter

    I would like to know if the component version can list albums like side by side and allow the user to click on the album and see the photos in that album. I was watching the youtube video with the light weight javascript version, can that version be implemented as a component with multiple albums in it? I really need an answer fast since im in development mode and ready to implement a solution. If the mobile javascript version can support this i will buy it IMMEDIATELY!!!

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    JoomlaShine - Joomla Templates & Extensions

    Hi Skilla, as we answered you on Facebook: we do have that task marked in backlog and I think it will be implemented by the end of August. Please get in touch to get the updated information about JSN ImageShow. 😀

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