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today’s video we’re gonna do a follow up on all ads work for January to 2019 tell
you about some of the major changes and some of my current thoughts on the
platform and show you my progress to date as well
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every couple days or so okay alright so as I said earlier in the introduction
part there in the first part we’re going to do a follow up to all ads work and
I’m going to show you my progress in this as well as some of my current
thoughts on the platform as well as show you some other things about it too okay
alright so let’s go ahead and get right on in on in on this video here and so
I’m already logged into my account here at all ads work okay and so two weeks
ago I made a video on as a follow-up video to all ads work to back on I think
it was the 18th of December of last year and at that point I was at $41 if you
can go back and take a look at that video if you’d like it’s it’s about
follow-up on all ads work compound interest making money and you can see
that I was at a forty one dollars in the account at that point so two weeks later
here we are and I’m at ninety one right now okay
ninety one 65 or 66 if you round it up there but so it’s been been paying out
really good if I go into my earnings history here
you can see here and I get rid of all the inactive ones and just keep the
active ones here now now if you know about this platform if you you buy a
twenty dollar ad pack this platform what it is is an advertising platform okay
you buy advertising what’s called ad packs or advertising you can advertise
your website if you have a business and you’re an affiliate marketer or such as
myself and you have a business or anything on the Internet you can buy
advertising here and it’s pretty pretty well targeted advertising as well and
you get credits website credits and all for the ad packs that you purchase
alrighty and so currently right now I’ve got I’ve got about know if I come back
to overview here I’ve got 10 ad packs that are active and I bought total of 12
so 2 of them have already matured and your ad packs mature somewhere between
30 and 60 days although because of some of the platform changes that that’s it’s
a little bit longer now okay and I’ll explain that to you guys here just a
moment once they get to that point now I had originally invested about 420
dollars into this okay into this ad platform so come back here and I can
show you the the what’s going on here so as you can see I have several $60 ad
packs right here the $60 ad packs returned $72 at maturity okay
indeed like I said the $20 ones returned 24 and then the $40 ad packs returned
$48 back to you at maturity okay so it’s a good it’s a good compounding interest
thing and it accrues interest daily anywhere between 1 to 2% per day okay
but I think that that because of some of the changes I told you about there’s
been some major changes here on the platform that slowed down just a little
bit although it seems like I’m still getting anywhere from two to three
sometimes four dollars per day on that so I think they’re still paying pretty
good as far as the yeah the compounding interest okay so
you can see that the $60 ones here it’s it’s coming up pretty good here the $20
one here that I have is at four dollars right now I purchase that back on
December the 5th so a little bit slow on that one okay I would have think that
that would be a little bit higher at this point these seem to be reasonably
going at November the 28th is when I purchased these here so that I think is
even a little bit slower – it all looks a little bit slower but it but it still
seems to be accruing pretty good so I’ve come up there here’s what here’s a
couple of $10 ones I had no they don’t they don’t they stopped advertising the
ten dollar ad packs back in early December because of Bitcoin the price of
Bitcoin has fell down which is part of what I want to tell you and show you
here in just a moment about the major changes here now so
coming back to overview it’s gone up so in two weeks time this has come up $50
my guess that it would be even more than that had they not slowed the platform
down or slowed the interest down because of the major changes so getting up
speaking of that so what are the major changes that I’m talking about well they
because of bitcoins price if you look at the Bitcoin price right here
it has plummeted pretty hefty okay and you can see right here that I’ve clicked
on the year one year graph here where you can see it now back in exactly about
a year ago January to the 6th in fact almost just a year to the day here in
those three days one Bitcoin the price of one Bitcoin was $17,000 of 98 17,000
98 dollars from that and 9 cents there you can see it on the screen there and
but you can see the downward path that it’s taken all right and it’s come all
the way down now here we are at what it’ll show he had January 1 to January
3rd right there now bitcoin is at three thousand seven hundred and eighty seven
dollars and fifty seven cents per one Bitcoin so it’s it’s lost price a lot
now just like the stock market I never I believe that it’s going to come back up
again it’s just like anything stock market falls and then the stock market
rises back up again and then it’ll fall and rise so I don’t believe that bitcoin
is going any gonna go too much farther down than that it’s possible I suppose
but I don’t believe it will because it’s too much of an in demand currency on on
the Internet today and so it’s where it’s at right now but because of that
because of the drop down in currency they’ve been some major changes on all
ads work okay so if we come over to all ads works Facebook page here you notice
that they had men the administrator that’s this lady right here she’s the
owner of all ads work and back on December 23rd she came out with this
update okay and it says that I had packed plans have been disabled for new
purchase as you know due to long technical issues and which they’ve had
some technical issues on their their webserver in their site that they’ve had
to deal with so that slowed things down to but they got those fixed but then it
was cryptocurrency markets fell down which is what I showed you here the
Bitcoin the cryptocurrency market has gone down so says their daily profit and
sells were badly affected due to the same reason daily profit sharing and
withdrawal limits were also very low and still consistently flowing down rapidly
this time our main priority is to keep paying our members on time based up on
their limits or their probably their current their current add tax that they
have at this time so keeping this point on priority basis
we have disabled new purchase of ad packs but at the same time those who
have purchased ad packs earlier it will keep working for them until they
mature so hereafter members can keep purchase and promote and enjoy other
advertisement services on the exchange banner and its text as civil ads etc
except for ad packs so if you’re gonna join it today what you can join for free
it doesn’t cost anything to join all that works that’s work you can join it
for free it’s just the only thing is you won’t be able to buy any ad packs at
this point because of the the price of Bitcoin and they’re trying to stabilize
their platform which is all understandable it’s I understand all
that what’s going on just like any business you know when there’s you know
profits are down and things are down and like particularly right now you know all
business is slow at this time of the year anyway
in January December because of the holidays in January and the winter and
so on and so forth but it’ll come back up eventually here
I’ll imagine about another month or so it’ll begin to come back up and you’ll
be able to purchase ad packs again and then make you know make your interest
compound interest on your money but if you’re already a member of all ads work
and you have ad packs and you know that you’re already you know that you’re
already still getting your money for your your investments okay alright so
coming back here to a facebook says down here that withdrawals were working
normally for all members based on current withdrawal limits due to the low
profit and cryptic currency market fall down overall withdrawal limits are down
earnings due to long technical issues and crypto currency market fall down or
daily profit and sales were badly affected as profit sharing is based on
overall daily profit of the community and sharing load this time due to low
profit crypto currency market fall down profit sharing for members are also low
which that’s why I was telling you that it seems to be that like I was telling
you it’s not accruing as fast of an interest as it was it’s not
compounding as fast as it was before it has slowed down some but nevertheless
it’s still compounding interest obviously this is the difference between
two weeks ago when I was at 41 and now it’s at 91 okay so it’s still still
coming back and still making money now originally in that other video I’d
mentioned that I was going to let this get up to about $100 and then buy
another ad pack well obviously I’m not gonna be able to do that now I’m sure
here within another another few days of this is gonna be at a hundred so what
I’m going to do is withdrawal this hundred dollars out and then let it
continue to accrue and let these ad packs continue to mature until they’re
they open it back up again to be able to buy ad packs again and then I’ll just
purchase more and keep the thing going okay so if you wanted to join today you
can go ahead and join for free you just won’t be able to buy ad packs at this
time you could still if you want purchase advertisement you can buy
credits to advertise your business and so on and so forth and and so on and so
forth with that but you still want you I don’t not sure about this now when
people like it less that have ad backs you have to surf ten websites per day to
be able to qualify to get your compound interest or your interest for that day
on your ad packs okay so if you don’t have any ad packs I don’t think I’m not
sure you could still do it but I don’t think this this applies to you if you
were to join the platform right now but it’s free to join you can purchase cheap
ad advertisement for your business or your your websites or your landing pages
or whatever it is that you have okay so that’s where we’re at right now and yeah
that’s they’ve still got advertisements approvals that are quick and fast and
then what the members can do to also help but in this same issue as well too
alright guys so this is the all ads work Facebook page here and you can see here
that others I’m going faster but other people are getting this was yesterday
and they’re getting a successful withdrawals you can see people are
getting their money withdrawal whenever they need it it’s there’s no problems
with results okay so that’s pretty much what I did wanted to share with you
today about this all that’s work review and follow up here with what’s going on
with the platform so it’s there’s some changes going on because the business is
slow right now and bitcoin is down everything everything I think is pretty
well down this time of year because of the holidays and the winter time
business and January’s usually slow run slow to any business does for that
matter it always has so that’s what I want to show you guys today hey if you
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thanks guys have a great day


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    Kevin Lehner - Freedom Motivator

    Please like, comment, share and subscribe to this channel…..If you'd like to join All Ads Work my referral link is in the description Thanks..😎👍

  2. Post
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Hello, a question, for example I saw that you have an adpack of $ 60 that you bought on December 5th and in a month you only received $ 12 of the $ 72 that you have to receive.

    How is the investment recovered at that rate in 60 days? or do not recover and lose?


    (Sorry I'm using the google translator)

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    Jim Vict

    Dear Freedom Motivator, there's something you don't know and should inform your team: the reason you say your account grew is because you have not withdrawn yet! Just attempt to do it and will find out you can't. Unfortunately AllAdsWork became a scam some months ago. I was making withdrawals until they reported that because of the bitcoin drop of value things had turned to worse for them. That was her excuse of course (the owners'). Freedom M, you just signed up last October 29 and probably you have made only 1 withdrawal at the most. But now it is not working. As most of these revenue shares, AAW could not be the exception and finally dropped and probably they're looking a hiding place from the Internet Police and surely they will be arrested for promoting a scheme, a pyramidal structure. Sorry bro, but that's a fact.

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    Dhiraj Madkaikar

    I had buy adpack in December 10 & 30 $ adpack but till now only 3$😑 I also raised ticket about that but no response from them

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