Interactive Media Design and Production

Interactive Media Design and Production

{Logo: Fanshawe College} {MUSIC} Tonight we’re here at industry night
where some Fanshawe students are getting to showcase some of their work that they
did over the semester. We’re trying to increase registration for organ
donation, and we created a marketing campaign that we hope will inspire some
people to get out there and register. Well the students have been amazing and
so responsive to the feedback, we’ve really seen how they have grown in their
skills over the course of the term. I think they’ve also been really
affected by it a bit personally because it is a cause they maybe didn’t know much about. They’ve gone beyond the expectations that we had, but we asked
them to look at our website and maybe give it a fresh touch up. When we built
it it was kind of out of necessity and then they’ve had a chance to really
improve the website in many different fashions. They also have great
images and great video that we really really wanted to use in our website. The
photos tell like the story in and of itself. It opened our eyes to
some things and it’s given us some new ideas and it’s a nothing but a positive
it’s a win-win. So we’re going home with some new ideas and we’re gonna end up
with a brand new webpage. Definitely the experience based learning. Having our students go out and work on real-world projects, have client feedback.
It’s truly impactful to have that experience in the classroom, and it
definitely shapes them and molds them into who they’re gonna be as
professionals. At forty five years it doesn’t seem that long ago but they made it
relevant today and that’s the uniqueness of what the young minds can do. The sense of professionalism in terms of how they’re conducting themselves even right
down to, hey, here’s my business card, here’s some leave-behind material. So
that’s quite impressive and speaks to a professionalism that is
certainly attractive for employers like us. I’ve learned so much,
you know anywhere from learning how to like code website, to building a 3D
object and animating it, and taking photography and just general design. That diversity of skill sets is very it’s important to a company like us where
we’re really relying on a multitude of different talents to be able to bring
value to the clients that we service. The best thing we can find for them
skill wise to have, would definitely be problem-solving, a great work ethic you
know working hard every day, and just a passion for doing what it is that they
love. They really inspire us to push our creativity to the limits and just see
what we can do. Just kind of bend the rules a little bit and I love that. {Logo: Fanshawe College}


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