Importance of NETWORKING in Real Life

Importance of NETWORKING in Real Life

Your Father might be having a retail counters of any kind like steel, pulses, etc Lets take your example What kind of retail counter your father has ? Electronics Electtronics …… Ill come to you. The boy sitting at last thinking last time you didnt gave me an opportunity to stand and speak Thats why this time i will keep my hand up until you give me a chance to speak hahahhahahha thats why i like back benchers because i was also one of them I love u all equally hahahha. Coming back to electronics What your father sell ? Washing machine, TV, fridge all kind of electronic appliances Now. Do you think what your father is selling is not available in other shops ? Its available everywhere. Then why customers come to your father only ? Exactly !!! Thats what the word he used. I wanted him to use this word That is a relation OR VYAVHAAR in local language People give similar prices All things are same PRICE, BRAND, WARRANTY, ETC All that matters is the relation or behaviour with the customers Its very very important and i am talking practical You will never find this point in any books because this knowledge comes with experience or your parents teach you. RELATION !!! Connecting with people and expanding the network because the person who has bigger network can do any type of work How many of you people want a job after your graduation ? YOU GET GOOD JOBS WITH GOOD NETWORK Ofcourse you also need talent and everything Your individual capabilities must be there within you BUT if you have a better network, you get a better job Only jobs websites wont help you. So you need that network I want you to think like i have so many people to make work Trust me people may thousands/millions of bucks in conferences to network with people Some of you also might have experienced it. And how lucky people you are with same age, same interest. Make network. Meet more and more people Today, whom-so-ever you have met Just try to be in touch with them Hi / Hello and get into a good relationship, a good friendship. Atleast acquintance will be good People will feel good about you. But i have observed……. People are so egoistic We are B.B.A students, why should we talk to B.Com Students or from B.F.T. students ? I have seen that This is B.F.T. student. we should not talk to him Why ? isint B.F.T. students are human ? You guys have that I am a kid of this person I have a BRANDED car We are from this culture. We dont talk to every person So remove these issues and try to connect with more people You never know !!! when you are in fight somewhere and u need help and that B.F.T. students passes by whom u said his is not our type. we should ignore this kind That boys watch you and think he might know you but he is not coming for help because u think he was not your level everything happens in college. you never know who might help you You never who can help you in which situation at what point of time have open mind sets How many people already have their friend circle these people will only laugh at you. i am taking orientation programs from last 5 years. i am experienced with all this kind i cannot force you to do that. I can only request you Meet more people connect with them You may even find better friends somewhere here i am not asking to leave your current friends. I am asking to connect with people Otherwise there will be groupism in college. This group vs that group which turns out in bitter fights All this may happen in future thats why i am telling you So Network and connect with more and more people


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