Human Alien War. The story of “Captain” Randy Cramer

Human Alien War.  The story of “Captain” Randy Cramer

I really enjoy going back through some of
the older stories regarding UFO and extraterrestrial contact and with all of the recent talk of
Mars from Elon Musk. I decided to take a look at the history of
the red planet and the multitude of stories of life existing on Mars. This is when I came upon the claims of a Randy
Cramer. This man’s story has it all genetic super
soldiers’, alien battles, and a government conspiracy of silence on the secret missions
to Mars. So is there any truth to the tale, what are
some of the claims this former soldier makes? Let’s take look
Welcome to if …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Randy Cramer was born in 1970 and up until
the age of three his life was normal but on his third birthday he was taken in by a government
project named “mannequin.” This was a highly secret series of experiments
that were designed to create super soldiers. The military were looking to create humans
that would be faster, stronger, and have more endurance than the men and women they normally
recruited. Cramer was selected as subject and for the
next fourteen years would be trained along with three hundred other selected individuals,
he claims that he was part of another project named “Moonshadow” more on that later. Cramer would spend most of his life in various
secret military projects that would culminate with him gaining the rank of captain. “Captain” Randy Cramer says that he has
been given permission to disclosure the information that he has kept secret for all of these years. During the 17 years he served he spent most
of that time ‘off world ‘as he puts it. The main location for the secret special section
of the marine core was Mars. Cramer goes onto to point that it is a criminal
offence to impersonate an officer so his public comments on the military space program are
true if they weren’t he would have been imprisoned. If this story is true we should start at the
beginning and project ‘Moonshadow’ . the captain outlines how the Selection process
for the secret program began before birth. The families that would provide the babies
for the ‘Moonshadow’ were preselected by a team of expert genetic scientist. They chose those that already had a genetic
advantages over the majority of the population and with some tweaking they could they could
use as the base for their super soldiers. Cramer said jokingly “sometimes say that
I was a Marine since I was a baby, but that is actually legally true, when you’re fighting
you don’t care… you feel pretty aggressive and you’re just happy to be there stomping
and killing things”. So who would these soldiers be fighting and
where would they be fighting? The captain goes on to tell of a race of reptoid
and insectoid extraterrestrials living on Mars. The reptoid race maybe familiar to those of
you that follow alien theory as Cramer says these are the Draconians the race said to
be living among us here on earth. They are the basis of the reptilian conspiracy
championed by the likes of David Icke. Cramer shared his stories of fighting in the
Draconian invasion also speaking on his time as a piloting of an Airwing. An Airwing being some kind of space fighter
maybe something like X wing? These fighter operated fROm an intergalactic
air carrier named the EDF SS Nautilus. Cramer did not survive this battle, wait what!!!! So how is he telling this story? He says that they have the ability to clone
people and when they are killed the military can transfer a soul into a new body via what
he calls quantum fluid, they then return to service until killed and the cycle begins
again. Those that are skeptical pointed out to Cramer
that anyone with half the abilities he mentioned would also be capable of implanting false
memories, could it be the case That Captain Cramer was in fact implanted with false memories? Cramer says “No”
Thousands of hours of therapy have shown it was an authentic experience. “I feel really confident that we’re talking
about solid and real memories,” One of these memories is of a Martian base
named Forward Station Zebra. Seventeen of Captain Cramer’s twenty-year
tour of duty were spent in this underground facility. Cramer described the subterranean base as
the forward most and northernmost complex found on Mars. As a space marine, it was his duty to fight
in the regular skirmishes and conflicts that would break out with the indigenous alien
races. There were occasions when the soldiers had
downtime, when they did Cramer would venture south. Although the Martian atmosphere was sufficient
for habitation, a powered suit made respiration easier on the human cardiovascular system. Cramer insisted that his suit wasn’t necessarily
required at the Martian equatorial regions. He commented that it was more like mountain
air back on Earth. There were also occasions that snow fell in
this area but wasn’t like the snow that he was familiar with. The war continued for decades and eventually
Cramer would return to Earth. Luckily for him he cloned again and put into
a younger body he saw his final DAYS in THE service out, by serving as part of the (EDF)
the Earth Defense Force, he was still based off world working from a hidden base on the
dark side of the moon. Since going public with these reports, Cramer
has gone on record that he is of the opinion that it isn’t just Mars and the Moon that
have been claimed, but deeper into the Solar System and even beyond. This is when we may ask why he is being allowed
to tell such a fantastical story? (If true)
Randy Cramer says that it is all part of a government and military program of disclosure. It has Been Authorized by Top Military Officers. Cramer claims that he was given the green
light on speaking publicly about his experiences. As part of the “USMC ss” (United States
Marine Corps – Special Service), he states that his commander, Brigadier-General Julian
Smythe, has given him full permission to share his story. Cramer claims his supervisor actually wanted
him to speak publicly about it. If Cramer is authentic and telling the truth,
this means the official military and governmental endorsement to release a massive amount of
sensitive and classified information, all of which would normally be kept completely
hidden from the public under that hackneyed rubric “national security”. It means Government-sanctioned Mars disclosure. What could be the Implications of this Mars
Disclosure? Governments around the world, and the US Government
in particular, are lying to people on a scale so massive and colossal it defies imagination. People are scurrying around worrying about
menial and banal affairs, falling for fear propaganda like Ebola and ISIS, but meanwhile,
an elite-controlled section humanity with highly advanced technology is already actively
colonizing space. Rich Dolan calls this the breakaway civilization. Cramer states that he believes that there
are colonies not just on the Moon and Mars, but also all over the Solar System and beyond. What do you think of this amazing story, is
it just the retelling of a mix of science fiction tales or is it a timeline of real
events? Let me know what you think in the comments


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    Paul Meranda

    wow.. some interesting stories, for sure. apologies for lagging on our twitter convo- our net is out for the week and im barely staying connected on neighbors wifi.. anyway, sound effects levels & overlay transparencies were all on point today, buddy- wonderful job! best to you til next time 💙

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    Mick Niteowl

    I find this story, a bit hard to except, especially when they call him Captain K (or Captain Kay), but other have made similar claims. I do believe Mars has had life on it in the past, but it has been nuked, according to Dr John Brandenburg. People like Cory Good, and Andy Basargo, also claim to have been on Mars, but a lot of people don't take them too seriously.

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    Susan Ann

    Nothing surprises me anymore .. At 52 I'm kinda shock proof with what may or may not be happening in our galaxy and particularly our Earth .. Nanu Nanu LOL

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    Dude, this was so good! Personally, I'm a little bit skeptical of this guy's story, but would not completely discount it either. Btw, did you know Gary McKinnon is on Yt? I'd really love to do a video with him asking him his thoughts about various specific accounts of the secret space force. If/when I get around to this I'll add this to my list of things to ask him.

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    Moomin Land

    The Reddit spam worked! lol. This was well narrated and interesting. I don't believe much beyond the documented UFO stuff but I enjoy listening to these stories.

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    For those of you on the fence.. Listen to this. I’m a retired Army veteran. I separated at the rank of E-7(SFC), which is common. I did two tours to Iraq. I spent a year in Korea. I was stationed all together at seven different duty stations and was called to 27 different countries all said and done by the end of my tenure.

    I first Kramer’s story on YouTube a couple of years ago. This was around the time I had been listening to Corey Goode almost ‘religiously’. I believed Goode at first, but now I truly believe Goode has stolen stories from others. I could be wrong. Goode could very well be telling the truth. Mind you, I’ve listened to almost every single thing Goode has said publicly. But, after listening to various critics of Goode and watching Kramer, Jason Rice, and Tony Rodriguez, I see it differently now. I believe Kramer, Rice, and Rodriguez are all telling the truth and somehow Goode has gotten a hold of information through someone who wants Corey to play a role. Like I said, I can be wrong. But, until Goode produces a DD-214 (Official separation papers from service) or any kind of document that proves his legitimacy, then I will listen. Kramer and Rice have both passed a lie detector test. Goode has made excuses as to why he won’t take one and that’s the truth. The truth or lie is in the testimony of these men. It has become clear that all four of these men are telling a similar story. Some of the details they share are exactly the same. For instance, Kramer tells of this federation in space that is run by the ICC (Inter-Planetary Corporate Conglomerate). Kramer’s story does differ from Goodes, but is more similar to Rice and Rodriguez if you follow all of them.

    I understand compartmentalism full well. I understand the MIC and the way it works, because the same methods are used in any military program and it’s extremely effective. There are so many things I can point to that has made me come to these conclusions. I think all four of these gentlemen should go on a panel together. If they are truly trying to get the story out there, than it should be no big deal right?

    Whatever the real truth, at least one of these men is lying. What’s more is that at least one of these men is almost certainly telling the truth. Four men from four different walks of life sharing the almost exact story and tales?

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    Micah Boarts

    One of My major problem with all these alien conspiracies is why are they basically humans with different skin and head shapes regardless of whether or not they’re mammal-like, reptilian, or insectoid. Tell me about something like an insecttoid that has 4 legs, 5 arms, and no discernible head, I’d be less skeptical about some of these stories. I’m sure humanoid aliens are all just false extensions of the antiquated idea of ‘humans being the only beings capable of intelligence’ and the idea of the humanoid form being the only form capable of intelligence

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    Steel King Benjamin

    Human mind doesn't work like that, you can't just move a mind from a body to another, that is not how a brain works. Besides all of that genetic superiority that Kramer's talks about is BS there's no such a thing as recognizable genetic advantage before childbirth, that is a dangerous, wrong and almost fascist idea of how human bodies work, genetics can't be manipulated so easily. Only by this claim alone you can know this is a hoax.

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    Andy Richards

    Project "MoonShadow"??
    Well I think that anyone who was around in the late 60s and early 70s is cracking up with laughter. Moon Shadow was the title of the 1971 global megahit by Cat Stevens, and if you go and Google the lyrics, you might notice the trance-inducing properties of the lyrics especially when combined with the 'recreational substances'….
    I'm afraid that I have to consign Mr Cramer's alleged exploits to the warehouse of scepticism.

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    Marla Mitchell

    Well done IF! Really interesting and kind of scary story! Let's just say I hope it isn't true! Lol! 🤔🙄😨👍

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    Damarys Dingui

    Truly interesting..
    I don't know if that guy is telling the truth.. Because if you are in Mars you don't supposed to take off any equipment from your spacesuit, because the atmosphere in there could kill you..
    If he said that he can breathe without helmet or touch any space rock with no protection at all, it is because he wasn't on Mars..
    Thank you for sharing another fantastic video..💖

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    Hey bro you got to scope out my newest video where I talked about the Greys stealing out of bodies for 2 hours. This message will self-destruct in 4 hours.

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    Alex Swage

    Randy Cramer is telling the TRUTH
    The united states goverment has covering up going secert space program since 1970s and keeping the public in the dark
    The united states military has been to mars and always had techonolgy to mars with warp dimensional drive starships traveling faster than speed of light for years

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    Ryan Tremblay

    Intriguing stuff, bro. Apparently you are the UFO and conspiracy expert. We may have to touch on a few of these subjects when you're on the podcast. Speaking of which, pilot episode will be recorded this coming Friday. Extremely excited about this. If all goes as planned, it should be posted by the end of the weekend. I have started our next collaboration. I should have that completed by the end of the week. Be well IF family!! 😊😱👹💀👻👽🕵🕴👣🐵🐾🐺

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    Dodge the Badger

    Total recall anybody ? Cloning bodies is one thing but how do they trap the soul to transfer it to another cloned body ? Great video my friend and stay safe all !!!

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    joe Mac

    Super soldier?!?! Dude looks like he lives in his moms basement still… I think he needs to get back on his mental illness medication

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    EinieN J

    Wow, Awesome story, I know of this case, but You had a lot more details than I've heard previously 😄 Great video, Thank You very much! Your hard work is appreciated 😍🙏🤘

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