HTML Heading tag – H1 to H6

HTML Heading tag – H1 to H6

Hi this Utk from the Learning Arch and today
I am going to tell you about the heading tag in the Html language. The Hn and slash Hn
tags are container tags and are used to apply various headings to the text enclosed within
them. H 1 defines the largest heading and H6 defines the smallest heading. Html adds
an extra blank line before and after a heading.So now Let’s just open the file that we had created
earlier with the help of notepad. This is what we had written before in the earlier
video. Let’s create this text as a heading. Let’s write the Hn tag with the value of 1
and then we close the tag. Lets hit save and open the file. We see that the text is in
the largest heading style , then let’s do the H2 and click save. The text becomes smaller.
Then it’s time for H3. Similarly H4. Next is H5. Now let’s see this is the thing with
Html, you can create 6 types of headings, you can have 6 sub headings, so that’s cool!!
And then H6 is the last one.thank god it’s the last one. We refresh and H6. So this is
the Hn tag and you get the H1. I think all of you will be using H1, Its the best one
i think. And , yeah that’s it , this my first Html webpage, that’s your heading, if you
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