How to Use the Template Library With the Elementor Page Builder

How to Use the Template Library With the Elementor Page Builder

(contemplative synth music) – [Instructor] Hey everyone,
this is Noah from Elementor. Today, I want to show you a major feature that’s not only practical and effective. It’s also extremely
comfortable and unique. This new feature is
called Template Library. Library is the place where you can save the design you’ve created with Elementor as the template and reuse it on a different page in the site or in a
whole different website. In the Template Library panel, you have the Predesigned Templates
tab and the My Templates tab. In the Predesigned Templates area, you have over 20
beautifully-designed pages which our team of professional web designers have worked to design. These designs come in handy when you don’t want to start the page from scratch. On every predesigned template, you can choose whether
to preview it by clicking on the zoom icon, or
inserting it into your page. In the My Templates area, as you can see, there’s already a list of the templates that I have designed and saved. By hovering on every template,
I have a few options. Preview, delete, export, which downloads a JSON file so you could later import it into a different website using Elementor, and, of course, insert it into your page. Note that you could save
a template from here by clicking on this save icon. Or you could go back to the
library by clicking here. Now, let’s begin with a
blank page in Elementor. I want to insert a pre-made
template so I have two options. Either I can click on the template icon and Templates Library, or I can click from here on the Add Template button. Say I want to add this
predesigned template. I preview it. It looks good for my page, so I insert it. Now, I’ll customize a
few of the elements here. All right. And now I want to save
it as a new template. So I just go to the templates icon, save template, insert the template name as new concept page. Save it, and now, as you
can see, it is automatically added to the list in
the My Templates area. And now for an amazing bonus. You don’t have to save a
whole page as a template. Get this! You could only save a
section from the page. All you have to do is click on the section icon and the save icon, and then just insert its name. Click on Save, and once it’s saved, you can see that it’s listed as a section, and it has a different icon
than the page templates. All advanced users listen up. You can always go to the library manager through the dashboard, Elementor, Library, where all your templates are displayed. Here, you have the following
options: Quick Edit, Trash, View, Edit with Elementor, where you could edit the template itself,
and Export Template. Note that up here, you have
the Import Template button, where you could import
the exported templates. Import now, and here you could see that it automatically added the imported template into the My Template list. You could see it also in Elementor after refreshing the page
in the My Templates area in the Template Library panel. Here it is. With Elementor, we strive to create a page filter that lets you create any page design you want to make. Now, you can save your designs and reuse them over and
over again with Library. I hope you enjoyed this video. For more videos and tutorials, subscribe our YouTube channel, or visit us at


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    sugeng nurhadi

    nice feature, I have question if i would like to import from another website… tha't is the file template should be HTML ..( let's say I would like taken from others template landingpage0

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    Marilyn Kemper

    Hi, great video. I keep wondering about the sidebar? I can't find any videos on creating the sidebar with Elementor. Could you possibly work on one and let me know when or if you do? Thank you so much for your time. Very helpful.

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    sugeng nurhadi

    hi .. how to hide tab like home.about etc when we would like create a landingpage. also how to put facebook pixel on the every single page or landingpage created… also elementor has woocommerce..??

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    also, how do you get the predesigned templates to fit full-width? i've removed the menu, header, etc and it still shows blank space on the left and right and makes it look a bit unprofessional

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    Toby R

    Can there be globally updated items (kind of like includes)? For instance, can I create a "call to action" section and then update it later and have the edits appear on the places it was used?

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    giancarlos gonzalez castillo

    Hey, I don't know why I Can't save templates with Elementor.
    Once I am in the templates area, I just can see the "preview" option.
    Any help?

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    Kerim Kabakcioglu

    How can the background picture (existing Header) in the template(s) be changed because I saw a lot of video's but none of them showed how to do that..

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    Dave Styles

    The blank template is needed so the template you choose doesn't show up in the post. The only problem is WordPress wont allow you to import a blank template!!!!!

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    Lance McGrew

    Is this video obsolete? I have Elementor Pro 1.5.0 and only thing under Elementor is My Library. Where are the Prebuilt templates?

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    Londya England

    can you do tutorial of how to customize your blog layout? . I used the blog post template that's given in the template library (with the clouds page divider), but the H1 blog title does not fit inside the template. It's like I can't make a blog post template without first changing the page to "elementor canvas layout." I'd love to have a customized blog post page but it won't work if I also have a featured image. The featured image (and the actual h1 blog title) will show up above the entire template. It doesn't work.

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    Prevalent Arts

    So far, I am loving everything I am seeing. I am just unfamiliar with some of the more advanced template options. If I want to for example get a very particulate layout, is it possible to achieve this look? If so, how?

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    Nath White

    Is there anyway that I can edit a custom template and those changes apply to pages that have that template.
    i.e. I want to edit the template file and already crated pages that have that template inserted automatically update with the changes. I know I can edit the page itself but if I have multiple posts with that template it would take forever to change them all.

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    Ahmed Isiaq Deduice

    I don't know what happened, for some unknown reasons I can't import my saved templates and pages under Elementor Library. I don’t know why is that.

    Please help out. Thanks

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    Sue Dixon

    I love what I've learned about Elementor so far but for some reason when I click on the "add template" button or the file folder to access the templates, there are no predesigned templates listed. How can I get to these templates?

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    I have Elemtor Pro and can't find the option Library anywhere. In the templates there are no templates to chose from. Great job NOT showing where the hell to find the library itself already wasted 30 min on that. I want to save time with Elementor not waste it. Fail.
    Now I had to look at a video from WordPress For Non-Techies to see how it WORKS. No thanks to you.

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    Tom Vermeulen

    Let 's say I've created my own templates, which I use on different pages.
    If I change something in the template on a specific page, is there a way to push the change trough to all the other pages that have the same template?

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  29. Post

    Hi Elementor guy, I am stressed out because I can only save 1 global preset. any others – it just won't save or show up. Why is this please?

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    hey the new version cannot open library directly, you have to save it first and reopen the "save as template" to open the library. It was harder than before… kindly direct us to how to open it

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    Ale Chef

    i installed Elementor on local wordpress using xampp. But no way to get the library, it's always empty.
    I read the tutorial and than i changed define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' ), before was 40
    No way!! Library always empty

    Exist any solution?


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    Adam Acosta

    None of the templates I try render the layout properly. It looks perfect in the editor but once I preview or publish, most items/sections are not laid out right. Either shrunk or misaligned, etc. Very much what you see is NOT what you get. Any help please.

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    Konstantin Brz

    You REALLY should show people how to access the templates if you're doing a video…

    Access templates by saving current work as template then you will have option to access them.

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    Bjarni Wark

    When you save a page to My templates then, later on, use that template for 3 other pages then go back to your template in the library and make changes to it, does it then get changed on all the 3 other pages using that template that you modified?

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    Chicago Website Service

    I saved the about page of my theme so I could easily upload it and use it as a template for creating other pages on the site that look consistent. Unfortunately, After I add the page template to a new page, I cannot edit it unless I edit the template. In the video it looks like you can just add the template and edit it. What am I doing wrong?

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    PluggedIntoVideo R Yzenbrandt

    I have Elementor Pro also and thought I would give it one last try (3rd time is a charm they say). With a whole bunch of prebuilt sections, I thought I could use them to make a page by just uploading from my templates library. I still have yet to find this library function that she demonstrates but fails to show how that actually is a feature to click onto. That is of course after uploading a bunch of json files.
    The nice thing about Elementor is they have their 24/7 chat right on their website… whoops.. yes and it does tell you that they might be back in 2 hours or so since no one actually is manning their customer service… I think I will go ahead to just use WordPress since there is all sorts of support for it. Shame I had not bought Divi first. My friend built a whole sight in no time. Obviously Elementor is not watching Youtube comments either. Maybe Freddie can help them!

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    If you are unable to find the library, just hover over the elementor, and then click on tools and there you will see an option to sync library(something like that). Click on it and then save changes. Now when you go to the pages and try to load the templates.. your library should open(worked for me)

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    jon elsea

    Why is it so hard to find these templates? And why after 2 years and all these negative responses is it still so hard to find these templates?

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    Colin Jamieson

    I cannot find the templates or library either. Why do you have to make something so simple so difficult? It should be like on MS word – open a new document (or a new page in WP) and have the option to choose the template saved before. What the hell is WPcrafter? I have no templates icon!

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    Michael Charvet

    Bad audio, to the point of distraction from the training. Please get a normal podcasting setup — a decent dynamic microphone, an audio interface, and an acoustically conducive space — it doesn't cost that much. It's embarrassing that the Elementor videos sound like they are recorded on a cheap mobile phone in a convenience store bathroom.

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    Hankerson-Henry Productions

    Please address the where the heck is the Library?! Many people asking and you have disappeared from answering. My next question will be how can I get a refund. Seriously…just adress this simple question. Thanks 🙂

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    Mark Kilian

    Typical – ask for time, they tell us how to build a watch. HTF do we access the template library from a NEW PAGE and apply it ?

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  55. Post

    I think what you're also looking for is the (f…king) wonderful FOLDER ICON, right next to 'drag widget here'. 2 hrs of my life until I've found it 😀

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    Karl Shifflett

    Why didn't you show consuming the page or section template in another post type and then show it rendered? So many of these videos do not show start to finish building and rendering. Video would have been SO much better.

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    Nicole Paolino

    To locate the lost library, go to where you edit your page. Click on the gray file button next to pink button. Where it says "drag widget here".

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    Sajja TIS

    It was published in Aug 16, 2016. The interface was changed in 2019. If you want to ad your own template, right click (Blocks Pages My Template), choose the one you want and click "Insert". Then, customize it as you want.

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    Rich Wilkes Films

    It's Cmd+Shift+L on the mac to open. No idea how else to open it other than keyboard shortcut

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  70. Post

    this is a dated video. The interface has changed and I don't know why this video is still up. If it hasn't been done already, a new video should be created to match the new interface.

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    Robert Kirk Videos

    I agree with others. She completely skipped how to access the library on your website. What a waste!! Plus she talked too fast for a video feed. Lets start over.

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