How To SEO Optimize Your WordPress Website With SEOPress Setup Tutorial

How To SEO Optimize Your WordPress Website With SEOPress Setup Tutorial

In this video I am going to give you a full
tutorial on adding SEOPress to your website to go over the free version and the Pro version
just has a few extra features that come along with it and working to implement that on your
website today how many was out of her were we go over tactics and tutorials to grow
your income and influence online if that interest you consider clicking on the subscribe button
and to not miss a thing go ahead and click on that notification bill so here we are this
is SEOPress’s website you can get here by going to now it’s also
a free plug-in that you would install and activate on your website by just going to
plug-ins add new do a search for SEOPress and it’s going to be right there it is in
the papers and is a really good deal it’s only $40 and you can install it on unlimited
sites just to give you an idea of that if you went with the solution like Yoast you’re
looking at about I think I added it up and it would came up to $271 per website for this
is $40 for unlimited website so it is a pretty good deal so let’s go over how this is going
to work I got to websites one of them right here says SEOPress of Pro as the title and
this is going to be the one that has the Pro version installed and I have another one right
here SEOPress are free and this is just going to have the free version of SEOPress installed
on the website and during the video I might go back and forth just to point out some of
the features in the Pro and how to configure that just so that this video can be for everyone
that using this plug-in and this point is very popular with agency owners because of
the very attractive pricing and it’s a beautiful plug-in I recently did a video comparing SEO
plug-ins and SEOPress came out on top in every regard pretty much so let’s just go ahead
and jump in let me actually stop for a second and let you know that in SEO plug-in is not
some miraculous solution to have a website that ranks well in Google it’s just not it’s
going to help you with the technical aspects on your WordPress website so that search engines
are going to have a better understanding of what your website is all about but is not
some magic bullet where you just install this and then bam all of a sudden you get an avalanche
of traffic that’s just not how it works you’re going to have to have content you can have
to have a content strategy it’s can help you with all the on page SEO aspects of your website
but I will let you know that for the less competitive keyword phrases SE on page SEO
is pretty much all that you really need to get dialed in in order to get some really
good rankings for your various websites okay so I have already installed SEOPress on both
of these websites so if I go to plug-ins on each here is the Pro one so with the pro you
download and install the free version from the WordPress plug-in directory and then you
have this Pro add-on pack and so here’s the free version only let’s go ahead and jump
straight on into the settings and I’ll just do it for both it’s going to be pretty much
the same for for most of what I meant to go through here she immediately met with this
notification center now let me tell you a lot of what I’m point pointing out right now
you can disable in the settings arena take a look at the settings of the plug-in first
so this is actually very helpful though it has little notification center now you can
click on the little trashcan here and get rid of any of these notifications however
I think it’s great that they are there to kind of guide you on a path in order to check
off a check off all the boxes to make sure your website is everything that it needs so
number one recommending an SSL certificate you should really have an SSL certificate
I have a video on that I put a link in the video description box below and then it’s
giving you some warnings about your RSS feed and were to get into that in a moment is asking
for a review that’s okay I would definitely recommend giving them a review and there’s
just a couple other warnings here’s a really nice window it’s asking you if you have a
Google my business page now that is for local businesses and you can go ahead and click
on this link right here it will take you over to Google my business you can go ahead and
create an account fill all that information out to get a proper Google listing for your
business if it’s a local business and then this last one is very important is to add
to your website and this is what you want for every website that you have or manage
you want to make sure it is registered with the Google Webmaster tools or also referred
to as the Google search console now what happens is when you click on this button it will take
you over there if you do not have a Google account you’re going to just go through little
steps to create the Google account and then right here you will click right this red button
right here that says add property you go heading and click on this pop in the URL and it’s
going to give you a little code or a downloadable file that you can add to your website in order
to make the connection and verify the website you absolutely want to do this and so with
a little bit of code there’s going to be a spot to place it here in side of SEOPress
now the SEOPress you also have a couple tabs right here so right here we just have a useful
links tab and you can leave this year or turn it off in the settings however in the Pro
version you also have a option right here that’s his SEO tools and these are nice to
have I can click on this button right here get list and if your website is on shared
hosting are you click on this and it will tell you all the other URLs are websites that
are also hosted on the same Web server this is good because you probably don’t want your
business side or anything like that on a website with maybe adult related content or some questionable
content that you might not want okay and then right here you can set into be emailed when
your domain is going to expire that’s always good to be surprised at how many people let
their domain expire and then you can get your Alexa rank here so those are just the first
little batches of differences right there initially work our way backwards with this
list right here of setting someone a start in tools now it’s important to note if you
have a website that has Yoast and maybe want to switch to SEOPress there’s a way to easily
switch okay so in the tools working to get the option to export our settings import our
settings and then here is the option to migrate the data that you’ve already perhaps added
to Yoast it to pull that into SEOPress so you can just go ahead and read this click
on migrate now and it’s gonna migrate the data so it’s going to be available in SEOPress
here’s an option to reset your notifications and reset all of your settings so now let’s
go ahead and click on advanced were kind of working our way backwards here now for advance
we have these three options advanced appearance and then security and this is probably why
want to go backwards is because I want to show you that you have control over the appearance
of the plug-in and I’m still in the free version here it’s going to probably be the exact same
as the paid version right here it’s the same three tabs okay so were still in the free
version so your series of various options for tech the technical SEO aspects of the
website make sure before you enable any of these that you know exactly what you’re doing
so here is one that Yoast for example has on by default I actually don’t like this feature
if you enable this it’s can remove stop words from the URL so if you go to create a new
blog post and it has a few words in it that plug in my car that might not be so important
to SEO it’ll just remove those these would be words like it’s a two things like that
I don’t recommend having this checked as a matter fact I recommend customizing every
URL for every blog post and him and show you how to do that in this video and here’s another
one this is probably not recommended so if you have categories for your blog posts and
you assign different blog posts to categories when you’re looking at the URL for a category
it has the words it has a good domain name that has the word category and then it has
the name of the category and this would strip category out of that URL I wouldn’t enable
that and a lot of these options here I would recommend just just make sure you know what
you’re doing but before you enable them but you don’t really need to enable them now here’s
where that Google site verification code would go that we just got out of the Google search
engine console you go ahead and paste that right here let me show you how to get that
really quick after you’ve added your website to Google searches and console it will say
not verified off to the right here it’s his managed property there’s an option that’s
is verify this property go ahead and click on that and he is telling you what you need
to do in order to verify that you own and control this website what you do here is click
on alternate methods and then right here you would click on HTML tag and it will show you
what you need to copy and paste in there so you just copy this right here and then you
go ahead and paste that in right there and that’s all that you would need to do is save
the changes and then go ahead and check to see if it’s verified that’s pretty much all
there is to getting your site linked up okay let’s go to the appearance settings right
here so you get some robust options of the appearance of so SEOPress right here you can
remove it from the admin bar so if you see right here this is the admin bar I usually
don’t like plug-ins adding anything to the admin bar and SEOPress will give you an option
to remove that next is an option of where the plug-in is in the menu list right here
here’s where you can hide the notification center the SEO tools and the useful links
that I just showed you in the very beginning of this video I like that you get these options
to have that kind of granular control now the rest of these options here you’re going
to want to know what you’re enabling like I said before I would go ahead and suggest
leaving them all as the default at this point okay such jump into security and this is going
to allow you to have control over who gets to see the option box in a post or a page
so when we go into poster page and in moment working to see how there is a spot to put
some SEO related information that’s really the bread-and-butter of any Seo plug-in but
you get control over who would see it based upon their user level right here so if it’s
just you logging into your website you can just leave that as is okay so I’m in a jump
back into the dashboard and working to start going over some of the options now when you
scroll down on the free version. Get titles and meta-so this is going to be your site
titles your titles for categories and all that were to go through that in a minute minutes
here’s for your site maps now what is a very cool is that the free version includes an
image site map and an HTML site map the Pro version comes the video site map social networking
settings in your Google analytics what this means you’re to be able to use this instead
of a Google analytics plug-in on your website or having the little snippet of code in the
footer or whatever location in your website we have some advance options which you worded
covered and we’ve already covered tools now when you’re in the professional version let
me go back to the dashboard there some additional options and what’s nice is you can toggle
these on or off or click manage to jump right into the settings but if you notice we also
have an option here in the menu on the left okay so advanced now this is where you see
the pro stuff okay you can do SEO to WooCommerce product pages that’s included in Pro E or
easy digital downloads and now it’s smart enough to know I don’t have WooCommerce or
easy did digital downloads installed on this website so these are off by default local
business this is actually very good as well to give Google as much information about your
website if your local business to give that local business information you can toggle
this off if you’re not a local business so for me I would have that toggled off a Duplin
core this has to do with some metadata structure datatypes what this is going to allow you
to do is to get some Rich snippets on your search engine a pages when you’re when your
various pieces of content are there so if you have recipes it supports that in several
other of those structured datatypes breadcrumbs Google page speed it’ll just take check that
for you have control over your robots.txt file most people will not need to get into
that Google News site map this is really cool a ministry that later in the video but this
is where the most recent content you publish on your blog will show as Google will have
the option of listing that as current news so whenever you type a current news event
in Google you’ll see these cards and is it usually will say you know this was 18 hours
ago and this was 24 hours ago that’s a Google News you can get into Google news with this
enabled redirection so this is if you need to do redirects they have little but to find
broken links back links if you have majestic API which I do not have URL rewriting HD axis
control of your RSS feed and you can see there’s a lot to this okay let’s get back to the free
version so first thing to do is going to go over the settings and then working to jump
into a blog post or a website page in order for you to see what information you would
want to put in there to SEO optimizes those pieces of content okay so for some to click
on titles and meta-now right here is where you’re going to put the site title for your
website now by default it’s going to use the site title that you actually have in the settings
of your plug-in let me show you where this is important so here I am I just search for
WP crafters here on Google and you see this bit right here this right here is your site
titles you get full control over that site title for your website right here so if you
didn’t want to what is set into it’s gonna be under settings and then general you can
put whatever you want right here and the same thing goes for the meta-description so this
but right here is my meta-description so for your website you would go ahead and put that
meta-description right there so the first option is to set it for your homepage the
next is kind of the template to use it for different types of content on your website
so single post types is are going to be right here posts or pages okay so by default it
set to with these variables to use that what you put is the post title you can customize
this on a post by post basis and I’m a show you and then it will show-and then show the
site title you can change this if you want if you didn’t wanted to show the site title
at the end you could just go like this and then remove it and it’s gone okay in the same
thing goes for meta-description and the same thing goes for your pages you can do it like
that you get total control over your titles and your meta-now really though Juergen is
set those on a post by posting a page by page basis anyway but you could also globally set
them here okay so the archives this is for your author archives of this is best to have
disabled so by default right here it sent to no index I would also recommend on this
to check this box to disable the author archives it’s tenant like a zombie page it’s not going
to bring any SEO value or convenience to anyone that’s on your website I would recommend go
ahead and disable that and it’s also a security concern having that in there is a default
thing that WordPress does so I would just recommend checking the box to disable it okay
you have date archives with the posts that you create on your website and so by default
it said tonneau index I for me would also disable this are kind of archive because it
brings no value in it kinda dilutes the potency of your website and the content on your website
I go ahead and disable that search archives you can leave that as is as so someone does
a search if you have a search field available in some of those a search that page the title
for its can be the name of the keyword and then the site title you can I would just leave
that the way that it is and also your fora for archive page you have control over that
as well okay so next were to go to took some taxonomies and these are to be the SEO values
for your category pages of your categorizing blog posts and is also going to be the tag
pages of your adding pages you are adding tags to your various blog posts so let’s take
a look at this you have the same thing you have control over how it’s going to look for
categories so you can go with the default template if you want or put something in there
that you want and may be mix in this variable here the category title these are just what
can be referred to as a merge tag so because this is right here this means it’s going to
pull the category title in as I can essay this it’ll pull the name in of the category
okay so I like to leave the category the way that it is but tags is a little different
if you’re using tags in its pages and content that has little to no value for Google and
it just adds to the total page count of your website and it kinda dilutes things as well
so on this I would suggest putting in this checkbox here for no index this will instruct
Google to not or any search engine to not index these tag pages themselves and also
by checking this box it will also remove it from the site map that the plug-in is going
to generate for your website and lastly we have the advanced options right here and this
is where on a global level you could set for nothing to be indexed on your website so if
I check this box that’s telling a surgeon please don’t don’t index any of the content
here same thing with no follow these various options here so be very careful here because
you could have some kind of an unintended consequence to now if I go into the professional
version you’re in a sea is identical so everything that we went through just now I got all the
options right here I’m in the Pro version it’s all the same options now if you were
to have custom post types on your website that you’re creating it’s kind of a technical
thing you would have options for those as well listed out here okay so now working to
move on to the site map I gotta say they have the most generous as a site map feature most
NCO plug-ins only have just your standard site map but with the SEOPress you’re getting
an image site map as well and if you have the Pro version you can get a video site map
with it as well so first will click on the Gen. tab here and we have these options here
there’s going to be a little bit of a difference right here so working to see that here I can
enable on the professional version the video site map if I wanted to I just by checking
here and as matter fact I meant to do that and that should give me an additional option
later on that were going to see alright so here we are so that was the one little setting
difference that you got to see now first we have these options here you can click on this
button to actually view your site map and hear something that I love about this blog
and that I don’t know why all the other SEO plug-ins don’t do this so what happens a lot
when people at an SEO plug into their website and they try to view the site map it’ll say
not found in that’s because you have to do something called resetting or flushing your
firm links while they vetted a convenience feature where if you are clicking right here
to view your site map it doesn’t pull up just click on flesh permit links like that and
it’s gonna pull right on up for you I love that they added that as a matter fact is that
something that new people to SEO plug-ins run into all of the time okay so right here
you can choose to enable the site map so if you don’t Artie have a site map plug-in you
absolutely want a site map for your website what schools it also creates an image site
map so if you go to Google and see right here and you click on the image is actually not
given there it is images you click on here then you the images on your website could
be index there if that’s something that you wanted to okay and then there’s also the HTML
site map I need to enable this on my own website essentially it’s going to give you little
short code you can put on a particular page that you would create in us can have this
very visually nice site map that someone can actually visit and find the different pieces
of content on your website because these XML site maps therefore a search engine they’re
not for a visitor on your website because it just doesn’t look good at all okay so start
going through the steps so essentially working to get control over what’s included in the
site map okay so right here you can uncheck any type of content that you don’t want included
in this would be if you usually if you have something for example of me I have a learning
management system LifterLMS and it creates a custom post type for lessons while I and
protecting those I don’t want those in the site map so that’s an example of some content
that you wouldn’t want in the site map you come here in it on check those options okay
and taxonomy’s this as well you would want to for me I don’t want my tags index that
all side coming here in unchecked that so that didn’t make it into the site map and
then right here we have the HTML site map options so essentially saying you take this
short code and create a page and maybe call it user site map or site map or something
like that your pop in the short code and then what’s can happen it’s can show everything
out in a visual nature but you get options right here to exclude certain bits of contents
if you wanted to do that you get this option right here I think this is a fantastic feature
that you might benefit from okay let me just go ahead and verify that that everything else
is the same and everything else is the same so so far were all synced up okay except for
an Pro I enabled the video site map that’s going to be an option on a page by page and
post by post basis okay so let’s go ahead and click on social network I do that on both
of these so we can go through those at the same time this is another example of where
they’re going to be the same settings okay so what this is going to give you the option
to set some information about your website in your business and these are just simple
settings you just feel them out okay so the first thing right here is is this website
for a person or an organization you’re popping your logo in your putting the name of you
or the organization you’re putting all that here so you’re just feeling information out
and so next will click on social accounts and again were just filling information out
this is a knowledge Grapher given this information it’s right here were given it to search engines
that come to the website so right here were just going to be plugging in the links to
various social networks next is Facebook open graph data so what that is and I just had
a video recently about why you need an SEO plug and so someone takes a link to PC your
content pay sent on Facebook Facebook then goes and get some information from your website
what are they get they try to get an image and they get a title and they get a little
bit of meta-description so right here is going to give you the option to use select a default
image if you wanted and you can also link this up with some Facebook related stuff this
is not something that you have to do I’ve actually never done it so it says Facebook
link ownership ID admin ID and app ID I can even tell you the real benefit of having those
because I’ve never added that to any of my websites but this is going to give you the
opportunity to have these as options when you’re in a poster page and I’ll show you
that when we get there but it will also give you a chance to put some defaults and in the
same exact information here is for twitter if you want this information in these options
available on a page by page or post by post basis you can have this honor off here and
right here and saying if you don’t want to put the Twitter information and just pull
it from the Facebook information I would definitely recommend leaving that as is and less and
I will get to that in a moment the poster page will directly put this information in
this is give you the options for your defaults okay next let’s go to Google analytics options
right here in the way to do this as well in the paid version and we will just compare
the two also the only difference is when you’re adding the Google analytics and you have the
the Pro version and if you wanted to do the Google analytics is this option here for there
to be stats in the dashboard that’s the only difference here so it was really nice about
this SEO plug-in including Google analytics is that’s probably one less plug and you need
to have on your website right anyways right here if you’re not can use Google analytics
through this plug-in just go ahead and toggle it off okay alright so right here you would
check this box to enable it pop in your Google analytics tracking ID and what’s nice is there’s
a link here that’s going to take you to where you can actually find that it’s actually super
easy to do that and then there’s a bunch of really nice options here for the Google analytics
integration on your website so the first one right here is to make it a little more GDPR
friendly so you can check that box right here and this is actually something I didn’t realize
the plug-in did but you might already have an existing solution so is going to give you
the option to have a message asking the person that visit your website to consent to the
tracking information being collected so this is more GDPR compatibility I like that this
is all there it just shows the developer wants to be able to enable you to be GDPR compliant
if that’s what you want okay you control over the button and here is some exclude user roles
from tracking so I recommend definitely checking on administrator by doing this Google analytics
will not be tracking your usage because if you’re using your website it’s not the data
that you want in your analytics okay so then you have a bunch of tracking parameters here
you can just check boxes and things can automatically start being done for you and makes things
easy so I can’t check this box right here to enable remarketing this is if you want
to do remarketing someone visit your website you want to toss and add their way when they’re
on a different website will that’s remarketing so we got that IP address anonymous Asian
this is more GDPR stuff right here enhance link attribution and cross domain tracking
cross domain tracking is when you have a separate like a subdomain or maybe your store or your
membership area and you want that you want the same tracking across the two domains you
can enable this right here that’s already pretty advanced stuff you don’t usually see
that as much in the default Google analytics code that you put on your website or some
of the plug-ins and right here you can track external links so when there’s a link that
clicks out you contract that you can track when someone downloads a document you could
put the document exception here PDF.DOC X which is a Word document or PowerPoint whatever
and then right here if you’re using an affiliate link shorten or plug in on your website that
has kind of a a slug so this would be I don’t use it but an example would be
if I was doing that I could track it I don’t do that but if you’re doing that you can click
this box and you could put with that little slug is in that example it would’ve been go
could pop that right in there and then you have some custom dimension stuff right here
this is more advanced Google analytics related stuff it was crazy is this is all in this
free plug-in and if you noticed everything we looked at in the free plug-in I didn’t
see really any nags the bite there’s only a nag in one location and that’s when I look
at the plug-in listing right there are three that in a moment but this is everything is
all in the free version it’s that good let me just say that quick plug-in nag or upgrade
negative so that’s it right there read go Pro that’s it that’s the only time he’s asking
you to buy it this is a great plug-in okay so let’s jump into the settings here so I
can just blast through them and there were in a go into the most important part of the
plug and really is the individual settings on up post by post or page by page basis okay
so many continue so now we have some additional options so we went over advanced we went over
tools and here’s the bot option so this is All-Pro to spend just like two or three minutes
on it so what this is going to do is automatically if you wanted to scan all the content of your
website to find errors with the links and so you can request the body it’s going to
go ahead and scan everything and this is gonna you know if you have a simple website that
may be is always had 10 pages as I can find anything probably lesser some kind of typo
error but if you have an active site we are constantly adding and changing content enhancement
website it becomes a bear to manage some of this but does it’s going to find it says right
here it’s going to scan the links to find errors which is something very good and then
you have a little bit more granular control here of how many posts or pages it will scan
in a batch and also which types of content you might want to include or exclude from
being scanned and you have all these options right here the next options a pop in your
license I haven’t even done that here next is the Crow options when this is going to
be kind of like the settings panel for the Pro version there are three more tabs here
of options but this is where a lot of the stuff is going to be so right here is to add
the information if your local business to add that information and like I said this
is just feeling stuff out so that when a surgeon comes your website there and have as much
information on it as possible the Duplin core this is it related to meta-tags you could
just leave this enabled structure data now this is going to be something that you have
if it’s on organ have additional options when we go to create a blog post and I’m to show
you what that is mentally this enabled of course but if you’re not in use structured
data you could turn it off so right here what you want to first do is check this box and
add your logo the logo that you’re using on your website but working to look into it that
structure data isn’t just two or three minutes okay breadcrumbs will leave this enabled here’s
a WooCommerce that were not seen any options here because I don’t have WooCommerce installed
on the website but it’s can be very similar options to use that allow you to set various
metadata information for WooCommerce as well as easy digital downloads okay we have us
pages speed option right here and what this is going to do is just trigger the website
being analyzed for APA page speed test that’s it and then you can click this right here
and it’s can ascend the reports you are probably wouldn’t use this much you have control over
your robots.txt file you don’t know what that is definitely turn this off most people will
not need to go into the robots.txt file next is that Google News did you want it on so
if you did turn it on like this what it’s going to do is enable the options here’s the
view the site map here’s to flush the permit links if you try to view the site map and
you can’t see it here’s where it’s going to add it to the site map right here you plug
in just fill out your publication name right here and the type of content that would be
included as Google news and for most people that’s just going to be posts almost on here
with her options here’s our 404 page options you can enable this or disable this what this
is going to do is keep a log of those for a force of 447 comes to a page on your website
that doesn’t exist since and sends into this for a four-page this gives you some nice control
number one it’s gonna monitor it number two will this is for when it’s monitoring it if
the an entry that it’s found in a four for error on it’ll delete it after 30 days is
good maintenance next you have some options if someone was to get a 44 would you want
to redirect them you wanted send them to the homepage or a custom URL maybe you create
a new new page say no hey sorry that wasn’t there here’s a search box instead or some
other content that you might like so you can do all of that right here and if you wanted
to you could check this box and it will send you an email notification when you have someone
hidden for four page so you can do that pop your email address in right there that’s our
404 here’s the HT access control and this is another one of those things if you do not
know what it is I’d recommend not messing with this a lot of the plug-ins that you might
add to your website including the SEO plug-in and security plug-ins there automatically
going to add entries to your.HD Access file are rarely are you going to need to get into
that but sometimes you might need to for troubleshooting purposes but you get yourself into trouble
by messing with that too much okay RSS feed that’s you know a data feed I use something
called things like feedly or something like that and so you can control what is in your
data feeds this is probably a subject for its own video but you can have a little content
before you can restrict how much content is actually in your RSS feed which is actually
usually good deal what happens is if you ever seen a site that’s just sucking in content
from other websites whether taken their RSS feeds and whatever those websites push out
in RSS feeds these these spongy websites just suck it all in and republish it without their
permission and it’s a bit of a problem this gives you some control over that obviously
you don’t have full control over that okay back links this requires a majestic integration
that something you pay for your get an API key and it’s gonna list out all the back links
to your website but so the features there but the service is not free URL rewriting
I would also recommend on this feature to leave it as off okay really have three more
features to go before we go into a post or a page okay Pro version gives you the ability
to set up redirects if you just can use the free version there’s plug-ins for adding redirects
so right here is you just click on add a redirect and so to redirect this essay had a piece
of contents and you wanted to redirect anyone that goes that URL the someplace else that’s
a redirect so right here enter the old URL right here into the new URL you can enable
it and then choose the type of redirect that you wanted she could do that in this SEO plug-in
I think it’s great you can actually also import your redirects right here and you can also
export your redirects are right here for the broken links this is going to trigger the
scanning for those broken links on your website and it will list out all that information
right here so that you can go ahead and fix it okay and here’s the back Linksys is that
list if you had majestic integrated to see on the back links to your website so that
is that next is the mean one of the main thing to do with an Seo plug-in is organist set
the metadata for each piece of content so I have one post here and actually have the
post on both websites let’s go ahead and see what that’s like and there’s some really needs
features in the Pro version for this but there’s everything you need already is going to be
in the free version okay so I have the same article on both of these now when you scroll
down this is what you get right here these two boxes right here says SEO and there’s
these tabs and then right here it says content analysis so essentially you would pop in your
keyword here it would analyze your content and then give you some suggestions I gotta
say out of all the time I’ve had websites I’ve never use content analysis once in my
life and I don’t think I’m going to be doing it anytime soon okay so let’s first go ahead
and take a look at these options now what’s nice is this is where on a page by page or
post by post basis you can set that title so the title like I said is what you see right
here and then this is the description and you can customize this on a post by post basis
and you’re definitely going to want to do that so if you just wanted to take the title
of the blog post you can do that is good do that automatically that’s whites is what is
the fastest SEO plug in or you can click in here and change it now what’s what this is
is giving you a preview of what is actually gonna look like on Google so here is my title
and it’s showing it here and then the meta-description it just automatically pulls the first a certain
amount of characters from the blog posts so you can see right here it’s is increasing
the WordPress memory limit if I scroll up here increasing the WordPress memory limit
and has that right there let’s actually put that in our clipboard okay and so that’s pretty
much it in you can go ahead and customize this is the most important thing that you
could do for SEO what I’ve always advised is to make this juicy I mean this is where
the the whole art of writing that of copywriting comes in is someone’s doing a search in your
website the link to the piece of content on your websites listed there you gotta write
something here that’s getting give someone a reason to click and you have plenty of opportunities
so right here you typically want your keyword that you’re going after for this piece of
content you wanted in the title he also wanted in the description here but you get full control
over’s taking that little extra step and putting it in here okay versus letting it choose automatically
right now we have this advanced tab here so if this particular piece of content you didn’t
want indexed by search engine you check this box and you have similar options right here
as well next is how you wanted to look for social media so in some takes a link to this
piece of content upset sucker in Twitter or Facebook what information do you want to to
show what image you wanted to show what title what little bit of description you wanted
to show you get full control over that with this plug-in so right here is for Facebook
you can put a title and a description now check this out if you don’t put anything in
here you know it’s can happen it just going to pull in what you had here for me honestly
I really don’t take that extra step to go and fill it in for the social media as well
is a figure is just going to be the same same thing that I will I want here is the same
thing I’m no one here so I never even fill this out to begin with but anyways you plug
it in here if you want some different if you wanted a customized thumb nail for Facebook
you do it here in the same goes for twitter right here that’s just how I do things okay
and if you wanted to redirect this post to someplace else now this is nice it gives you
this option in the free version were still the free version I can just enable it and
put a link here so five wanted this to go someplace else it’s super easy next let’s
pop the information into the content analysis so I copied a little bit I should have nope
I didn’t just let me go ahead and go ahead and take this little bit of code right here
and when I pasted in to the content analysis and let’s see what it says right here so analyze
the content oops let me click that they’re just gonna take a second now I’ve got to save
my post or just click on update in it should show the analysis down there let’s see them
going down here and here’s the content analysis so it’s going to just do some standard and
analysis on what you have in the post content the title the content and all that and start
making suggestions so you can just go through and follow all these suggestions if you want
like you said I don’t usually do this and it’s going to have a couple other options
here for your configuration it’s good to have this year for your images now I don’t have
any images but if I didn’t have images that did not have alt tags it would give me a notice
here and then right here if there was a links it would give me some information based upon
the links of these options are to be the same options that you see over in up when you’re
creating a page or if you have a piece of custom post type and that’s pretty much what’s
involved with SEO optimizing your page or post but let me show you some really interesting
things in the Pro version is so if you’re only you have the free version this might
interest you so it’s worth paying attention okay so I got the same post right here the
same bit of information so working to have some additional options here that we didn’t
have so we have the same title the same advanced social redirection this is all the same but
here’s for our Google News so if I wanted to exclude this from Google News like but
this year or that’s their Google News is a great source of traffic if you put up a good
amount of content on your website and the writers for the video site map so if I wanted
if I had a video in here and I wanted it added to a specific site map for video right here
is where I would add that information so right here I’d put the information about the video
links to the video and upload an image for the video thumbnail if I wanted to I have
full control over all of that right okay let’s scroll and let’s go back to title and scroll
down here and this is one of the things that I really like about the paid version and this
is a feature I would use so you pop your target keyword in but it has as Google suggestions
of you ever searched anything on Google and then you scrolled all the way down it showed
a couple other suggested related terms search terms and you can just click on it while what
what Dave integrated in the Pro version is pulling that information in so if I pasted
in this phrase WordPress memory limit and then I clicked on get suggestion you can see
just took a split second it gives me other keyword phrases suggestions so WordPress memory
limit 40 M WordPress memory limit error in the reason it does this is you would be able
to get more traffic to the piece of content that you’re creating if you incorporated more
of what these related terms are so these are called long tell keyword phrases so my keyword
phrases WordPress memory limits but people are searching the self I would include a little
paragraph organically about a plug-in about it right there or include this 40 MB this
is making suggestions that I might not have already thought of of of longer tail phrases
that I would want to organically include inside this article in order for it to be suggested
when people are making these search terms right here using these are making the searches
I had to say this is one of the convenience features then I really like about this plug
in that it has it right here obviously I can go to Google and I can search us in Google
and IB the freeway that’s totally fine to but I just find this so convenient to have
it right here as well so now when we scroll down a little bit more we actually get another
option box for structured data types and this is what’s can add those rich snippets so let
me show you there’s a list here of the different types of structure data that they offer I
have several videos on structured data that’s when you are doing a search in Google and
you’re seeing more information there maybe it’s review stars maybe it’s a product price
something along those lines recipe how long it takes to complete a recipe event details
so the this plug-in actually gives you some of those options right here so the types of
schema that are available is article course recipe video event and product so if I was
making a page about an event in their specific dates I can go in here I can choose events
and it gives me a little bit of information about it some pointers and then right here
I can start adding all this information the date of the event the time the location all
that kind of stuff so what this does is it hands Google all this info on a silver platter
so that when Google’s compiling there is search results it can also take some of that information
and show it here before someone even clicks through on your website so you don’t have
to have an additional plug-in for that in full disclosure I do use this WP schema Pro
on my website because there’s some advanced features that it does that this doesn’t do
but this is great if you just want to start Ted tiptoeing in and you might not need the
more powerful plug-in this is an additional great value that they added to the plug-in
so that his in a nutshell SEOPress and a lot of the same options you saw your first post
is also good to be on a page and it will be on products if you have WooCommerce it’ll
be on all of that now if were here on their website I want to point you to something if
you did want to buy is only 40 bucks I think the prices going up to maybe 60 bucks later
in the year per year its unlimited installations visit what I wanted
to show you was right here underneath support there are some articles so there’s some guides
frequently asked questions you get your change log and you get all this other stuff right
here so you might want to check out the guides it’s pretty good it does you more information
about analytics appearance all the stuff it’s all just a listed out here so if there is
any bit of information that I might have left out or not gone over in enough detail in this
video you could go ahead and just check it out right here and you’ll have that information
there available for you I gotta say SEOPress is a joy to work with I’m sure you noticed
the interface is very simple and clean lightweight and fast it gives you plenty of granular control
it doesn’t quite feel as complicated and overwhelming as a lot of the other SEO plug-ins most of
it is really just filling out the information that’s really all it is us filling out the
information that it’s asking for so anyways if you have any additional questions about
this plug-in a feel free to leave them in the comment section down below I’ll do my
best to answer those if you found value in this video if you would consider giving it
a thumbs up remember to subscribe to the channel and turn on the click on that notification
bill that’s the way her and find out when I’ve uploaded new videos is when you click
on that Val hey thank you for spending this time with me today and I will see you in the
next video


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    Morales Matthew

    is this video info still relevant after the July 2019 Google algo updates?? love your vids bro, thanks, I downloaded this seopress plugin, but haven't installed it yet til after i watch the video, which i am about to , just wanted to see if the video has been updated, or even if it needs to be, sometimes it's not necessary to update, looking forward to an honest reply, thanks again for your awesome vids, (my fiance said I look like you haha)

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