How to Resize Images for Different Websites

How to Resize Images for Different Websites

okay guys I wanted to go over image
resizing today I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to resize images and
this is the problem that I faced recently too and I’ll go over how to how
you can do it for free with just the things on your computer already you
don’t have to install anything new you don’t have to you know pay for any
services or anything like that so I’ll get into that in a second but I know
it’s a prevalent issue because everybody you know depending on what you’re you’re
you need the image for every specific site or medium has a different size or
pixel recommendation of what they need their images to be and so you can
instead of you know searching out that specific image size what you can do is
you can find an image that you’ve liked that you know is associated with that
niche or a picture that you’re looking for find it save it then go in and
resize it and use it in that medium so I’m going to show you how to do that
really fast let’s just pretend that you know we’ll use in my last video I think
I use the baseball example so we’ll just pretend you’re you’re you know you’re
you’re uploading a baseball video or something like that need a video for
your thumbnail or you know maybe you’re you need a picture that you’re uploading
on Facebook or whatever the case may be you know also you have to do so we’re
going to do is research like baseball glove because you’re interested in a
baseball glove that’s the image that you want this is just an example doesn’t
matter what your picture is doesn’t matter you know what it is I’ll show you
how to how to resize that so I let’s look for a good one here let’s go with
this one why not so what we’re going to do is we’re going to view the image
we’re going to save it and we’ll just save it and downloads as baseball glove
and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to go into downloads and
open that back up and you can use any I’m going to use paint here because I’m
on Windows if there’s Mac I’m not sure exactly what that what that would be but
whatever your free image or paint like thing on on Mac if you’re not on Windows
is you can use that and you just want to open it in that
and then there should be a regardless of what you’re in there should be a resize
function so what you’re going to do is you’re just going to click resize and
suppose the the site that you’re trying to upload it on is you know has a
certain pixel specification you’ll usually see that if you’re if it you’re
running into issues it’ll say like you know recommended sizes you know ten
twenty by twelve hundred that’s just a random size but you know depending on
what it is if they’re all different and that’s the problem that you’ll run into
so we’re going to do is you’re going to go to pixels and uncheck maintain aspect
ratio and then you’re literally just going to type the dimensions in so I
think we said ten twenty by will just say 1,600 every like I said every sites
going to be different every different situation is going to be different but
this is exactly how you resize it and get it to your specifications and you
identify the picture that you want so you can resize that picture and this
will keep it you know unpick slated for you and you just keep quick okay it’s
going to look a little strange here depending on you know how you resize it
but then you’re going to want to go back in save it as and you can save it as a
JPEG if you like I prefer PNG I feel like it looks better on a multitude of
platforms as PNG and then you’re just going to resize it
everybody size it you’re going to reshape it as something different in
this case I’ll say you know slightly different I’ll say baseball glove PNG
and that’s what you’ll do and then you literally go back into your downloads
and you’ll open the PNG file up and you can see it’s a different size right here
and then it will be perfectly specified to those different pixel specifications
on whatever site that is so that’s how you upload a not upload that’s how you
you resize your your pictures that you like and you’re not forced to identify a
certain picture that you might not like that you know just fits because that’s
that’s the specification that that site needs


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