How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default 🙀 – Better Than Reinstalling WordPress

How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default 🙀 – Better Than Reinstalling WordPress

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for non-techies i’m going to show you something
really neat in this video have you ever started working in building a WordPress based website
and you realize you know what I want to reset it I want to go back to how it was when I
first freshly installed it and that means typing everything out post pages categories
tags and themes and plug-ins and all of that settings everything just wipe it all out and
reset WordPress and I’m initially how to do that in this video doesn’t cost anything really
use a free plug-in to do it and there’s three steps were going to download and install a
plug-in we are going to reset the WordPress database in the work and look at our themes
and plug-ins and decide which ones we want to keep and which ones we want to delete all
in all it should only take a few minutes now what were going to do is really use this plug-in
right here it’s free it’s called WordPress database reset and so this is the site that
were going to reset right here you can see I got my site title there and I’ve got some
pages so all there’s a hello world post but I’ve got some pages here and I got some themes
and plug-ins and all that kind of stuff and I want to just wipe it out and reset everything
so the first step is to install this plug and I just talked about some to go to plug-ins
and then I’m to click on add new and then right here and then enter the name of the
plug-in I’m a click on install now and then I’m in a go ahead and activate it and this
is going to add a new option underneath tools so were you see tools now it’s going to have
this option here this is a database reset now one word of caution this is going to permanently
wipe everything out so you might want to make a backup and I have a video on that but this
is going to destroy everything is can completely wipe it out so with the first step right here
is it gives you the option if you just want to select a table in the database but what
we want to do is we wanted reset everything sorted to go ahead and click on select all
and it’s going to select every single table that makes up this WordPress database then
right here is an option if we want to reactivate the theme and plug-in after we reset the database
on the new unchecked this because were going to go in the next step and working to delete
any themes in any plug-ins that we don’t want now here is a for your protection you have
to enter in this little code it’s gonna be different every single time and this is just
to like slam the brakes on you and make sure you know what you’re doing this is destructive
and they don’t want to accidentally click a button and wipe everything out so you really
have to enter this in and then click on reset tables you get this last warning and I’m in
a go ahead and click okay now this is gonna wipe everything out and it’s done that so
if I look at my pages they’re all gone it’s back to how it was when I first installed
WordPress and it just says sample page that’s all it has and so now what will do is look
at our plug-ins I have a bunch of plug-ins here and they’re all going to be deactivated
so you can choose which plug-ins you want which plug-ins you don’t so in this case I
will delete them all some of the click of this box here which highlights them which
checks on all of them and under bulk actions I’m in a change that to delete on the click
apply and it’s the same thing when you click okay it’s design you know these are gone you
can easily reinstall them but anyways now I have no plug-ins in the last thing to look
at is appearance and then themes I only had one theme already on here but if you had multiple
themes this is when you go through and delete whichever themes that you are testing and
you didn’t want you can go ahead and delete them one by one however this is the only theme
that I have so that’s all there is to completely resetting word press back to a fresh installation
it’s just three simple steps using this free plug-in WordPress database reset and you are
now reset you can do this as often as you want of your testing things makes it really
easy because you made it to the end of the video I have a free gift for you but before
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    Muhib Rafique

    When i did the process, it went to WordPress username and password. And it does not accept my previous username and password. What happend? 🙁

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    Charles Maou

    Excellent tutorial.. I have 3 addon domains under my main domain that I want to reset, will this delete all those as well??

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    Javad Effat doost

    thanks for your content. I have a question and cant find the right answer, sorry for asking here.
    I have an old website that is live and has content and indexed by google but not new post are published there.
    I want to delete entire website and reinstall wordpress for creating new website that use new content.
    what are the proper steps that wont affected by google ?
    thanks in advanced

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    Jack Awesome

    Yo adam is it so you can make a tut over something like customify, it really gets in my head, there is like a snippet in the bottom of the page before the footer so they dont connect, and then i tought hey im gonna try one of there other themes out since its the same theme in the back end, but then the top menu go in with the Color at top and the button, and im like going crazy first, i started with astra, then the menu keeped collapsing to mobile on microsoft edge, but now im like gonna beat the shit out of my pc soon, cause people have put it down for a elementor ready theme, and why the heck is there a freaking snippet in the bottom??? what i mean the content i make doesnt go down to the footer but with some space between, thx for rlying, and if so cant you make some tuts with the different themes for elementor, but you dont need a full tutorial just with the setup part, so one like me dont have to sit for freaking days and fittle with some minor shit as it should have been..

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    bruno macedo

    I thanks for the vídeo contente!!
    Just a question, if i use this and reinstall worpress i Will lose every SEO from my site right?i have a problem with my WooCommerce plugin …the data bases should be corrupted anywhere…and i'm thiking reinstall everthing and star again but i can't los all the SEO from Pages,post,etc..can you please help me?
    Thanks you😁

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    Ada Fagan

    Will this fix http error 500 and wp-load.pnp on line 37 problem? I would like to re-design my site anyway and start afresh!

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    Ada Fagan

    I can't login to my admin dashboard to do as you say because of http error 500, so how do I reset & refresh my WordPress website using that plugin?

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    Tanja Subotic

    Thank you for this video but I just noticed on my dashboard that this plugin is untested with my version of WordPres. The first plugin that was shown using a search option is WP Reset – Best WordPress Reset Plugin. But it will not delete plugins, themes, uploads. What should I do? Please help me

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    Ralph Palomino

    Will it remove hacks ( redirect to other website) on my website? I need to completely redo my website any way. Fresh new start.

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    i have never been able to get my images back after a backup and reinstall of my posts, the text remains but the images are gone . how do i backup and reset a wordpress site so that when i upload my backup, i will have the images as well ?

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    You are a great mentor I have learn lots from your free tutorial.
    Please teach us How we can get back trash theme to theme directories.
    Actually i have deleted my theme and created new theme directories. cause of 500 and 404 error.

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    Thank you so much for this!!! I'm a complete newb to wordpress. I'm following along in a book. I got half way into it and decided to reset and start all over again but didn't know how to reset back to default. Most of my "how to" Google searches came up telling me how to do it via code, which I know nothing about. Your video did it for me in 5 minutes!!!
    I am now a sub and have given you the thumbs up. I know I'll be back again… lots of times!!!

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    Perfect! Thank you. Didn't know such plugins existed. Much better than the manual way I was doing it. Took seconds.

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    Sir what should i do.
    My google adsense disapproved…. showing SCRAPPED CONTENT.
    Shall delete all data of wordpress ??

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    Wp Devoted

    Keep up the good work man, your videos are nice and clean, good quaility and you speak right. I just found this one, thats a big plus. Plus your little icon of yourself is the perfect size, it doesn't get in the way of what your doing and showing, like others I've seen.

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    Comunicación Constructora Barrazueta

    Hi, I just want know if this tutorial works for this: When I modified the theme, deleting buttons, changing photos, texts. And I want to recover the original theme with its buttons, and with its fake photos and texts. Thanks

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    Little Britian

    Thank YOU you ARE a LIFESAVE! 🙂 new sub p.s wordpress/astra/elementor NEED to pay you for these videos 🙂

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    Raymond Oickle

    I've been an avid subscriber to your vids, Adam, always well done and very informative. I missed this particular tutorial, but glad I finally found it. I've been trying to get a site setup, and I've changed themes and I did this and did that, till finally I've been totally confused, and haven't accomplished anything. I literally have a site filled with a whole lot of nothing. I'm going to reset and start over, and with any "luck" build what I had started out to do. Thank you once again, sir.

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    Bendak Starkiller

    Dude, I don't know what's your fancy, but I could kiss you right now! I was on the brink of going over 9000 after testing worthless themes that screwed my site up. THANK Y0U!

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    Tony Kon

    I did what you mentioned and now can't access my site at all…and receive this message: Error establishing a database connection

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    This is scary stuff, but when you really do want a clean slate and are a beginner like me, it's worth it.

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    Nong Tobias

    I should've looked this was posted 2017. This method sucks. The plugin you recommended totally destroyed not only my theme but my current WordPress Version. What the F*@k! Put this video down or atleast update info under description!

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    total newbie

    Does anyone know if this plugin still works in June 2019? …Has anyone tried it recently? ….did it work for you?

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    Imran Khan

    Hi there. your videos are great and so helpful. I have a problem with my wordpress website which is, its categories in the main menu are not working. When I click on any of the category, the page goes totally blank, nothing shows up. Could you please help how to solve this issue ?

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    Rovshan Imamaliyev

    Hi. I have encountered with some problems after that I changed one theme to another. The problem is some pages from the old theme still remain in my dashboard and create confusion and problems. I would like to ask is it possible to reset the database, then delete the theme in order to reinstall it?

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    Meisa Ahvazi

    Thanks a lot for all your helpful tutorials… I personally really enjoy watching your videos,✨ big thanks

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    Ololo Nam Videos

    My wordpress does not allow me to access my dashboard, it keeps telling me that You "don't have any WordPress sites yet.
    Would you like to start one?"

    Any help pls?

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    The Diet Specialist - Ilze Czubora LCHF Czubora

    It's seriously scary deleting everything. Thank you for your guidance, much appreciated.

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    Helena Holubec

    Hi Adam,
    great info, thank you. So is your course, great info there as well.
    BTW, Step 2 is missing the link to mark "Complete".
    Subscribed to your channel, glad to find you.

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    On your WP menu across the top, next to the home icon, it reads "just a demo". Mine shows the site title, but has "home" after it. how would i fix that?

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    Man, I would send you the money you made me save on psychoanalysts fees, but I'm not that good a person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, though.

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    Erin James

    Hello, I followed the steps in the video, deleted everything (including the theme), but the theme did not reset to default. How do you reset the theme to default?

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    Daniel Gass

    Thank you for this good plan. Very useful information for creating new sites. I tried other plugins but your advice is the best.

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    This just removed the site altogether. Once I ran it on all tables, the page that loaded next was a "This page isn’t working redirected you too many times."

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    Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal

    If i reset a staging copy does that affect the main site at all? I know if i push it live it will lol but will it if i just use staging as dev?

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