How to Remove Password From Your Shopify Store in 2018 with this LATEST SHOPIFY HELP | DPVLog 031

How to Remove Password From Your Shopify Store in 2018 with this LATEST SHOPIFY HELP | DPVLog 031

So i’ve got this dm over here where somebody’s asking, me that how Do you remove password from a shopify store so whenever you create A shopify, store for your e-commerce portal then it would be a password in the beginning how, do you remove that that Is what i’m gonna show You in this particular episode of tp Vlog but i’m gonna play a four minute short clip from my earlier video, which i had recorded entirely for shopify Which you can find in the description below. This video but out of that four minute video i’m gonna Play right now, where i’m gonna showcase how to remove your password And that is wrong if i’m not mistaken that is from december 2017, so let’s dive into that shuttle clip And remove the password from your shopify store All right so now in this particular video we gonna connect up a domain with our shopify store so that We don’t have to look into this ugly kind of link, which is like dog – lowers – car dot mineshaft babcom right We want something like dog lovers cart So, we go into domains Now for this you require to have power to mainly purchased or you can just simply put if you don’t have the domain you can, purchase it by clicking on by, new domain and Then simply search for it and purchase it if it is available or you can Connect an existing domain so once again let Me just go to domains and you will land up on this particular page if we click on connect. Existing domain and i already Purchase as you can see i have already purchased that right now So i have to do mean name let’s go back let’s paste it over here let’s click on next It will automatically fetch the details of the domain registrar, from where you have purchased, bid so it says connect your budetti Going to connect this to me to your soul unique login to godaddy once logged in your dns settings will be modified and you’re doing Will connect instantly so make sure you before you click on connect automatically make Sure you are logged into your code area comes or or your Domain registrar account and if it is done within shopify then it’s perfectly alright So i’ll click on connect automatically and it will open up all the settings by default And it will start changing the dns settings for me and it will click on kinda Dog lovers is now your shopify website to me so, we close the domain And bingo in a couple of seconds and we’ll go via your golden adobe now points to your online store So what will happen is and and by the way it also gives you, an ssl enable so it would be http s So now let’s say if i go to google Or any other browser if i say dog lovers card calm Then it will actually redirect to that particular website obviously it will, ask you for password which We’ll be removing right now And then the website will be open so let’s remove the password and we’ll remove the password you have to select a plan So if you, don’t still believe what you have to do, is let’s say if you, go to preferences and if we go down There is a password page so to Disable your password page you need to pick a plan So either you click on select a plan either you click on this obviously You, won’t be charged right, now all right don’t worry you
Will be charged anything So there is notice if shopify isn’t right for you cancel before december 21st so right now today as of now And record in this particular session this is 7th december 2017 so it gives me a 14, days free trial period so till 14 days i
Won’t be charged a single penny even if i have my card linked and if i select a plan So or depending upon you whatever you choose, i will be choosing and personally i would recommend you as Well if you have a proper online business of rock shopping or e-commerce business select This plan, because it gives you hell or other options, so i’m gonna select. This choose this plan and I’m gonna just enter all the details and then i’ll come back So as you can see once you have linked to your card, it will say good evening, blah, blah, blah here’s what’s happening with Your stew today and the complete, dashboard will change now all right the dashboard will change the button which would usually, say select a plan would go away, and Now if you simply go to the website and if you Type the same website it will actually open up. Your website it won’t ask You, poops there was something wrong i guess i’ll have to go to online stores preferences And let’s go down, yeah so now i can remove the password and if i save and Now if i refresh the screen. By simply typing, my website dog lovers card there you go so now We can open up our website and it is having an Http version, so it’s secured for your e-commerce business you, don’t have to purchase anything, like ecommerce Ssl certificate so that’s how. You change the, password that’s how you
Remove the password so i hope you now know how to remove password from your shopify store and now you can successfully Just start promoting your store i look forward to see you in the next one till then take advisor Nasa, lose guys stay on some gardeners and if you haven’t then Subscribe if you have missed out on the previous one to check out This, video latest video from didja, performs youtube channel to check out for a Day and if you haven’t subscribed to these channels tap on the individual logos subscribe to the channel turn on the belly notification and i look forward to see you in the next ones and yes This is how i record it’s all natural?


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