How to remove outline and change color of hyperlinks in powerpoint? – #QuickTip17

How to remove outline and change color of hyperlinks in powerpoint? – #QuickTip17

Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel best of powerpoint and
in this quick tip series. In my previous video I had explained you all
about hyperlinks that what options are available to you to link a webpage, a local file or
another slide in your presentation. And you must have observed that when you apply
a hyperlink to a text, the color of the text changes and it also gets underlined. So in this video I will be explaining you
that how you can edit this hyperlink in order to change its color and in the later part
of this video I will be explaining you how to get rid of that underline on the hyperlinked
text. First of all you should have a hyperlinked
text in your slide. If you don�t know anything about hyperlinks
and you don�t know how to apply them in powerpoint then please go watch my previous
video first and then come back to this video. So I have this hyperlinked text with me and
its of blue color and you can see that when I click on the link the color changes to pink. Now I want to change these colors. To do that, lets select this hyperlinked text
and then go to the design tab. Here in this variants window click on this
more button which is in the shape of downward arrow. Then select colors and then customize colors. Here you can find the very last options named
hyperlink and followed hyperlink. So hyperlink is the option to change he color
of the original hyperlinked text before the click of mouse and followed hyperlink is the
option to change the color after you click on this link as I had shown you in the beginning. So from here I can easily change the hyperlink
color to any desired color which I want. Next I want to remove the underline from this
hyperlinked text. This is really a very cool trick and please
follow me carefully. First of all remove the hyperlink from your
text. Then go to the insert tab and insert a rectangle
shape in your slide. And adjust its size such that it should completely
overlap the text. Now what you need to do is that simply create
the hyperlink on this rectangle shape instead of the text. You will come to know the reason behind this
step very soon. After creating the hyperlink on this rectangle
shape, right click the shape and select format shape. Choose the fill color as no fill and similarly
select no line. So our rectangle shape has become completely
transparent and when you move your cursor to the text during your slideshow, you can
see that you are still able to click on the text and the hyperlink is working perfectly
fine. So this can be very useful when want that
your hyperlinked text should not look distinct from the rest of the slide text. So that�s it guys I hope that this video
was helpful to you. Please like and share the video and please
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