How To Package Your Art Prints (Flat or in Tubes?)

How To Package Your Art Prints (Flat or in Tubes?)

today we're talking about how to package your artwork the Internet I'm Scott with circ works on Labs welcome to the underground laboratory where we create robots alien zombies and other imminent threats humanity and sometimes we sell those things online and in order to do that you got a ship that stuff out when you do you have to know how to package it so I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how to package your artwork pride of different products whatever I sell a bunch of different things on my online store so this was a question I got me I don't think I've covered this before so I know a lot of you guys have online stores or want to start selling online so hopefully this will come in handy let's get to it so I got some questions about how I package the products that I sell on my online store specifically my prints they wanted to know whether I shipped them in tubes or flat or whatever is best and so I'm gonna go through and I do a little bit of both and there's reasons for that and I also want to show you some other tips and things that I do when I ship everyone does it a little bit differently so hopefully you can glean something from what I'm telling you and kind of come up with your own system or whatever or you can borrow what I do you know this it's not like a trade secret or anything but but anyway so as far as my prints so this is the average size print that I sell this is an it was an 18 by 12 by 18 so this is my haters hate creators create print inspired by course doctor Frankenstein the first thing i want i do is i get poly bags or clear bags from all from clear bags calm and i use that for all my different products and you can you know get whatever sizes you want from clear bags they have pretty much everything so most of my products whether it's like the smallest postcards to big prints to even larger prints which i'll show you in a minute i use clear bags pour and I would recommend that it just gives it a you know health protect it but also it's a little more professional if it's in a clear bag like this in addition to whatever else you're gonna package so so precise like this I usually do ship them flat and I find that most people with fer to have their print ship flat now there are certain occasions where I sell a giant print like this one I forgot what this one it's like 20 by 30 or something I can't even fit it on the screen here but this is my field by siracha print so yeah it's pretty massive so there's just no way I can ship this flat I don't I don't know if it's even a possibility if it is they will ship something that big flat probably not so for that I do have to go with the to the other reason that I use a tube sometimes is when I sell these these are sort of my this is kind of my answer to like a loot crate or whatever where I just put all kinds of cool stuff in this you know the cardboard tube and I call it a test tube and so that just because of the novelty of it and I can fit some cool stuff in it I use the two for that so those are really the only instances where I use a tube and of course tubes are pretty self-explanatory you want to get a pretty durable tube because you never know what the post office is gonna do to these my friend Jeff Lafferty has an online store he ships a lot of Princeton he actually he actually gets like heavy PVC and cuts it down and there's like nothing they can do so that's a tip if you're really worried you can go out and find some thicker PVC like it's a black PVC pipe and cut that down and you know and I think I don't know if you can ship it like that if you have to wrap it but but that if you're really worried about them damaging it that's a way to go well mine are pretty thick so one of the things I do is you know you want to get a nice thick backboard now I I acquired a whole bunch of big giant cardboards cardboards big giant cardboard sheets and I cut them all down to basically the size of my print as you can see here now normally the corrugated cardboard like this I would recommend against because it can kind of Bend and everything if you look these are like double plies so they're pretty sturdy other than that you can get some thick like chipboard like this this is actually a little thinner but you can get a thicker but I just happen to have a lot of these because the day job at the day job they ship a lot we get a lot of big giant prints made and I just take those things or I mean big giant refrigerator box types things and anytime they have something like that I take that and I cut it down to this side so so that's what I'm going to do so what I do is I you know again I just cut that to the right size a little bit bigger than my print you don't want it right up to the edge because it could still get damaged and then I use these poly bags you can see here forgot where I ordered these but I will put a link on the in the description and I can use these for just about anything I can use these if I'm shipping like if I'm shipping t-shirts which I usually don't do because I have a fulfillment place that ships my t-shirts out for me but anyway so so that's what I do there now I usually flip it over on the back and then just for added protection I've cut out these little cardboard pieces so what I'll do is I'll go ahead and put these in the corner just to give it a little more stability and cuz that's where that's really where things get banged up is in the corner so yeah so I'll show you how I'm gonna do this we'll probably speed this up a bit but first of all I want to you know hold that I always I always wait I don't I don't secure these or I don't paste these down until I'm ready to ship because sometimes people want the print signed and it's just it's just a little easier this particular one isn't gonna be signed so I'm gonna do that and then we'll place these here and then I've just got you know regular masking tape actually I do want to lock this down a bit so I'll do is take this down to the board and then you can't see it's cameras not high enough up for you see but top and bottom and then I'm gonna go and put these here just kind of wrap them around like so and again that's just a little added extra protection all right so the print is back and it's pretty secure and everything but before I put it in this poly bag I want to throw in a few extras and that's always a good thing especially if you're shipping internationally because the thing is with international shipping it just gets so expensive and there's no way you can really drop the price of international shipping because it's just a set price and you know it's tough for people outside of the states where I am I'm gonna ship something internationally because it cost so much so the least I can do is throw a bunch of extras in there because if it's light enough it doesn't cost any extra it doesn't it's not going to add a lot of weight but it'll give more value and it'll help you know kind of ease that that pain of having to pay that enormous shipping fee so so this one is an international but I do we still throw in a few things again I always put throw in a little promotion here and then I like to throw in some just some buttons depending on what it is like I if I'm shipping if I'm shipping like a button pack like this this is one that's gonna go out so somebody just ordered a pack of buttons I probably won't throw a bunch of extra buttons and this is kind of a small item but I will throw in the little one with my you know with my logo on it and everything and then possibly for that maybe a sticker and you know and the card and all that but depending on the you know the price point I do want to I do want to throw some extras and things like that in there so let's see what else I might throw in like in an actual post card that's not a promotion and then you know maybe even you know a sticker so put that there and I always do like a handwritten note so you know it just gives it a nice touch there now the other thing I can do that I do sometimes is I've got some little stamp things here with my you know information on it they don't really stick great to these poly bags but if I'm using like a paper bag or something like that or maybe if I want to stamp these on the back here I can do that but anything you can do to add a purse touch or add your own branding to it for instance when I'm selling and I'm selling in stores almost everything I do you can see this bright green that's kind of if you see my lab coat it's all kind of that color so when I sell at comic conventions I've got the lime green bags and it's just kind of a trademark hopefully you know if people see that lime green bag and it's got my logo and everything on it you know maybe people will take notes or whatever but anyway so that's kind of how I my prints and then of course what you do now is and I don't know if I mentioned this but I did face it backwards just in case if you want some added protection you can put another sheet of like the the chipboard on top of that but these so far I've been lucky that I haven't really had too many damaged I just slide that in there and then pull that out around here and then I'll seal that so that's kind of and then of course you know your labels I was lucky enough to acquire these I they're they're really good they're called true block you can paste them over other labels you won't they won't see through they're really nice and I saw them on I don't was clearance or what but they were like 30 cents for a pack so I bought a whole bunch of them and I'm pretty sure that was like a mistake on the retailer's part but anyway so I've got a stockpile of these and they work really well but you know some people use the label printers whatever works for you since I got a really good deal on these that's what I use and then you know of course you know throw your label on there now let's see other products for instance I saw a lot comic books so I've gotten my comics here and for these I go a little different route these are bubble mailers they've got some bubble wrap in there and these are already backed and bored so hopefully that's enough protection again I've been lucky so far but if you want added protection you throw some chipboard in there now somebody orders all three of my comic books again I like to throw in a few extras so maybe I'll throw in some trading cards maybe a promotion I again some you know maybe throwing just whatever cat basically but you know I always throw in buttons and things like that so we've got that and then this all fits nicely into here and I use these for other things too if I've got a smaller product sometimes I'll cut these in half like for instance let's see right here we've got where was that so these buttons here so if I'm shipping out these buttons you know they fit real nicely in there but I'll just cut it and then I'll just just tape it right there and then that works real nicely for that let's see and other products what else do I have you know I so I again I sell all kinds of different things i sell i sell messenger bags for that i've got like you break it or cardboard boxes but then I've got these my bow ties they already come in sort of a box but in addition to that again I just kind of you know I want to do something a little special so I got my lime-green craft paper or whatever you call this tissue paper maybe able to roll it up and you can you can you know you can get as fancy as you want and eventually I want to get a little better system but this is what I'm working with right now but it you know you can use a you know some twine or a bow or whatever kind of whatever your look is so I do that and then for extra protection because I'm just gonna ship these in these same bags that I use for comic books I usually go ahead and put bubble wrap on that as well and since this is a video probably not taking as long and being as careful I just don't want this video to go on longer but I do take a little more time with each one of these and then again I throw in all my you know all my ancillary goodies and things like that and these will go in there nicely and yeah so that's how I ship that out but yeah that's pretty that's pretty much the rundown on how I do it I'm sure there's a lot of questions a lot of other things I miss I just wanted to come on here and do a real quick video but like I said I've got a lot other products so if there's something I didn't mention and I'm sure there is because people have a lot of questions when it comes to shipping so I'm sure I left some things out but if you have any questions at all let me know in the comment section and I will do my best to get back to you and answer those questions and again I'm gonna leave links to some of the products and things that I use where to find them in the comments section so are in the description so yeah good luck with your online store and your packaging and yeah so there you have it those are some tips on how I package my artwork do you guys have other ideas do you do things differently if you do let me know or if you have any questions on something that I didn't cover in this video let me know in the comment section and I'll see you guys later that's all hey everyone thanks for joining me here in the art lab there's a lot other great content on the channel so click that subscribe button and you won't miss a thing if we're aspiring evil genius visit circlips come for all your mad science supply needs and if you want to contact me hit me up in the comments section or follow me on social I'm looking forward to it I'll see you then


  1. Julio Mendoza

    Do you have any tips on how to make shipping not as expensive, for example on a 12×18 flat or on a tub. They wanted to charge me about $7 for shipping on the post office. How do you do it, do you print your stamps or labels at home? Or how much do you usually pay for shipping? Help please and thank you!

  2. Malgozata

    thank you. The plastic mailer envelope is a great idea, I am taking away from you. Plus, the reinforcement of the corners. Thank you.

  3. Omar's yard

    Hi Thanks for the information I want to ask you about: Now I learn graphic design in order to start working on upwork. My question is Do I need to by I printer to get started -I'm from morocco – I want to start with digital work in the bigginer
    Can I make it ????

  4. yabbadabba1975

    Another type of packaging you may consider, albeit a bit heavy, is triple wall cardboard. It can be purchased in very large sheets. Literally 5 x 8 ft. Cut the size you need from one sheet, then cut a second piece, reversing the corrugation. It's literally as as strong as a sheet of plywood, yet lightweight considering the almost (yeah, I know…almost… sometimes UPS, USPS, etc find a way) to bend. Kudos for some great tutorials.

  5. PrettyKittyCommissions

    Oh Scott, I am loving this video. As soon as you uploaded, I had to put it in my 'watch later' playlist to really dive into it when I had time. And man, am I impressed!

    I love those boxes that you place your bowties in! That's something I want to use when I design my magnet set!
    Thanks so much for sharing <3

  6. MoonaticDestiny


    I literally spent the past 5 hours watching most of your videos and commenting on a few of them. You are just so awesome! Your style, your color scheme, your set up, your brand, your humor, your niche, your personality. Its all so unique.

    I love, love, LOVE what you did with your packaging. Taking the concept of a "tube package" and turning it into a "test tube" to fit your whole mad science art lab theme. Its just so creative, fun, and awesome of you! ^_^ It reminds me of what I want to do with my brand product where I would like to take the concept of a "boom box," that portable music player, and turn it into a "moonbox" to fit my moon brand. Inside would be a bunch of my products with little goodies. For your test tube label you should go back and add some bubbles around the ? mark so that its filled with some thing. Love the concept though.

    As far as flat or tubes. I personally would prefer flat. I wouldn't want my artwork to arrive rolled up and the customer rolling it out to straighten it. For bigger prints though I would have to go with tubes but anything lower it would be a flat.

    You have so much value, and I really hope you continue making more videos. I'm so glad I came across your channel.

    For your end card, try lowering the music just a little bit so that the music doesn't fight with your voice.

  7. Katon4525

    Great and informative video! I was wondering, Maybe for your next video you can go over the best site to get freelancing jobs for comic artist. There are so many out there and I want to be a full time freelance artist but I don't even know where to begin. any advice helps ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. scotcampbellart

    You should check out my "filthy" upload, I used an effect that turned me into an ink drawing while I am doing the drawing.

  9. drawntobewild

    Wow! This came at just the right time, I just started selling prints on my Etsy store and a lot f these tips are really going to help me out! Thanks so much for this!

  10. Eska S

    Nice tip on the reinforced corners. Handily, I've got an Iris case full of cardboard backing from stocking open stock paper at Michaels. Probably just going to switch to cardboard envelopes once those run out, but what I've got will probably last a while. Convenient for doing Christmas crackers, too. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I do feel about the shipping costs, though. It racks up fast, and even faster once you're shipping overseas. Canada Post charges extra on round tubes, too. And every time I have something to send to the US, I have to double check since ya'll don't give directionals, man. It's weird.

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