How to Network

How to Network

How to Network. Ever hear that what counts is not what you
know, but who you know? Practice networking and before long you’ll
know just what’s what and who’s who. You will need Trade organizations to join
Good social skills and persistence. Step 1. Practice the “Four F rule”—family, friends,
family of friends, and friends of family. In other words, talk to everyone you can think
of about your career goals. Step 2. Have business cards made so you have something
professional to hand out when you meet people. Step 3. Join professional organizations related to
your field. For example, if you are a woman working in
the media world, you could join the not-for-profit Websites like can help you
find out what professional contacts your friends have. Step 4. Listen attentively to potential mentors. As the saying goes, “You can make more contacts
in two hours by showing interest in people than you will in two years of trying to get
them interested in you.” Maintain eye contact when you are speaking
with someone. There’s nothing more insulting than a person
who is looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting! Step 5. Listen for how you might be able to help someone
else. Doing a favor for them is the fastest way
to make them want to help you. Do your research on the speakers at trade
events, and have a pitch prepared for them. Step 6. Contact former bosses. Research shows that one in three job seekers
gets job search help from a previous employer. Did you know Seventy-nine percent of college
graduates responding to a 2007 survey said they found networking an effective job search


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    Sanjay Raman

    Seriously, networking is so important and something they don't teach you in school. You really need to do this well to get ahead.

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    Yeah but people are doing this "networking economy" for years now. How long can you keep "networking" new credit cards or another meaningless job interview? just talking…

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    Randy S

    @alexdeburgess….FaceBook is not good for Social Networking because all people care about is posting average topics like.

    "I like Beer!"
    "Look at my fat Baby"
    "I was at a Frat party in Band Camp"
    "I'm….TIRED!!! OMG…so Tired"
    "I saw this cute girl…but I can't date her, and I'm a pussy and afraid to ask her out"

    See? The problem with Facebook is everyone just posts everything about their lives and nothing intelligent. Also FB just sucks period! Want to Network? Call someone

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    Wats up guys, I'm looking to grow my gaming channel. I am willing to work with other up and coming channels. If you would like to network with me, PM me! Please subscribe, and thanks for the support!!

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