How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Free Solo Ads

How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Free Solo Ads

all righty guys it’s Boyd kept coming at
you here with another exciting video today in this video you’re certainly
going to want to stick around and see the whole video because I’ve got three
bonuses coming up for you towards the end of this video now what I’m going to
show you today is how you can drive traffic to your Clickbank offers or for
that matter it can be any offer that you have and it’s all free traffic and it
has to do with solo ads alright stick around get on your mark get ready get
set go alright guys welcome back to today’s video and as I said before in
this video I’m going to show you how you can drive free traffic to your Clickbank
offers or for that matter it can be any offer that you have you can drive free
traffic through what’s what’s similarly known as solo ads or solo mails okay all
for free this can be done anywhere in the world for free it doesn’t matter
where you’re at alright so guys first of all my name is Kevin Lehner and I’m with
Kevin – laner comm that’s my website and guys if this is your first time here to
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the way let’s go ahead I’m kind of anxious to show this to you here today
we’re going to come over here right now to our favorite Opera browser and we’re
gonna load it up and the first site we’re gonna go to of course is Clickbank
because you want to you want to get your product first but you go to sell right
now when you it’s free to sign up if you don’t have a Clickbank account it’s free
to sign up you just click sign up when you get to the front page link back comm
and you sign up and then you when you get logged into your account you want to
take on up here where it says marketplace right here that loads up
this page right here marketplace and as you can see down here there’s all kinds
of categories of all kinds of products that you have access to sell okay now
for this example you can choose any one of these you want it doesn’t make any
difference here but for this example I’m going to use an affiliate marketing
product here as you can see and what I’ve done is come over here and you can
do this too you want to click on the sort the results by and you want to
choose gravity and it brings up the hottest products at the top with the
highest gravity first and then working its way down from there
and I’m going to use this particular product right here called the 12-minute
affiliate system here and it says it’s a hot offer right now and you can see the
gravity right here is at 222 right now that means that there are about two
hundred and twenty-two people marketing this product effectively on the internet
right now okay now what I’ve done is I’ve clicked on this affiliate link
right here it brings us over to this page right here and you can see that
they’ve got email swipes and things like that which we’re going to work with here
today and they’ve got to tell us a little bit about this product and under
which you can find on any product in the soil so for this particular product that
I’m using in this example for us today here is it has upsells to it so the
initial product cost nine ninety five and you’ll make fifty percent commission
off of this one here and then the first upsell is thirty nine the second is
sixty seven forty-seven for the third that’s more like a down sell but also
it’s a recurring income it’s it’s forty seven per month if you notice here and
then of course the final upsell is three hundred and ninety seven dollars and
there’s fifty percent commission on each one of these but for today what we’re
gonna do is we’re not going to get our affiliate link from here we’re going to
get it right off of the Clickbank site here and but for today what we want to
click on here is the email swipes up here if you see
that if we click on that and that brings us down and there’s several email swipes
that you have right here that you can choose from all right so for this
example we’ll just use the top one here now so we have our product let’s say now
we’ve got the product that we want to market so how are we going to do that
now what we’re going to do is we want to come over to a site right here called a
e mailer dot-com C ad in the address bar right here a mailer dot-com okay
now you can create a free account here like I said this is all 100% free
although there is paid on you know they got paid upgrades even on this website
right here as well but you want to do is what you want now I’ve already done this
and they’re going to send you an e-mail verification so you want to you want to
put your full name in here you want to pick a user name and it will tell you
whether it’s a valid one or or it’s a good one that’s available and then you
want to use a good email address and then you want to click on the I accept
the terms and then just click sign up then they will send you a email
confirmation mail that you need to go and confirm your account with so you
want to make sure you click on that or bring that into a browser and click on
that and that’ll bring you over to here and you will see that it’ll ask you to
login with your account and then when you login it will give you to this right
here and as you see as you said after you sign up it’ll bring you here and
then you can see the link down here is click the link in your verification
email to verify your account then after you get logged in it will after a few
after a few seconds about five seconds you’ll get redirected over well where
was I asked here you’ll get redirected over to this page right here and then of
course like I said they have upsells even on this website too so you can
purchase a membership on this site as well and as you can see right here it
shows you for the free membership you get you can
mail a send an email every 72 hours so that’s it once every three days if you
buy the gold membership it’s 48 hours the Platinum membership 24 in the elite
which is the $197 membership lifetime it’ll you can you can mail every 12
hours okay now the credits that you earn on
sign up for the free one is 1000 and then it goes up from there as you can
see right here on this great let me see if I can zoom in a little bit on this
and you can see that it goes up you get ten thousand on the gold 20 on the
platinum and then on the elite you get twenty or thirty thousand credits here
and it goes on down you get your the credits for clicking on text ad this is
sort of similar to like a traffic exchange site okay I don’t know if you
guys are familiar with that and I sort of like that and you get credits for
clicking on ads and banners and clicking credit emails solo ads and earn per
referral which they do have an affiliate program on this site as well and then
your commissions on your affiliates are 20 percent all the way up in the
different packages that you guys see here okay so now but for our purposes
what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go with the free account okay
you can get the 90 dollar package today on the next level up so on I believe
it’s the next level up but I’m not sure it doesn’t really matter that’s for the
elite the VIP you can get it instead of for a hundred and ninety seven you can
get it for the ninety today so that’s if you guys want to you know you want to
buy into this website and be able to mail more frequently and it’s also
fourth but well we’re going to do this come down here and click this liquid
says no thanks just send me to the a emailer members area and of course
they’re gonna want us to log in again here and then so in ten seconds it
should redirect us here and if it will here we’ll see if it doesn’t there okay
well it took us right back here again how about that so we’re gonna come down
here again and click this little Michael what’s going on here being blocked here
let me probably what’s going on I’m being blocked here by my browser click
that three times it should that’s come it’s not taking us over to the members
area I don’t understand this here let’s see what happens here I don’t get this
it’s not working correctly here let’s come back here again sponsor ad now this they’re trying to see they’re
they’re trying to throw ads that it’s here before they take us into the the
select button below for more information get your free credit I don’t want to do
that now I want to get to the members area so I’m just gonna click keep
clicking this link right here until it takes us past these ads right here keep
coming back and clicking I guess that’s just part of what you’re getting for
free right and that’s not it either keep going see we’re seeing other
people’s ads here we’re trying to get to the members area here I don’t know how
many times we have to go through this tell you what guys I’m gonna pause this
video until I can get to the members area and then I’ll be right back all
right guys finally made it in the members area what you’re gonna have to
do is when you click on that link down there it says no thanks take me to the
members area it’s actually kicking you into other people’s ads that’s just the
way this site works because after all we’re getting something for free here
right so you got to sort of pay the price I guess this apartment excuse me
as far as that goes anyways so what you do is is you click the Buy Now button
and then scroll down to the bottom and just click the there’s another link down
there that’ll allow you to log in again you’ll have to redo another password and
create your own password and then click OK with that and then it’ll take you
past that and bring you into this area right here ok so you have to make sure
that you put in a different email out or I mean a different password and then
it’ll finally get you over to this area this is where you want to end up right
here now you can earn credits here but I get
said in the beginning there of clicking on ads and so on and so forth but if you
look over here to the left you see that I have 1,000 credits right here so see
that’s what you get like I’ve showed you earlier you get a thousand just for
signing up here now you can build your credits up by doing watching other
people’s ads and so on so forth and or reading mails or
whatever just like what we’re going to send here now there are several thousand
people on this site that are members of this site so what we’re going to do is
we’re going to click on send an email here okay
and then this here says you can mail one-time every 72 hours because of the
free package right but then you have one mail mailing to remember remaining this
period all right all right so we want to put a subject in then in our body of the
message and we’re going to put our link in for our affiliate offer here alright
so it says here that I can use up to nine hundred and fifteen credits okay
and you if you have downline members in your affiliates if you’ve done affiliate
marketing with this site and you have members underneath you that signed up
you can also send to those two but we’re not interest we’re going to send to the
members on this site alright so I’m going to come back to the marketplace
here I’m going to click on promote on our offer right here and it loads up
make sure you got your account nickname in here and you can put a tracking ID
optional if you want we’re going to click on generate on hop link and you
see that our affiliate link for this product this year the twelve meant an
affiliate system so I’ll copy that link and then I’m going to bring it back over
here to the mailer where we’re set up and actually first what we need to do
getting ahead of myself here what we’re going to do is get our email in there
first not the affiliate link so we’re going to use this top email swipe here
right now and what we’re going to do is going to highlight the subject of the
mail and we’re going to copy that and then we’re going to paste that in to the
message a subject line right here okay you’re there’s the subject to it then
we’re going to come back to our email swipe here and we’re going to copy the
rest of this right here okay and then come back here
and then we’ll just paste that right into here what you’re going to do here
is you’re going to back this out right here actually that right there and we
will clear this out right here and I’ll just put my name in right here and then
we’ll put our affiliate link in right here so we’re going to come back and get
them get another affiliate link here for this alright highlight that copy it
bring it back over here and then we’re gonna paste that affiliate link in right
there okay and then we will also do it right down here where it says site URL
okay now the amount of credits it will use we’ve got nine hundred and fifteen
credits here you see so I’m just gonna put in nine hundred okay so what that
means it’s gonna mail to nine hundred people this offer
okay so we’ve hidden click on send says your link is being tested we’ll see if
it breaks frames which it didn’t as you see it brings them right over here to
the sales page alright so your message has been queued and we’ll send to nine
hundred members so see guys the more credits you have the more members that
you can send your emails to or your offer to nevertheless that’s nine
hundred people it’s a very high chance that we’ll get some sales out of this
okay like I said this can be done in any with any offer that you have okay and it
says we can mail again on the twenty six three days from now alright and then you
can click here to see the stats of your email and you can see right here that it
this is the day today’s when we mailed it you see our link right here and you
see the sent to nine hundred people and then you can even come here and check it
and you can see how many clicks have happened on your link so if we click on
this right here you can see that it does take them over to our offer
with our affiliate link right in that offer right there okay alrighty guys
well that’s what I wanted to show you on that that’s that’s how you can get free
traffic to your Clickbank or any offer that you want now what about the other
three bonuses I wanted to show you on this – all right then the first bonus is
another site similar to this one as you see right here free safe list mailer you
can come here do the same thing look here this from this site has 46,000
almost 47,000 members that you can mail your proper to on your Clickbank offer
or whatever offer you have same thing here you’ll click here it’s free to join
and free to sign up and free to send your email of your offer to these active
members here same thing here is this the second bonus is this site right here the
same situation active safe list calm as you see up here this this site here was
free safe let’s look in the address bar up here it’s free safe you see
that this one here is active safe list com you see that right up here in the
address bar same thing here you can join for free as you see right here sign up
or click here free to join and they have 14,000 members on this site that you can
send your offer to guys as you can see the traffic is building up here and you
can send your offer to lots of people on these three sites that I’ve just showed
you a a emailer free safe list mailer calm and active safe list calm you can
do the same thing on these other two sites as well now the third bonus I
wanted to tell you if you guys are tired of fooling around with low ticket offers
like Clickbank and these time things and you want to get involved in
making big money or bigger money then you want to click on that link that you
see right there at the top of your video where it says mentor with keV calm down
there it’s the top link in my description click on that come over
check out a real business now warning to you on this that this is only for
serious people only because this business will and can change your life
if you apply yourself to it all right so reach down and click mentor with keV
come over and check out my number one rated business and completely change
your life where you can make up to four thousand dollars in one day versus fifty
five dollars per sale here alrighty guys not that this is bad but this just can
get better for you if you check out my number one top rated business there come
over and take a look at that see what you think of it sign up to my list go
about go in and take a look at that business and see what all is offering
for you in there I think you’re gonna like it alrighty
guys well guys I’m gonna let you go with that and I’ll see you again don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel click the bell give me a thumbs up if you liked
this video and got some value from it and also I’ll make sure that you also
comment down there in the comments if you got any questions or any comments
about this video and I’ll be glad to help you out ok alrighty guys I’m gonna
let you go I’ll see you again here real soon on the next exciting video you guys
take care of have an awesome day today


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    Hopeton Wilson

    I have used these safelists and and mailers like the ones you mentioned many years ago, and i did not get even 1 sale. Those traffic are a waste of time.

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    kumar raja

    Already watched this exact video on Rex Tata youtube channel yesterday. I have used Ae mailer, it will bumbard emails to your mail id with offers. These are cold traffic, very difficult to convert. I have unsubscribed from Aemailer to stop the mails.

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