How To Make Money Online | Start Getting Paid For Your Expertise

How To Make Money Online | Start Getting Paid For Your Expertise

– [Leah] It’s kind of fun topic that we’re gonna talk about tonight, it’s actually, or today. It’s a question that we’ve gotten from a lot of people that
we’ve been working with, and the question revolves
around giving away free stuff and how do you, how and when should you start charging for your services? And I’m actually gonna let
Todd do most of the talking for a change because I’m losing my voice. I’ve got a chest cold.
(laughing) – [Todd] But so it’s kind of a question that we were asked for a
long time when we got started because we offered free stuff for probably a lot longer
than we should have. (laughing) And we could have been
charging money a lot sooner. But I mean this actually
applies to whatever whatever industry you’re in, right? Whatever your niche is. Whether you’re focused on entrepreneurs or you know helping people make money online, or you know maybe you’re a health coach, or business coach, finance expert, horse trainer, dog
trainer, whatever, right? Yeah there comes a point where you know people are gonna start, there comes a point where
you know are gonna start asking you for help. And, like I mentioned before we, for us, I really feel
that we waited too long. (laughing)
Right. – [Leah] Right. Not that we’ve stopped
giving away free stuff. So we still do a lot of
that, but we didn’t add the layer of being paid for our
services, for our expertise. – [Todd] Right.
– [Leah] Just too late. – [Todd] So what we really
want to lay out here is just one of the paths you can take to you know actually start charging for your services, right? For you know, if you’ve got
a network marketing business for people who don’t want to join, you want to be able to
offer some other options and still make some money. Well, this is one way that you can do it. I’m not saying this is the only way, this is one way that you can do it. So, you know, if you like I mentioned, if you’re building a
network marketing business and you’re trying to build
your (mumbling) own team, obviously not everybody is gonna wanna buy and join right? And, so what we’re talking about here is still being able to help those people by offering them something else, whether it’s MLSP, a training
product that you made, your own coaching or
some other level of help. And there’s a lot of different
ways that you can do it. And, you know, maybe, you know, if you’re someone who’s gone
through a Twitter training or Instagram training, I know a lot of people have run into this. – [Leah] Right.
– [Todd] People are reaching out to you and they want to
know how to do what we do. – [Leah] Right. – [Todd] Right? You know, so you’ve learned some skills, you’ve taken action, you’ve
gotten your own results, and you’re growing your
own following, right? And you’ve started started sharing value because that’s what I basically
teach you in the course, is you know, you need to provide value. And now people are asking you for help. They are asking how do I do what you do? So, the question now becomes, well, what help and what level of, or what level of help you provide for free and when do you actually start
charging money for it, right? So, so, if you plan here on
exactly how you can do that. So, first thing is that you should, (chuckling) you should have some experience
and results of your own. Okay? Don’t try to create
something or charge money for something that just a
series for you at this point. You should have experience
or results of your own, ‘kay? And it doesn’t have to be some your miraculous, you know
incredible result, right? It can be something simple. – [Leah] I know we created
our very first stuff when we just started from Instagram. It was actually, we started getting, growing our following steadily and quickly and started generating leads. I don’t even know if we’d
gotten sign-ups yet from it. – [Todd] I don’t think so. – [Leah] But we had results. We had something that was working and now I could share with
people how to do that. – [Todd] Right. So, once, once you do start getting those results, and like I said, it can
be something simple, ‘kay? It could even be something
like you learn how to set up the au, you
learned how to set up the automation software and people wanna learn how
to put it on automation. It could be something like,
you know how to prospect people on social media and get
leads from that, ‘kay? Or maybe it’s even something as simple as being able to post in
Facebook post, groups and getting leads from that right. Even something simple as that, you know. A lot of people when
when they get into MLSP and they start getting results they it’s really easy to look
at someone else’s results and say oh I’m not there yet. – [Leah] Right.
– [Todd] Right? So, I don’t have enough value to give or I don’t have something
that could be charging money for yet because I don’t
have that person’s results. Stop it! Stop it, because all you need to do is just be a couple of steps
ahead of the next person. – [Leah] Right, and when you
start getting some results like that, it’s a great time, to honestly, that’s when you create
your own free giveaway. Start out with creating a free giveaway. Something of value in exchange
for contact information either a free pdf guide,
video training, MP3 audio, whatever avenue that you want to do down, something free that gives
them what they’re looking for. Just you know, make sure
that you put it behind a capture page so people
actually give you their email information and you
are building your email list in the process. But, we can actually talk
about some examples here about what could you offer for free? So, this could be you know a pdf guide on tips on how to grow your
Instagram following, or the right way to set up your profile. It could be video training on the right way to saddle a horse, right? If you’re into horses. This could be a pdf
download about budgeting if you’re into financial stuff. A Facebook group where you
teach online marketing, a challenge group or a workshop where you help jumpstart
people’s weight loss journeys. Right? So, this fit this model fits no matter what your area of expertise is, not matter what the industry is. Now it’s important now something
that’s as important as that many people don’t think that, many people don’t think about this but you want to get testimonials from the people that are
going through the people that are going through these free offers that you’re giving, right? You want to follow up with people and get some testimonials because that’s gonna help
you later down the road. – [Todd] Exactly. And, you know, if you
can get the testimonial in a Facebook post or a Facebook comment, that’s typically best. I heard this somewhere, I think it was Mark Harbor told me. So, I’m trusting Mark Harbor now. Is that when you get
a Facebook testimonial that’s more convincing than any other sort of testimonial right? If you can grab a speech out of that. But that’s why having,
whatever you’re doing if you can add a Facebook group to it, that’s a great way to number one, build a private Facebook group where you have (mumbling) but number two where you
can gather testimonials from that as well right? But, collecting those testimonials are what’s really going to help you later on to sell your services, your expertise, your coaching or whatever, and sell it at a price, right? That’s kind of one of the big
things that will help you sell is those testimonials. It happens that, you know, when you’re starting to
give away your free stuff, people actually reach out
to you for more help, right? Cause they want more individual help. And what that means is more of your personal time. – [Leah] Right.
– [Todd] Okay? And, that’s the question
starts, kind of rises, you know, well should I start
charging money for that? And, the answer is yes. It’s your own personal
time, you want to charge money for that. Now, you can, here’s the other thing is that if you don’t have
a ton of testimonials or you want some better ones, then you know, you can maybe maybe do your personal coaching
or whatever for free for a while until you
get some testimonials. But when people actually
start reaching out to you, that means they’ve gotten enough value that they’re probably
willing to pay you money for for your, for your help. – [Leah] Yup.
– [Todd] Right? So, might as well do it. But, the biggest hold up for people is that they typically think it has to be so much more complicated or they think that they
have to have such a– – [Leah] Big infrastructure. (group) – [Todd] Well, the infrastructure, but also results, right? You think that you have
to have so many more, or so much more success
that what you currently have and that’s really not the case. Right? Because you can really laser target this to specific results. Like for example, just
growing your following on social media. Twitter, Instagram are very similar. So, you could even put those two together say I can help you grow your social media accounts right? And help manage those. But, you know, it doesn’t
have to be like a whole, big, long, complicated thing. It could just be a month to month coaching thing. Or it could even just be a one time a 30 minute or 60 minute consultation. – [Leah] Right, and
you don’t need to have, a lot people think we have to have a membership site set up, you have to figure out
integrating with Stripe for payment processing. And a whole bunch of content created to hand them off right away. No, you don’t have to have
all that in place guys, to get going with this. Just, how about simply offering them a one-time 30 or 60 minute consultation for $50 right? Or even if don’t go with I
do $50 yet, for $25 okay? And when they say that they’re in, simply send them an invoice from PayPal. It’s really that simple, you don’t have to have all
that infrastructure in place and then you jump on a Zoom call or a phone call and do it right there. It’s super simple. So, once you’ve gotten into
the stream of things a bit, a few people gotten a few
people through that process and you’ve collected
some more testimonials adding to that bucket, right? Now, the next step is to
get a bit more streamlined and just scale it up. So, now you can put a
sales page together, right? You can put an actual sales page together, if you’re in (mumbling). You can use Funnelizer, which is great, but including testimonials
that you’ve received. You should have all those
screenshots in there. Video, you have your video testimonial. And with the sales page, you can add a button, you know, you can actually add a button
at the bottom of your pdf, your free stuff, then your pdf guide or to on the same page underneath your free video (mumbling). Inviting them to take a
look at the next step. Because they want more right? There’s the next step and you can offer that even
at the end of your challenge or your workshop right? Get the free stuff first
and you’re walking them through the process,
offering them the next step. [Todd] Yup exactly. And that’s one of the things that, again, we did way too late, okay? WE created our free offers and people would get to
the end of the free offer and it was like, nope,
thanks, good-bye right? – [Leah] Yeah. – [Todd] And, later on
what we learned is that well at the end of the free offer, people typically want more right? So, if you just add a quick little button that says oh well now you can get into our free challenge course or now you can you know
check out this free webinar that teaches more about this
Twitter strategy, right? And obviously it’s a value based webinar but at them end, there’s
a sales pitch, right? Or you know, here’s if
you wanna free 30 minute or 30 minute consultation then maybe that leads
to a coaching program after the consultation, right? – [Leah] Right or if you’re offering– – [Todd] A coaching program
after the consultation ‘kay. – [Leah] Right or if
you’re offering (mumbling) consultation right? As simple as going to the sales page that explains what it is and
how they can purchase right?. Especially when you’re
at lower ticket stuff like that guy. It’s real easy to sell that
directly off the sales page. It doesn’t have to be complicated. – [Todd] Right. – [Leah] So once, so you got
all your, that’s a very simple (mumbling) the first step to go right? And you can continue to grow
once you have your first thing set up and it’s working
and you understand it. Now you can continue to add
offerings like month to month. Coaching, you know 90 day
coaching package or maybe a 60 mpnth coaching package
live interactive workshops (mumbling) coaching. – [Todd] Coaching. – [Leah] (mumbling)
Coaching maybe your own digital products right that
this fix for again any industry. Say you’re a dog trainer,
you can have a six week live webinar based obedience class. Right if you’re a financial
planner, you can offer a personal budgeting program
with videos and worksheets and downloads ecetera. Weekly webinar based support
groups so people stay plugged in and feel that support for
what they need for success. If you’re in the marketing
niche, kind of like what Todd and I do right? Then is a A to Z training
product, a digital product that you can offer. – [Todd] Right and the thing
is you have to think about you know one of the things
you gotta think about is like well what do you get the question. What do you give away for free and than what you charging money for? So typically what you want
is deal with the free thing that you give away, you want them to be
you know a lot of value but something that’s like a subset or just a little compacted you know an abbreviated form of what the paid thing would be. Alright so if you’re a dog
trainer and you’re doing a live six week webinar based obedience
class, maybe the free thing would just be you know
how to teach your dog how to sit and stay right? So in three easy steps or five easy steps. Alright and then the offer asking them well let’s do a full six week you know obedience course right? So just think of it
something like that like even our Twitter webinar, right Twitter and Instagram
typically on the free webinar you know we’re just
teaching a little bit about each part of the process. A little bit how to do
following and unfollowing. A little bit about how to
engage the audience with the right type of post and little bit about you know how to actually
generate leads from that. – [Leah] Right, every free
thing you put together guys should have a purpose. – [Todd] Right. – [Leah] It should have a
purpose so you’re not just putting stuff out there just
for no reason but you should have a way to progress them forward and it should make sense altogether. – [Todd] Exactly. Once you have those paid offers in place, you know you should since
you’ve already been building audience with your free offers. You know those are the first
people you should offer the paid stuff to right? Because you should have
already been building your email list. You should have already
been building an audience on Facebook right with a Facebook
group or you know if you been using our Instagram
or Twitter strategies. You know you have audience
on Instagram and Twitter (mumbling). Or you know whatever it is right? Maybe you’ve been building
mini chat lists as well. Of those are the first people
you wanna offer you know the people who been getting all the free stuff this all time ‘kay. Those are the people who are
primed and ready actually to start paying you money. So those are the first people
you want to start offering this to and give them the first chance to take advantage that okay? – [Leah] Right, so learning
how to take your expertise, your experience and the
expertise that you have in business and in life
and to turn that into online income guys. That’s (mumbling) where
true freedom comes from because your able to
generate money as you wish and you have the confidence
to know can always have money coming in. It’s not contingent or
relying on anybody else, not no systems, no companies, nothing. It’s yours. And so Is that I think that
is a really freedom base mentality when you are
able to create your own, create your own stuff and to
offer that to your audience. So with that guys. – Yeah talking about you know
how and when do you start charging money for your expertise right? For your personal time,
for you’re training for for higher levels in mentorship. One of the things that I
was told right when thinking One of the things that I
was told right when thinking about what to give away for
free and what is it that you charge money for right? There’s couple ways to just think about what exactly do give away and what to charge money for. One thing to consider is that
you know sometimes it’s the information right, sometimes
it’s more information more in depth training that
people are looking for. And sometimes it’s just a
higher level of access right? Sometimes you’re teaching
the same exact same thing but people are getting more of
your personal time to be able to learn. Right they getting more hand holding, they’re getting you know
spoon fed more of it. And so that’s a lot of
times what people are looking to pay for is
more of the personal help. Not necessarily more information
but more personal help to implement what you’ve
already taught them. ‘kay and for anybody
whose kinda been in the, like right now you know I’ve
feel like a broken record. We talking about the same
stuff over and over and over. And a lot of times the people
are willing to pay money for is you know I was asking
well do, you have coaching, you have (mumbling) well it’s
all there in this free thing. But if you want to pay for
coaching, yeah, you can definitely pay for coaching. But yeah, sometimes it’s just
a level of access they want to pay money for so you should
definitely be comfortable having people pay for that even
though the same information is right there in the
free give away right? They could pay for for your personal time. – Right. – Right. And in other times it’s you
know like during our free webinars right, we can go
for an hour, hour and a half. And still only just it’s the
tip of the iceberg right. And if they want more of that
information, a more in depth step by step training well
then yeah they can buy the full training course right? So sometimes it is more the information they want access to right.
– Yes. So there’s two different
ways to think about it. The other thing is, the other
thing that I wanna talk about was the testimonials. Why is that important right? Number one is that, when you’re doing your free give away right? You’re basing the free give away based on your own results right? You been able to get followers. You been able to you
know generate some leads. You been able to get interaction on posts. Maybe it’s just as simple as that. Maybe it’s some cool ways
that you’re getting more interaction on your posts. Maybe it’s like the giveaway
that we’re working out right now is just time
management stuff right? Maybe you’re just good
at managing your time and you know how to get, squeeze
the most out of every single minute of your day to be able to build your business. It can be something as simple
as content ideas right? If you been doing consistent
content everyday and and you’ve been really good
at providing a variety of different pieces of
content that people love. They’re you know and all of that stuff. Maybe it’s just content
ideas for 30 days or 60 days or 100 days. I’ve seen giveaways like a
hundred ideas or a hundred I’ve seen giveaways like a
hundred ideas or a hundred different headline swipes or
something like that right? Different ideas for headlines
for posts on social media or Youtube videos or whatever it is right? So and the thing is the only
reason I know I have these ideas is because I’ve seen
them from other people. It’s also good to opt in
other people stuff just to get ideas of what they’re doing. – Right. Right, but the whole idea of
the free stuff like I said, one of the ideas is to get testimonials. That’s really important
part because when you put together the free stuff
you’ve proven that I can work for you. But when you get that
testimonials, out of focus, But when you get that
testimonials, out of focus, there we go. When you get the testimonials,
now you’ve proven that it can work for others okay. That’s the difference. Proving it, proving that
it hass worked for you versus that it has also worked for others. And when you’ve proven that
it has worked for others, that’s when you know for us
we feel the most comfortable that yeah now we can really
start charging some money for this ‘kay? And the more testimonials
you have or the better testimonies we have you
know the sooner you can, the sooner you can actually
start charging money. For example like if I had
one really good testimonial like some guy you know maybe
got better results than me then yeah I will take that testimonial and start charging money. Or you know if you don’t have
one really great one if you had a bunch of pretty good
ones you know then you can do it that way as well. But even if you had just
one really good one that can sometimes be enough that actually start charging money for something. – Right and what gets me
excited is thnking about all the applications of this guys
it’s not just you know about teaching people how to market online, it’s any industry right? Like we went through the call,
dog trainers, horse trainers, someone (mumbling) their financial stuff. They can rock it out with
finances and I think business finances in particular so she
can, her target audience could be small business owners
who are looking to get the most bang for their buck and really be smart in investing in their business and getting the turnaround and all this kind of stuff so that could be her target
audience and then she offers them maybe a free video or
tip sheet where she goes over them maybe a free video or
tip sheet where she goes over you know maybe its a pdf download
on the types of exemptions or expenses that your gonna
tax deductible or something that’s for small business owners. And at the end of that
she can offer them a free consultation to make sure
they’re taking as many deductions as they can or that their
setting up whatever, I’m not a finance person
so I’ve but you know they setting up something in a
very smart way to help their business right? So to just start with the free
consultation and then as she gets more advanced in setting
up her online business right, then she can, it can expand,
it can grow into bigger things. But like for us, what slowed
us down is that we thought, that’s funny, Facebook doesn’t
like move the feed anymore. – I thought that we were– (group) – Boy everybody’s quiet today. – Yeah.
Yeah its a bunch of comments today. – Yeah I just had to scroll down. – So you know we thought
that we couldn’t, we weren’t ready to do any offer paid
stuff until we had like a full A to Z training in place. And so it took us way too long do this. Guys you can offer 20 bucks,
50 bucks, 100 bucks that you can do these other things
that can really supplement your income but also teach
you on small scale how to do things well that allows you
to progress into some of those bigger, bigger things over time and in a much streamline fashion. – Right and the thing is
like the lower tickets like right now I really wish
we had more of the stuff within you know the $20
and less range right? $7, $10, $15 whatever because
that’s the easiest place to get a customer. That’s low ticket stuff
and when your doing that, here’s the thing to
think about that now your building a list of buyers
which is super important. Over the past several months right, one of the things we realize
is the importance of having, having a list full of people
who have bought stuff before. Because once they bought one, once these people purchased
one thing from you, it’s a lot easier for them to purchase more and more and more stuff. – Right. – And so having that buyers
list is so super important because those are the people
who have really actually given you money for your expertise. And we really didn’t realize the value of that until it actually happened for us. And we started out computer training and the more stuff we offered, well we realized that
it was the same people buying our stuff over
and over and over again. – Exactly. And so you know even just having a simple seven dollar offer right? Something where don’t have to
have a big complicated webinar to sell on right? Something where you can just, like a Facebook challenge right? It’s just a little thing on
the side of the welcome video that says hey you know if you
wanna learn how to do X right something that’s gonna
compliment what they learned in the Facebook challenge. If you wanna learn more
about how to get more people exposed to your opportunity
and how to do a proper follow up (mumbling). This seven dollar training
is gonna be the best $7 you can spend on learning
exactly how to do that. We’re gonna take you through
our five step process that you know practically
guarantees a follow up every single time alright. We talk about the benefits
and we’re making $7 sells with that pretty easy and what
also building a list of people who want to buy our stuff right,
without having doing a huge webinar and having to put
together huge membership site and all that stuff. – Right.
– So– – Yeah Derrick, Derrick was
saying he got all kinds of good ideas from us this morning. Good.(laughing) I mean that’s what, and why this topic came up
is because we’re working with people on Instagram right now. And so many are saying okay,
well I have people asking me for personal help with
their Instagram accounts because I’ve grown from X
to Y in a month, six weeks whatever and I’m having people
ask me to help them set up theirs and help them to start growing. And I’m like should I just do
that for free, should I pay, like charge, how do I do
that, all that kind of stuff. I can start as simple as a
little consultation thing that they send you money over Paypal with. You don’t have to have a
big, ’cause I know in my mind especially if I didn’t have him and I was in this journey. I wwas like, I got to set
all this stuff up first and I gotta to understand
how to integrate websites and all this kind, and it would really prevent
me from taking that action when it could be as simple
as communicating with someone if they want to do it. You send them an invoice through Paypal. There is no set up, it’s super
super simple you don’t have to have all technical stuff
in place to get to that step of charging. – Yeah. And Derrick brings up a very good point. He has three clients that he
does one on one consultation with and it’s not very expensive and their all ready to join MLSP. And that’s the other thing is that whenever someone opts
into something whether it’s free or pay ‘kay. You always want to be thinking
about what’s the next thing that they would want right? What’s the next thing that
if I didn’t offer to ’em, they would go out and
get it from someone else. – Right.
– Right? And then offer that right? So if you’re offering coaching and you know just how to
get followers on Instagram. You go one time consultation
it may only be $25.00 right? You go one time consultation
it may only be $25.00 right? Maybe the next thing you
offer them is well there is this full course that you
can get if your a MLSP or Affiliate of it right you
can give him a link for them to buy the full Instagram
course and then obviously you’re an Affiliate so you
get a commission from that. Or even if it’s something
like well you know if you wanna generate leads with
your Instagram profile, you’re gonna need a landing page, you need lead capture pages. And then again, there’s
MLSP you can offer them MLSP and have done for you offers
that they can just opt right in there and
generate leads immediately. Same thing with if you’re
helping people to generate leads on Facebook by
posting in Facebook groups. Well they probably gonna
need a little landing page for that as well right? So even though yeah they’re
paying for your coaching right for that consultation but then
they’re just looking right for that consultation but then
they’re just looking right for the next thing. There is still other things
that they gonna need. So it’s real easy to take people
from one thing to the next, to the next. – Right. Then don’t let yourself be
hung up on not having all these things in place, understanding
what that progression is gonna be get started with
a little consultation thing, set it on Paypal links, it’s that simple. And how ask yourself like,
what’s you’re walk away number? Like when can you quit
your job or (mumbling) how much you really need to
make per month to do that and when you start doing,
you start on this path guys you get there so much faster. You really really can. But it’s a journey and so
you have to get started. Get started with it. Yes, yes so, so doable. And I love thinking about
other businesses right. People from different walks
of life, I mean even you know talking with home health
nurses who are passionate about caring for home bound people
and helping maybe provide resources for caregivers who
are caring for their mom, dad, their child whatever that’s you know a chronically ill person. And there’s tons of
different places, directions. You can take any skill set that you have. You know go back to your professions, to your college degrees, to what you’re learning
online to being a mom right? There’s anything that you can
take and you could make this into an online business where
you’re building up brand. You’re creating products. You’re serving an audience. I mean Todd does, I have actually bought a fashion course. Same price point as our
Twitter and Instagram stuff. It was applying everything
that we teach here MLSP everything that we do–
– Yeah it was a good webinar. – It was a great webinar and
she sold into a fashion course. Teaching you how to dress nice. Right, because she was
a personal shopper and a I forgot what they call it but like it helps people dressed. I didn’t know see, not
my area of expertise. But she had a skill and she
applied it to the online world. Todd bought something about
how to make you jump higher. – Oh just because I
wanted to see the funnel. – Right. But it was cool. (laughing) Right, how to jump higher. – Yup. – How to increase your vertical. – Yeah.
– You can take anything and create this kind of stuff for it guys. That’s truly exciting and I think, we’re gonna see a lot of
that going forward in as time progresses and internet
and digital products become more and more normalize
and accessible for people. It’s really exciting to
think about where you wanna head in the different
directions that open to you. – Right, that’s a cool
thing about these are digital products right? They’re online so you don’t
have anything that you have to ship out right, there’s
not all of those logistics. You don’t have to have warehouse
or storage or all of the shipping returns and all that stuff. Products getting lost in
the mail or stolen off people’s doorsteps. – Right, right. But and thanks Derrick (mumbling). But think about this, so say
you had something when you like for what Todd and I do and
we teach about social media. Social media is always changes,
that is something difficult to make ever like something you make it once and it’s good forever. So you can put it in cd
right, but you could do that. So say you’re in financial
planning or dog training or whatever, those things
if you don’t want to deal with setting up a website like
a membership or anything yet. Okay, if you can burn
a cd on your computer, and you might have to
get additional drives– – But now I think they do flash drives. – Oh right so–
– Cd’s are like 90’s Leah. (laughing) – Oh we don’t even have
them so I can’t so yeah. So a usb drive right, so
you can just put your files on a usb drive, drop it in the mail. There’s ways around the technical stuff. It’s not that hard. You just gotta think
outside the box, it’s really exciting to. thank you very much
Jerry, I appreciate that. If you guys, you are working on anything or have thoughts and ideas
on different directions that you wanna go that are outside the box and use your expertise. Sorry I can’t read and talk. – I think it would be great
to have a training that shows somebody how they
could make $7 online. Yeah, we charge $7 for that. (laughing) Yes, a usb drive, not a cd. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. We don’t have cd drives
on our computers but but you know can take this is
a really cool direction to go. Think outside the box. Think about where your expertise is. You know, life planning as a mom right? Like how to manage the
household, organizing your life. All this kind of stuff. You can use all of this, take
your expertise and you can use it to build your brand
online to serve an audience and to offer them something
that they will pay money for. It’s really cool.


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    Kimberly Tottori

    Sorry now I have a question….would it be best to finish listening to all the videos I purchased for Twitter then listen to these after?

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