How to Make Money Online : How to Start an Online Magazine

How to Make Money Online : How to Start an Online Magazine

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada and I’m a software
developer. In this video, I’ll show you how to start an online magazine. A great application
that you can use to create a fully functional online magazine in minutes is Joomla. This
is a free and open source application used by millions of webmasters from all around
the world. The official website is available at There is a demo website where
you can play around with the application at On the left side of the page
there are links to the demo homepage. This is the actual online magazine that your visitors
will see. There is also a link to the administrative interface. This is the part of the application
where you and your writing staff can publish articles and manage the entire online magazine.
The visitors side of the application is known as the front end, while the administrative
side is called the back end. Click on the first link to take a look at what your users
will see. This is the front page of your online magazine. Visitors can access to articles
that are grouped into sections and categories. Joomla allows you to specify access levels
for your visitors. You could require your users to register and pay a subscription to
gain access to certain articles or categories of articles. To access the back end of the
application, you need to create an administrative account. Click on the create an account link.
Provide your name, email, user name and password for your new account. Then click on the register
button. Your account is now created but you need to verify your email address in order
to activate your account. Go to your email inbox and click on the link provided. Now
you will be able to log in as an administrator, press on the administration login link and
enter the user name and password that you specified during registration. This is the
main administrative interface. Here you can manage your magazine sections and categories.
You can create, edit and delete your articles. You can manage your users and the front end
language. Press on the article manager button. In this window you will see all of the articles
created in your online magazine. There is important information about each, like its
title, whether they are published or waiting for approval, if they are included in the
front page or not, the access level of each article, the section and category where they
are included, the author, the creation date, the amount of times that the article has been
seen, etcetera. On the upper part of the window, you have controllers to perform common actions
with your articles like create, edit, delete, move, etcetera. To learn more about Joomla,
visit the beginners guide available at I am Luis Estrada and I’ve just showed you
how to make money with mere websites.


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    F. Kenneth Taylor

    Actually, you didn't show us anything but how to create an account on Joomla. At what point in the video did you say, mention, or discuss anything concerning making money, earning revenue, etc, etc…? You showed us how to log onto a website… Thanks. Glad I didn't watch this before I started my online magazine!

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    Observer FX

    This video is only how to enter your name and email address for a new blog account at Joomla – a CMS. Nothing to do with magazines or money. If you need instructions on how to enter your name and email address into a form, then you have a long way to go before you see any money from the internet. Keep your day job.

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