How to Install Pods in Terminal

How to Install Pods in Terminal

Hi, Alex Nagy here from
and in this video I am going to show you how to install a pod with terminal. So
let’s get started. First of all we need an Xcode project. So go ahead and open up
Xcode and let’s create a new project really really fast.
Could be a Single View Application. Let’s just use language swift and click
on next and just drop it onto your desktop and create it, okay. And you could
just simply just close it for now. As you can see here is my, where it is
terminal lesson. Here is my created Xcode project. Now let’s just open up terminal. And we need to go to this project so
here to the root folder of our project. So type it CD and just simply drag and
drop and the folder there and hit return. Next up if you have Cocoapods installed
just type in ‘pod init’ to create a pod file. Hit returned and a new pod file will
be created. Now we need to edit this pod file and
for that we need to find out which kind of pods do we want to add to our project.
So next up we need to open up our pod file and edit it. So go ahead and open it
with let’s say other and we need to open it inside
Xcode, okay great. Now under the pods for terminal lesson
type in pod Firebase and core, okay. This will add the core firebase pod onto our
project. So make sure to save this and close it and next up we need to install it.
So type in your terminal pod install. And that should install the core
firebase pods, okay. Let’s just wait for it. This might take a while but after that
you will be prompted to please close any current Xcode sessions and use TerminalLesson.XCworkspace for this project from now on. So as you can see we have
been created a terminal lesson XCworkspace and let’s just open it and
from now on we need to use this one. And here are your pods your pod file and the
pods that you have installed via terminal. That’s it for installing pods
in terminal. See you in the next one.


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