How to Get Clients Online and Offline – The Step by Step Guide

How to Get Clients Online and Offline – The Step by Step Guide

How can you get clients when you’re
starting from scratch you don’t have anything to show how can you convince
anyone if you don’t have a portfolio or experience I’m Alessandro and I’m an
online marketing expert and this channel I give tips and advice on how to start
and create your online business how to grow it with customers and clients and
how to make it your real job and leave the actual one you have that you probably
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every time I would post a new video alright let’s get started how can you
find clients online and offline welcome to the Growth Academy I came
across this question so many times and I rarely read the reasonable answer to it
how can I convince an hypotetical client to work with me if I don’t have anything
to show well let me give you an example of my early stages when I was proposing
to manage facebook ads for clients when I started I had no experience with
third-party social media accounts I grew my skills just with my personal account
and my business account so instead of lying to my clients talking about
successful projects I work for or big clients I worked with I’ve done
something that is really rare in marketing I used honesty it’s a real
word it’s in the dictionary it means the quality of telling the truth I admitted
I had no experience with social media marketing for clients but I was eager to
learn new things and I wanted to improve my skills Plus and I think this is the
reason why they accepted me to work for them I propose to work completely for
free in exchange of a testimonial video in case I was bringing good results to
the company funny how working for free in exchange of reviews and experience is
never contemplated when you’re starting and I get it I get
it when you start you want to make your project profitable from the get-go
and we want to skip completely the struggle period but let me tell you one
thing even if I was using my spare time to work for free for those clients I
loved every single second of it I had the possibility to experiment I had the
possibility to learn new things I had the possibility to grow in my area and
if you’re generally passionate about something you’re doing you can do it for
free and you’re happy and if you can handle more than one client I can tell
you that in a few months you will have grown exponentially your expertise and
you will have testimonials and case studies to put on your website and this
is precisely what I did in around six months my portfolio was filled with
projects I worked for and testimonials reviews on my work and I was finally
ready to charge for my service all right all right this makes sense but where can
you find clients we are in 2019 my friend actually when you’re watching
this video maybe is even I don’t know 2030 no wait at that point right-wing
parties should have destroyed everything well right now the web offers a lot of
opportunities and possibilities to create connections all you need to do is
to find online communities where your future clients are hanging out the first
things that come to my mind are Facebook groups and forums that are related to
your niche but if you want more options I put up a document with a list of the
five best places where to find clients online and I have wrote for each place a
few advice on how to make that place the most productive possible so you have the
link in the description of this video click on the link and download this list
after you found those communities make a daily habit to support people in those
communities so reply to the questions write your opinions on different matters
and when it’s possible send a private message offering your service if your
comments on those communities are useful someone sooner or later will consider
paying for your service and I’m telling you for personal
experience look finding clients becomes super easy when you start fixing their
problems but at the same time don’t understimate offline communities
look for events that are around your area and attend them in order to create
connections and if you don’t know how to find events that are around you there
are so many tools and apps that can help you with this I put up a list of
tools that I’m using for this purpose so if you want to download the list you
have the link in the description and don’t make the mistake to attend those
events unprepared if you have to go there prepare a good amount of business
cards that you have to give to everyone not just people that can become your
clients the majority of your clients will come from recommendations and if
you still don’t have a website to put on your business card don’t worry you just
have to put a way to get in touch with you and a phone number or your skype
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question of the day where did you find your first client write your answer in
the comments and if you have any question while asked the question always
in the comments I will answer all the questions they are in there so for the
rest I’ll see you there in the comments having a discussion with you or
otherwise at see you in the next video cheers mate


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    Emilis Bacevicius

    Great Video! Still searching, trying LinkedIn at the moment and connecting with the orners. Any tips here?

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    Shey Harms

    My first client came from a Facebook Group. First we were in a mastermind together (that I helped form from this group) and then later I asked if anyone wanted free coaching. She wanted my help – which helped my confidence and later she paid me to do more work for her, as well as give me an amazing testimonial.. It was a great win-win!

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