How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Dropified

How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Dropified

hey what’s going on everyone its Bianca
Moore with B. Moore Successful Marketing in this video I’m going to show you how
to fulfill Shopify orders with Dropified ID alright so the first thing you want
to do is head on over to Aliexpress and make sure that you are logged in because
the only way that you are going to be able to fulfill the order through
Aliexpress is if your account is logged in so as you can see we are logged in
here ok then what you want to do is head on
over to Dropified and you want to click on orders so that you can see the
orders that have been placed through your store
alright you want to go down to your most recent orders that have been placed
through your store and it will show that it has not been fulfilled because it
will say no products ordered alright and it’ll have this little red dot here and
it’ll say unfulfilled alright so go ahead and click on place order and you
can either go to step by step order or auto place order or auto choose shipping
now if you choose Auto choose shipping this will allow you to choose the type
of shipping that you want whether you want a package or if you want the Audion
or whatever type of shipping they offer alright so for the sake of this video
I’m just going to go with step by step order and what this does is this will
allow me to go ahead and select the type of style that I want for the customer so
let me just go back and see which one they ordered they ordered the 8th hole
alright so we’ll go back to Aliexpress and we will select the one that has 8
holes and that was this one ok and then what we’ll do is we’ll scroll down to
continue Auto order now what this is going to do is go ahead
and put all of their shipping information in there as you can see it
populated all of their information and after that what we’re going to do is
continue on to the next page by clicking all confirm and pay now it may ask for
your Alipay password and you should have created a password through Ollie
pay if you have not you may want to go to google and type in Alipay and they
will give me step-by-step direction on how to do that exactly alright so I’m
just going to go and place my alipay password in there and then I am going to
click on Pay Now and that’s it that’s all you have to do it says thank you for
your payment and now it’s processed alright so now we just have to wait on
the ship the vendor to actually update the order we’ll go back to order details
and once they have received the payment and everything what they’re going to do
is go ahead and add the tracking number okay and you will get a notification
showing that they have actually added a tracking number onto this order so that
you can notify your customer and you’ll see the tracking number updated right
here so you’ll go to tracking over to the left and all you have to do is sync
with Aliexpress and it will automatically update the tracking
information for you as you can see all of these tracking numbers are in there
for my customer all right and then I’m just going to
refresh the page and now what I’m going to do is fulfill these orders in my
actual Shopify store by clicking on fulfill because now I have the tracking
information so I’ll click on fulfill and send shipping confirmation email to
customer you want to make sure that this says yes and what we’ll do is click on
fulfill order now this fulfills of the order completely through dropified
and Shopify alright and you just want to do that to the other ones that have the
tracking information it already says yes fulfill order now your customers are
receiving an email with the tracking information all right so they shouldn’t
be emailing you about where their order is because now they have the tracking
information and the link to actually check on the status of their order alright and these are usually updated
with them you know 24 to 48 hours so once the vendor has actually sent the
item this one will be updated and I’ll be able to send that information to the
customer as well now I did have one more order so let me just run through this
again for you this is complete so I’ll go ahead and remove that and this was
the last order that I had and I’m just gonna go to step by step order and it
was a six hole so we’ll select the six hole and we’ll
continue auto order it’s going to go ahead and place the customers address and go to the next page and all I have
to do is confirm and pay and see they did not ask me for my alipay
information this time because I put it in the last time and all I have to do
now is just pay and now that order is placed successfully and I’m just waiting
on the tracking information so I hope this video was very helpful to give you
the best instruction for how to fulfill Shopify orders with dropified if you
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tips and tricks for you to excel in your Shopify business I’ll see you guys in
the next video


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    Bianca Moore

    How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Dropified- Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial For Dropified Now HERE:

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    Gabriel Gutiérrez López

    Hi Bianca, first of all, thanks for the value you deliver on your videos, really helps. I just have a silly question, I just saw for the very first time, that someone bought something out of my store (real happy about it) but, all I see is in the Shopify store, under All Orders, at the right of the Order #, the date: Paid, Fullfilled and Archived.. but I haven't done anything: I wasn't logged in on AliExpress or anything. And I can't see anything under "my orders" on AliExpress. Is there something missing? thanks a lot

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    Karen Hansen

    Bianca- you completely saved me this evening- this video is still relevant and was my life saver! Thank you!

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    Victoria Shiva

    Thank U so much. I’m just starting. But I have a question. So I will be using dropified through Shopify. Do I do this order fulfilling on both pages? Is that how I understood? And does it notify u through email or Shopify app once a customer placed an order?

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    marco ocampo

    Hi Bianca! So is there a way to FULLY automate the order fulfillment process or do i have to always go into dropified and manually initiate it?

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