How to easily and quickly create a Child Theme in Word Press and Why you need a Child Theme

How to easily and quickly create a Child Theme in Word Press and Why you need a Child Theme

hello and welcome to a tutorial by Jeff
James of Axe Your 9 to 5 this is called how to easily and quickly create a child
theme in wordpress and why you need a child theme
a recent WordPress survey said that 85% of web page designers yes us, customize
the WordPress theme but only 35% use a child theme when doing so totally mad I
know but why why is this possibly because of a lack of understanding about
what a child theme is or due to thinking that to do it it must be really hard but
it isn’t hard nowadays and in this short tutorial I’m going to show you how to
easily get a child theme on your website and explain a bit about why you want and
need a child theme so what is all about a child theme is something I’ve been
aware of for a long time about a year or so I knew I needed one but did nothing
about it because i didn’t have the time it looked too confusing it was too much
hassle but it wasn’t why do you need a child theme well to start any new code
or adjustments that you make to your paper theme the parent theme sorry ie
the theme on your website for example the Divi theme when the theme gets
upgraded to a newer version the existing code or adjustments that you may have
have made that are outside of the theme updates gets undone they get deleted in
short they stop working this can be really frustrating where you have a few
upgrades going on putting you’re upgrading the child theme instead of the
parent theme makes it safe when the parent theme is updated for example I
want my blog to say the last time I updated my article not when it was
originally published because I update my article regularly I keep them dewy fresh
and spanking new I like my articles to be green evergreen and not go all old and
mouldy so I put a great bit of code into the
theme called a functions.PHP in the functions themed area and this allows me
to show when I last updated the article as you can see here last updated
the 4th of September 2019 however if I don’t have a child theme
when I get the update Divi theme which is like every other day the code gets
wiped out it no longer says last updated and then
I need to go back in and redo it all over again and is a right old pain in
the neck and a waste of my time so it creates a child theme to make it all
much better when the Divi theme in the parent part of the theme gets uploaded
the child reminds the parent that we also have extra code and features that
is then put back in automatically and I don’t need to do it anymore
now making a child theme was a bit confusing at first WordPress sent me a
video and an article to read which left a bit “umm what?” so I’ve been doing some
research online recently and I found another way a much easier way to do it
and I wanted to share it with you we can do it via a plug-in and we can delete it
after use, if you want to I’ve used a plug-in called child theme configurator
free download and seems to be updated frequently and as thousands of
users so it seems pretty good okay first go into plugins on your
website in the word key area type in child theme this brings up variety
plugins for the child theme I choose child theme configurator there you go type it in choose the install now see it is installing because it’s got activate there., press
activate if you go over to the tools area you
see Child theme configurator there, you can deactivate if you need in the
future go over to tools and you can see in
there there’s a child theme click on that I’m gonna do some work on the child
theme now there you go, the main page to activate the
child’s theme properly in line with your website, child theme configurator version, it says thank you for installing child theme configurator all different tabs at the top don’t worry too much about these we’re only going to concentrate on the
main one that’s the parent / child theme so first section select an action we’re going to select create a new
child theme scroll down just wait for it to catch up, then step 2
select a parent theme I chose the theme that I was using at the present time the
active theme were using for the site for example extra Divi for example and then you put a click on Analyse, you see underneath don’t worry about
that move down to step 4 give your theme for child the folder
name usually the theme it’s usually the theme
name for example extra by little – and the word child Step five select where to save the new styles we
chose the primary stylesheet step six keep the default options here
use select use the word press style queue and step 7 as you can see in this section you can
change the name or the author name etc however the plug-in has done everything
for you so I recommend leaving it as is step 8 copy menus area all we do here is
check on the little box where it says note nothing else to do just click on that
one first there you go click on the note this one option really
helps a lot it means that everything from the parent theme is copied straight
into the child theme for us this helps especially where we’re making a child
theme some way into developing our websites step 9 click on create new
child theme and it’s quicker than blinking a note should come up saying a child
theme extra child whatever your theme’s called, has been generated
successfully and then review your child theme before activating if you go to the
appearance on the left-hand side your wordpress options you can see the themes click on the themes and there you can
see the child version of a theme sitting in the themes area on the child theme
click activate if it hasn’t all really happened there you go yeah click
activate easy-peasy so now if we need to update our theme
and put some in some new code for example we can do it the child theme
rather than the parent theme going forward you can find the themes under
appearance on the left-hand side of WordPress index and you have themes
editor at the bottom under appearance to go into the child theme editor you
can go into tools and you can see the child themes at the bottom of the tools index
on the left side of your WordPress and then you can go into the files the top
of these different files and you can see underneath all the different files you
can click on where you might wish to place a customized code to then see this
you can go back into appearance and select theme editor and you can see the
child option within that area as I mentioned before the function. PHP
file area is not done by this section if you click on the section here you can
then go into child theme functions .PHP and select what you want to do
from there I’m taking this nice and slowly for you, because I know it’s
difficult when I’m trying to follow things myself sometimes people whip through them
too quickly so I take my time and you get your head around the stuff doing it too
fast sorry for those who are experts but it’s slow for you but do use it for new
beginners there we go into appearance you can see it in there has now become the
main theme there you go so in theme editor as you
can see you go into the theme of the child theme in there extra child at the
top you put your code in as you need to.
Whatever you feel you need to do in terms of changing the style of
your website add bits of code into help speciality functions that we tend to do as web designers now I’m going to take it from there the
functions.php’ and do it from there and update my piece of code in there I
use as I showed you earlier in terms of making my blogs last updated rather than
the date of publication I go in there within the child theme up for the new
code the code I want to put in in there you might read this think or watching
this thinking I’m never gonna do this I’m never going to change and customize
my website and I thought the same but sometimes you do having a child theme
really really helps it comes up with a lot when I go to elegant themes or WordPress with questions they say have you got a child theme? I say no I haven’t, but you
need to have one because it makes this sort of stuff much easier, I hope it’s been
useful and please share with your friends and give us a like at the end of the video
also you want to read more musings and articles have a look here at my blog
action 9 to 5 .com, also click on the link below and also my experience of
my own business online I can show you some great videos to help this well take
care thank you goodbye


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    Jeff James

    Heh everyone something to help those of you out there who are just developing their own website and need to set up a child them, I hope you find it useful.

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