How To Create A Website – Make A Website In 15 Minutes – Incredible!

How To Create A Website – Make A Website In 15 Minutes – Incredible!

Hey there, this is Todd from, and I’m going to show you how to make an amazing
website, and it’s going to look good on any device, and we’re going to do it in under 15 minutes. So, stay tuned. [music]  Alright, so in this video, I’m going to show you how to create your very
own website. And it doesn’t matter at all if you don’t
have any technical ability, that shouldn’t be a concern. All you have to do is follow along, and I’ll show you how to make a website exactly
like this. Let me scroll down here so you can see some
of the content. And this is exactly what your website will
look like when we’re done. It’ll have all of these images, and all of
the content filled in. Alright, and the great thing about this is, um, we’re going to do it in only 3 steps. Now that might be hard to believe, but, to
be honest, there are a few small steps in between those, but basically just 3 steps, and I’ll go over
those here shortly. And then next, we’re going to do it in less
than 15 minutes. And I know for a fact that, on YouTube, there
are a lot of videos about how to make a website. And most of them take an hour, and if they don’t take that long, they really aren’t teaching you how to build
a website. And end up with something that looks like
this here. So what I’m going to do is show you how to
build this exact website, with all the content, images, text in there
and everything. It’ll look exactly like this when we’re done,
in less than 15 minutes. So, we’ll shoot for that and I’ll show you
how to do that later. And then, lastly, it’s going to cost less
than $10 a month. Now that also may sound hard to believe, and you might think it’s not going to be a
very nice website, but it will be, because it’s going to be built on the WordPress
platform. And WordPress is very well-known and used
by companies such as, we’ll take a look here: The New York Times,
CNN and Forbes. And you can see here, these popular music
artists like: Arcade Fire, Jay-Z, Katy Perry; they all use
WordPress. Scroll down here: GM, UPS, Ebay, Sony; they
all use WordPress. So, as you can see, you’ll be in good company, along with the other 65 million people who use WordPress on a daily basis. So, next, let’s take a look at what your website
is going to look like. First of all, it’s going to have a home page
with a slider on it. And you probably saw that before, that’s what
this is here. Um, you got these little controls if you want, but it allows you to display different pieces
of content on your home page. And that’s kind of what makes them popular
because they look good, and you can display like 3 or 4 pieces of
content here. So when you create your site, it’ll have all
of these images there, and it’ll look exactly like this at first,
but you can change it, and obviously put your own images in there. And we’ll show you how to do that, probably
in another tutorial. Second, your website is going to have a blog
page for new posts. So, um, we’ll click on the blog page here. And you can see that there are a number of
posts that I’ve created here, sample posts. And all of these will be in there as well
when you create your website, and you can change those with your own posts. The next thing your site will have is a newsletter opt-in form in two different
places. In the sidebar here, you can see, subscribe
to our newsletter, and in the footer down here as well. Now, you can put that there if you want, or move it anywhere you’d like, but that’s where it’s going to be at first. And it’s not just for a newsletter, you can use it for other kinds of opt-ins
if you want to. And then the next thing is a Contact page
with a form. And this will be so that people can get in
touch with you. This is a little plugin we use, and you can have people enter their information. And then do the captcha and then submit, and then it’ll go to your email address. And you’ll receive that, so. Something that’s very handy, and the captcha is nice because it keeps spammers
away, so. The next thing you’ll have, is the website itself will be fully responsive. Now if you don’t know what that means exactly, it just means that your website will look
good on any device. So, if you’re looking at it on an iPhone,
or an iPad, or an Android phone, or a Kindle, or PC, or
Mac, whatever it is, your website will basically
resize to the size of the browser you’re viewing
it in. So, it’ll look really good no matter what
device your looking at it on. And that’s a really huge benefit, because it’s actually predicted that by the
end of 2013, or in 2014 some time, more than half of all
the traffic on the internet will be coming from mobile
devices. So, as you can see, if that is true, now,
more than ever, it’s important to have a mobile ready website one that will be fully responsive and be able
to display on any device out there. Let’s look at that real quick, what that looks
like. I’ll show you, I’ll just drag the corner of
this page over here, and you can see, all of the content resizes based on the size of the browser. And it all works, just as if it would at the
same resolution out here. That’s a huge benefit to building a website
that’s fully responsive. Alright, I think we’re just about ready to get started building the website, but before we do, let’s take a look at the
3 steps we’re going to go through along the way. So, first, you’re going to need to get a domain
and hosting. We’re going to do that with Hostgator, and
it should take 2-3 minutes, and I’ll walk you through that. The second thing you’re going to do install
WordPress and some plugins. And WordPress can be installed with one click, and plugins take about 3 clicks each. It’s just point and click, and I’ll walk you
through that. And then the third step is, you’re going to
install and set up a theme. And that takes a little bit longer than the
other steps, but by the time we’re done, we should still
be under 15 minutes, so. I’ll walk you through all of that. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about
right now, don’t worry about it. It’ll all become clear
as we go along. So, we’ll go through it step-by-step and take
it slow. Alright, so let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, so we’re ready to go ahead and get started building your website now, so if you want to start a timer and see if
we can get that done in under 15 minutes, go ahead and do that. And, uh, we’ll start with step one. You’re going to need to get a domain and hosting, and we’re going to use Hostgator for both
of those things. The domain will be $12.95 per year, and the hosting will be $8.95 per month. And the great thing is, you can get the first
month for one cent. So there’s pretty much no risk involved there. Just go to my website here, this URL, And you can either type that into your address
bar there, or I’ll put a link down below and you can
click on that. After you click on that, you’ll go to this
page here, and you can say, register a new domain, or
you can say, I already own this domain. We’ll just pretend like we’re going to register
a new domain here, and put that in, and make sure it’s available. And then move down and select our package
type. Basically, there are three plans here, but
the first one, the Hatchling, you can put one domain under
your account, and the second one, the Baby, you can put
unlimited domains under your account. The Baby is a dollar more, but we’ll stick
with the Hatchling. I’d recommend that, and you can upgrade if
you need to later. Then select your username and security pin, and decide whether you want to pay by credit
card or Paypal whichever is easiest for you. Make sure all of these are unselected down
here, and then type in the coupon code, “1CENT”. And then click on validate, and it should
validate that for you. And if you’re going to pay for more than 6
months up front, I would put in 25PERCENT, so, 25PERCENT. And that’ll give you a better value than this
one month coupon. And then scroll down here and make sure your
total is correct. If you’re purchasing a domain, it should be
$12.96. $12.95 for the domain, and one penny for the
hosting. And if not, if you’re not purchasing a domain, it should just total one penny. And then click on the, “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”. And then finally, click on, “Create Account”. And that will create your account, And after you’re done going through the payment
process. I won’t walk you through all of that, because I’d just have to blur it out but after you’re done, they’ll send you an welcome email. And just retrieve that welcome email because it’ll have all the details you need
for the next step. And then we’ll move on to step number 2, okay? And moving right along, we’re going to install WordPress and some
plugins. So WordPress can be installed with one click,
literally it’s very simple. And the plugins take about 3 clicks each. And then as we go along, we’ll set up WordPress and do some configurations. Um, go ahead and retrieve the welcome email that was sent to you by Hostgator. It should look something like this, and it’ll have your username and password
up here. And it’ll give you a link to access your cPanel. If you click on that, it’ll take you here
to log in and enter your username and password, and go ahead and log in. And this is the control panel for your server. Go ahead and scroll, all the way down here
to the Software and Services section and click
on QuickInstall. And then find WordPress in the left-hand column
here, and click on continue in the middle. And what you’ll have to do here is select
the domain where you want to install WordPress on. For most of you, you’ll only have one domain, and that’s what’s going to be selected here
already. So you don’t need to select anything from
the dropdown. And then you fill in your information here,
as I’ve done. You can use, for the admin user, you can use “admin” or your own name, whichever you’d like. And then click on “Install Now”. And it’ll give you a progress bar here. And that’s it! Congratulations, you’re done! And before you do anything else, you’ll want to copy this password here. I recommend writing it down, or at least copying
it to the clipboard or paste it in a text file
or something like that. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t lose
it because it’ll cause all kinds of problems. And click on this link here, right above, and we’re going to log in to our new website. Um, Todd, and I’ll paste the password in there. And log in, and here’s the backend to our
new site. And before we do anything else, we want to go change that password from the
default one, to your own custom password. So I just went to “Users” and “Your Profile”, and you need to scroll all the way down here and enter your new password. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. Ummm, oops! And click on “Update Profile”, and that’ll update your profile so you can use your new password to log in
now. And then, we’re going to go over here to “Plugins”, and we’re going to add a few plugins. So, we’ll click on, “Add New”. And the first plugin that we want to install is the coolest one because it’ll allow us
to install several plugins at once It’s called, Plugin Central. Go ahead and click “Install Now”, and then
“OK”. And when it comes up, activate that. And you should see it show up here on the
left-hand side under “Plugins”, click on “Plugin Central”. And we’re going to copy and paste a list of
the plugins that we want to install. I’ll provide that in the “Resources” section, and then click, “Install Plugins” down below. And it will install all of those for us. And after it’s done, click on “Installed Plugins” over on the left-hand side here. And we’re going to go down and click on the plugins that we just installed. We need to activate those. Go down, and at the bottom click on Activate,
and Apply. And that will activate all those plugins, and we just need to deactivate a couple. The first one is this Jetpack by Deactivate that. And then down here, WP Super Cache, let’s deactivate that as well. And then up here, we can get rid of this message by saying, disable vCita. And then, we’re finished. We’ve installed WordPress and all our plugins. And we’re ready to move on to step number
3. So in Step 3, we’re going to install and set
up a theme. Actually, we’re going to install a parent
and a child theme. Then we’re going to import some data some images and text — so our website looks
good. And then we’re going to configure our widgets. So, let’s go ahead and get started with installing
our theme. We need to get the files first, and you can get them from my website, and go to pytheas-theme-files. And then save it to somewhere where you can
easily access it. I put it on my desktop. And then I’m going to go there and unzip it. And now I can access those files, and we need to install the theme first, so go to Appearance and Themes. And then Install Themes, and then go to Upload
here. And next, we want to choose the file for the
theme we want to upload. So, on my desktop – that’s where I downloaded and unzipped it
— you should have that folder. Go inside of there, and is the file that I want to install. And click on Install Now. And after it finishes, I’m not going to Activate
it. Return to Themes Page. And Install themes. We’re going to install the child theme for
that, and we’ll activate that one. So we’ll upload, and choose the file. And this time, we’ll choose, Pytheas-Child—Theme. There we go. And Install Now. And this one we want to activate so, click
on Activate. And now we have Pytheas Child Theme activated. And let’s move on. Keep moving to the next
step. Before we import all of our data, we want to get rid of the data that WordPress
has in there, so just click on Posts, and they have a post in there that we want
to get rid of. Click on trash, and that’ll get rid of that. And then click on Pages, and we want to get rid of that sample page
in there. Click on Trash. And next, we want to go change our Permalinks. If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry. Basically, it’s the way that – when you write a post or an article or something
— the way that it looks after it’s written — it attaches it to the end of your URL. And then after that, we’re going to go set our social media icons, so go to Appearance and Theme Options. And then here you can put in your links to
your social icons. Put in whichever ones you want. And then after you’re finished, click, Save
Options. And then, next, moving right along, we’re going to import our data now. So go to Tools, and then Import. And then we need to go to WordPress. And then choose the file to upload. And it’s going to be this one right here,
Import.xml. Double-click that, and Upload File And Import. And then select the user you want to import
it under. And make sure you select this option here,
and then submit it. And it might give you some errors like this. Just ignore those, everything should be fine. And then from there, we’re going to go to Settings, and then Reading. And we want to set this setting right here
as a Static Page. And the Front Page, we’re going to set to
home. And then the Post Page, we’re going to set
to Blog. And then go to Save Changes. And the last thing we’re going to do is set
our menu. So go to Appearance and Menus. And make sure that Main Menu is selected here, and then click Save. And we’re finished with setting up all of
our stuff there. And next, we’re going to go configure our
widgets in the sidebar and in the footer. So to do that, we’re going to go over here
to widgets. And then we’re going to open the widget areas that we want to install widgets on — the Blog, and the four Footer widgets. And just click on those. And the first one we’re going to install is TinyMCE in the Blog area. And I’m going to paste some dummy text in
there, and put my cursor right at the beginning of
that. And I’m going to add some media. What I’m going to do is upload my avatar. And after it uploads, I’m going to click,
Insert Into Post. And then I’m going to click on — copy the
HTML put your cursor in there — Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C. And then let’s make sure we Save this, and we can go ahead and close that. And then we want the same one down here, so let’s drag that to footer number 1. And we need to go to HTML and paste that in
there, and then give it the same title. And then go down here and Save it, and go
ahead and close that. And the next one we want is the Wysija Subscription. Put that right underneath there. And we also want that in Footer area number
4, so I’ll go ahead and throw that down there. And just save it just to make sure. And we’ll go back up here, and what we need to do is edit this form here. Because the way the standard one looks is
a little bit different. And just want to add a couple of fields. First of all, the First Name field. You don’ t have to do this, it’s kind of my
preference. And then the text, so we can put some instructions
in there. Let me recopy this, and paste that in there. And we don’t need all of this, so get rid of that, and say Done. And then make sure to save it here, and we can go back to our widget area and
click on Save, and we can close that. And then, let’s go get WordPress Popular Posts. We want to put that here, right under the
Newsletter form. And we’re going to say, Show 5 Posts, and
this is All Time. And we want to display a post excerpt. For Post Type we want — oops — we don’t
want Pages in there, so we’re going to erase that. And we’re going to say, Display Post Thumbnail. And uncheck that, Display Post Count, we don’t
want that. And then we have to go change our thumbnail
size here, and put 50 by 50 in there. And then go ahead and save, and after we save
let’s close that. And then we want to put this down here in the Footer Widget area number 2 as well. This has a little bit different setting, so. This is going to only show 3 posts, and this will be all time as well. And then, Display — oh no, we don’t want
that. We don’t want pages in there. So take that
out. And we do want to display the thumbnail, and leave the count in there. We’ll save it. And let’s go change this again — 50 by 50. And that should be good, we’ll save that,
and close it. And in the third Footer widget down there, we want Recent Posts With Thumbnails. So we’ll drag that down there. And put that
in. And let’s title that, just Recent Posts. And let’s say the number to show, let’s put
3 in there. And click on Save. And then the last one, is Categories. We want to put that right below here. And we’ll title that, Categories. And Save. And that’s it! We should be done. Let’s go take a look at the site, and see what it looks like. There we go. We’ve got everything in there on the Home
page. Let’s look at the Blog. The sidebar looks good there. Got everything in. And let’s look at the Contact page. Yep, we’ve got our contact form with our captcha
in there. And we’ve got all our social icons up here
as well. And everything looks good. So, um, that’s it! That’s the website. Nice looking website. You put your own content in there, and you’ll be ready to go. One last thing. If you want to get rid of this bar up here, you can disable that by going to, let’s go back to the dashboard. And go to Users, and Your Profile. And there should be a checkbox here, “Show Toolbar When Viewing Site”. Uncheck that, and then update your profile. And then — uhh — for some reason it leaves
a password in here. Make sure that’s unchecked again, and then,
Update Profile. And let’s just take this last part of the
URL off there, and there we go, we’ve gotten rid of that
toolbar up there. So, looks good! Alright, that’s your site. If you have any questions, let me know. Oh, and one more thing. If you liked this video, there’s going to
be more, I’m going to do more tutorials, just like
this. Where I create a website with a WordPress
theme, and try to do it in under 15 minutes. So if you liked this, please subscribe to
my YouTube channel and you’ll be notified when those new videos
come out. Also, I’ll put a link, if you have questions, like I said, you can ask in the comments down
below, or I’ll put a link to a forum on my website where you can ask questions and I’ll answer
them there. And that’s it! Enjoy your website! [music]


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    This tutorial touch base on a lot of little things that is very helpful which are the basics.  However developers build different themes that act differently and you need different plugins etc… Nevertheless thank you.  I have 6 sites that I have to modernize to optimize my sponsors – and I have a need for speed. 

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    Websites Made Simple

    Hi everyone! There is an updated version of this video here:

    The new one is a longer version that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a WordPress website with the beautiful Pytheas theme.  

    This old video was a bit too fast-paced, so I've enlisted the help of my son to make sure I slow down and cover everything thoroughly in the new one.

    If you can give this comment a thumbs up, it'll help others find the new one.

    Thanks!  I hope you like it!

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    hi my name is stacy , i did web design in high school , but i don't remember some the stuff i learn . because some of the thing i learn was only a level 1 of web design . i couldn't move on to dream weaver . cause i wasn't in that level yet, i had repeat all several classes over .cause i couldn't reach that level .  i wanted to know what inside dream weaver book ?. cause i never been to that levels . i want to learn dream weaver . can you please help me?

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    Shemekia Donald

    Hey I downloaded this version and I've gotten all the way to when I'm suppose to be importing data. The file size is too large please help.

    Thanks Shemekia

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    C Kimball

    " we are going to take our time" he says but the video is 3/4 done and I'm still on hostgator

    Don't bother. He just moves waaaaaay tooooooooo fast.

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    Hey.I would like to create a website for composers, where people are able to see and purchase their lyrics, and also check their videos. How can I do this?

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