How To Create A Free Website in WordPress 2019

How To Create A Free Website in WordPress 2019

Hello and welcome to my Channel this is Rochelle
from the DIY Affiliate and today we are going to be doing a short video on WordPress so
let’s get started GO To now the only difference in the Free WordPress
and the Paid wordpress is using the Plugins Making A Post Here so I actually have 14 different
WordPress now I’m going to show you how to use how to Add a New Free WordPress Site
so Create a shiny new WordPress site Start Now Choose Type Choose Keywords It will Appear
at the top of your site and can be changed anytime okay Continue Choose Style of Site Modern,Sofisticated,
Professional Continue Site Address Choose the closest to your name
as possible Choose The Free One (my example) Start With A Free Site or Premium
Site with a Business or with E-commerce but A Free Site Site is Being Created CompleteThe Setup List How
To Create A Post Creating A Post Add New Post Add A Title Add A Guttenberg Block Insert A Video
from your URL here so if we click on Go TO YouTube Video Have All Information in one
place Get Link Choose Your Video Get The Sharable Link Copy To Clipboard Go
Back to Blog Paste in box This is just the basics Embedding Create A Caption Click Publish
This is just the basics but there is much more that needs to be done order to actually
create the Optimal Search Engine Optimization and Organic Traffic View The Post so wait for that to propagate and there you
have a Free WordPress Add your link or you can add anything else
put it in your Channel Description so that people can actually go to your Website in
which you can do other things on as well also Launch site is IMPORTANT so that other people
can be able to see it as well Skip The Purchase that you do that Otherwise
you’re going to end up Paying Click Continue Free Site can change this these other this other information
but I mean it looks pretty good to me When your Business starts making money you can
then get a paid site for now you can have this Free WordPress it’s Free Organic Traffic
for you you can create other WordPress’s as well as you can see i will show you i have
13 different word presses here where I can share my information with now now I have 15
different sites in which I can share my information with and
help people to be able to get the knowledge that they need in order to grow their online


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