How To Create A Facebook Audience Building Ad || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Create A Facebook Audience Building Ad || Shopify Help Center 2019

Today, we’ll show you how to create Facebook
audience building ads from your Shopify admin. These ads are also called carousel ads. Carousel ads scroll across a facebook page
and feature your products. They’re useful if you want to promote a
big sale, or if you’re trying to attract new customers to your store. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing
for weekly videos from the Shopify Help Center. For everything we discuss in this video, you
can find the related help articles linked below. To create a Facebook Audience building ad,
there’s few steps you need to take first. 1 – Create a Facebook Business Manager account,
and ads account using the step-by-step video we created. 2 – Set up the Facebook Marketing app in your
Shopify admin using our video. 3 – Remove your store’s password protection
so your online store is live. Now, let’s get started on the Shopify admin. Click Marketing and then click Create marketing
activity. Here, you see a list of all the marketing
activities you can run from the marketing section. Today, we’re selecting Facebook audience
building ad. To start, name your activity. Enter a descriptive name so you can easily
identify this marketing activity from any others that you create. Next, click Browse in the Products section. In the pop-up, select the products you want
to include in this ad, up to a maximum of 5 products. We recommend selecting similar products for
best targeting results. For example, If your store sells a wide variety
of products, consider narrowing down the types of products in your ad to one category. Like if your store sells clothing, home decor,
and kitchen tools, then only select clothing products. That way, the focus of your ad is clear and
targets those who are shopping for clothing. You could always run another ad later specifically
for home decor. When you’re finished, click Add. As you make changes to the ad, the preview
updates so you can see what the ad will look like. You can navigate through the different images
shown, by using the arrows. You can also see what the ad will look like
on a mobile device by clicking Mobile. To add extra incentive for customers to make
a purchase, consider adding a discount code to your ad. To do this, click Browse in the Discount section. You can select any active discount code you
currently have available, and click Add. You can’t apply automatic discounts to this
type of ad, so you don’t see your automatic discounts listed here. To include your discount in the ad’s text,
click the checkbox in the Discount placement section. In the Ad details section, you see some default
Ad text included. Feel free to customize this to better suit
your business if you’d like. Now that your ad is visually ready, the next
step is to select an audience to target. It’s important to note that you might not
see the same audience targeting options we see here, because every store is shown different
options based on their online store traffic, sales, and the number of Facebook business
page fans they have. One custom audience that is available to everyone,
is People who have specific interests. This is an audience you can build based off
the interests, gender, and age of Facebook users. To build a People with Specific Interests
ad, enter interests that your potential customers share under Specific interests. For example, we’re using the interests:
Fitness, Yoga, Running, Cycling, and Crossfit. If you’re using one of the custom audiences
built by Facebook or Shopify, then you don’t need to enter interests. But you can enter age and gender filters if
you want to target part of the custom audience. For example, we know most customers on AlyAthletics
identify as women and are under the age of 50, so that’s what we select. Next, you can set a daily budget, or a budget
for the lifetime of the ad using the dropdown menu in the Budget section. When you choose how much money you want to
spend, keep in mind that the charges are done in USD and there’s a currency conversion
if you’re not based in the United States. If this is your first ad, keep your budget
small and controlled so you can learn from it. Next, select when you want your ad to start. This is useful if you want to schedule your
ads ahead of time. If you chose a lifetime budget, like in this
example, then you need to select when you want the ad to stop running. Otherwise, if you chose a daily budget and
you want to keep the ad running without an end date, uncheck Set end date. If you uncheck this box, then the ad continues
to run until you disable it. Always do a final review of the ad details. After you publish the ad, you can only make
changes to the budget or delete the ad entirely. When you’re finished making changes, click
Publish. You now see your ad listed as In review in
the Campaigns section. Facebook reviews all ads to ensure they meet
their advertising policies. Ads are typically reviewed by Facebook within
24 hours. After your ad is approved, the status updates
to Active. Once your ad is live, be sure to monitor your
ad’s activity and view data by clicking View Report. For more videos on Facebook Marketing, subscribe
now! If you have any questions, comment below,
or contact us directly at


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    So what this dose is it creates the ads in my Facebook business ad account right? Is there any advantage creating ads in Shopify? Or is it just like creating ads in Facebook business ad accont

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