How to Become the Next Rachel Hollis (The SECRET to MAKE BLOG MONEY)!

How to Become the Next Rachel Hollis (The SECRET to MAKE BLOG MONEY)!

so tonight we are going to be talking
about how you can be the next Rachel Hollis which is the author of girl wash
your face and if you have not read that book I strongly suggest it right now
it’s a really amazing book she’s the reason that I think everybody likes it
so much is because she is so down-to-earth and she’s very relatable
and she’s one of us and and she’s talking about the things that we go
through right so it’s it’s just a very it’s a very very cool thing but she has
taken the world by storm okay but I want to show you how you can do that also
because all of us have that in us all of us can do this it really takes two
things it takes confidence to be able to step out and actually own what you do
right and then beyond that it takes a little bit of technical expertise but
you don’t have to be techie by any means because I’m just going to show you how
to do it right now so there’s that okay so hey Lisa I see you Christine hi did
you get a new haircut again um I didn’t get a new haircut I just my hair is
naturally curly and I didn’t do it so this is my hair would I don’t do it this
is what it looks like when I don’t do a thing
hi Arwen hello hello everybody a CEO coming in so we are going to talk about
how to be the next Rachel Hollis and Danelle hey Martha so glad you’re
feeling better oh man you and me both my goodness that
was ridiculous you guys for those of you that don’t know I was sick for like two
weeks it was crazy but I’m so glad to be back and to be productive again there
was a lot of sitting on the couch a lot of watching Mad Men not gonna lie
Sarah hey lady looking beautiful ah shoot thank you thank you Oh
so what we want to talk about here our one said I am in heck yes
what we’re going to talk about here is really its how Rachel Hollis built what
she built right the reason that I’m using her as an example is because she’s
somebody that’s in the in the forefront of the media right now she’s somebody
that has a new were book out and a lot of people are talking about her but she
didn’t just show up out of nowhere okay what she did was she built a blog and
then from that blog she gained some notoriety and she worked with the
influence that she had and then she levied that into being able to write a
book and sell a book and you know the rest is sort of history right at this
point but that’s what we’re that’s what we’re going to be doing is I’m going to
be showing you how to set up that blog and then how to how to actually make it
work for you so how you can make money off of the blog and then also how you
can just sort of help anything else that you’re doing like your business anything
else that you’re doing you can help with your blog okay so that being said I am
going to go ahead and get into this so I will answer questions at the end I’m
going to kind of just get into it and and do a lot of just showing and then at
the end if you guys have questions we have enough time I’ll go ahead and
answer your questions but let’s go ahead and get into it real quick first the
first things that I’m going to type in here are the codes to use so the first
one is a GoDaddy code for those of you that know I’m actually an influencer for
GoDaddy they gave me a code that today I just found out a hosting plan for
WordPress which is what you would do your blog in would normally be a hundred
and eight dollars or one hundred and seven ninety-nine something like that
per year but what they’re doing for my people is they’re giving
to you for 12 bucks for the entire year and you get a free email address with
that okay so that being said the GoDaddy code is I’m typing it in also it is gdw
pH m’kay so again that is GD WP h MK MK stands for Martha Krejci so let me go
ahead and put the code in so make sure that that you copy and paste that code
whenever you go to go Daddy it’s here let me put that in
here too whenever you go to go you’ll put in the managed WordPress you
know the the basic version because you don’t need the bigger versions you only
need the basic version and you put it in your cart put it in your cart for 12
months put in that cut that a discount code the GD WP h MK and it will bring
your cart from 108 down to 12 bucks even and it will add in the email address for
free so that was just a very cool thing that I saw today they didn’t even tell
me they were doing that they just told me what the code was and I was like I
wonder what it does I looked at it and I’m like hot darn that’s awesome
so that is the code that you will use and then also we are going to go over
this link and it’s X dot Co so write this link down you’ll understand why
later but write it down now X Co / share sh ar e the number two and SEL SEL l so
X dot Co / share to sell I went ahead and put that in the comments as well and
now I am going to go ahead and get out of here
let me share my screen do do there we go
all right so this is what GoDaddy looks like I kind of move myself here all
right so I’m going to pretend I don’t have a GoDaddy account and I’m going to
do this exactly the way that you would do this okay so let’s get at it
so let’s see I would go to menu then I would go to WordPress up here click on
that then I would go to WordPress hosting which is right here click on
that alright we are going to set up boop-boop oops the $8.99 version ok
we’re gonna go to Add to Cart here is 12 months I wonder what it’ll do for 24
months I’m just going to check it and then I’m going to continue I can change
the months later Oh free domain name so I’m going to say microbe leading expert
calm see if it’s available if it is that’s crazy nope the I wonder V nope let’s just look
for a dummy I’m just gonna say dummy domain calm oh come on let’s just do go
dumb domain we’ll do that here we go alright so here’s what it here’s what it
has in here is the domain name and it has the WordPress and the email and I
think that’s actually still in there from
for when I was playing around so I have a promo code here we go GD WP h MK apply then they say we have a great deal
holy moly so 24 months is 8388 let’s see here that’s crazy so that means because
if it were one how much is that I don’t even know what that is that’s a lot
that’s a lot off okay because that’s you’re getting like it’s normally 108 a
year right so 8388 for two years that’s just bonkers that’s bonkers you guys so
what however long you want to use this code for is completely up to you but
there it is $12 for a year if you want to do that the domain name is going to
be free that email address was free I just exit out of it but that doesn’t
really matter so then what you would do is you would just purchase this let me
see you should I just go ahead and get this Oh dah dah dah dah dah I guess I’ll
just create another well I don’t really want to do that I’m just going to show
you how to set it up in another account so this is this is what it would look
like so whenever you buy it then you’ll have it in your account now I’m going to
login to one of my actual accounts to do boom alright now we’re gonna go to my
hosting I’m gonna go to add site here alright so whenever you go to when you
go to yours you’re just going to choose your plan and you’re going to add your
domain name to the plan okay I have some plans already so I’m just going to do
this I’m going to do this I’m gonna say build a brand new site this is all gonna
look the same for you guys build a brand new site whenever it says data center
you’re gonna choose a data center that’s local to you truly it should not make a
difference however you know whatever if you can if you can be working off of
nodes that are closer to you then that’s better I guess so I would choose North
America here this is where we use some where you create your username please do
not use the username admin okay would be a bad idea so I’m just gonna make I’m
just gonna do that and then password here’s what I do for passwords you guys let’s see see I go to password generator so you
can get a password that’s got all of this gobbledygook in it and it gives you
your password down here ok so just copy and paste it this is going to be where
you keep it somewhere else right and there we go I’m gonna wait for it to
install should not take too long let me know if you guys have any questions yet I’m going to go back and see if we have
any questions here Christine do we need to add the SSL or any of that extra
security an SSL is a good thing to have okay that’s it is wise to have it and
it’s actually better for SEO and to show up near the top of the search engines
Google is showing favor to sites that are secure okay and that’s what an SSL
does for those of you that aren’t sure an SSL what it does is it encrypts the
data that is on the website okay so if anybody were to come into it from the
outside they’re going to see like a bunch of encrypted data
okay so especially whenever you have some me think whenever you have like a
contact form or something like that on your website where people put in their
information are like actually inputting their information into your website very
very very wise to have an SSL so that information can’t be just shot all over
the Internet and SSL is going to encrypt that and
nobody’s going to be able to see it okay now also because people are smart
right whenever they see an HTTP at the top of a website they’re more likely to
put their information in that website because that shows that the website has
an SSL on it and that it’s secure okay so that’s that’s another reason for an
SSL is not only to actually secure the website but to also show people that
it’s secure because you can’t have an HTTPS on your URL or on your domain name
unless it’s actually secure okay all right
holy-moly we have some weird stuff going on here dunno will that price be good to
add to our account for a wordpress that we already have no ma’am it would have
to be a new WordPress it would definitely have to be a new WordPress
okay I’m gonna go back and I’m going to see there we go but you know what if you
haven’t done that much on your website it doesn’t hurt to start over doesn’t
hurt um let’s see so we go to WP admin alright so there’s gonna be two kinds of
view out here one kind is going to want this wizard and most of you that follow
me anyway will not want the wizard okay cuz I actually show you how to set
things up but some of you will want the wizard if you want the wizard it’s going
to literally walk you through typing in your title of your you know your website
and and all of the things actually I’ll do the wizard tonight to walk you
through it and then for those of you that you know have already taken my
blogging course and how to make a wordpress website course then you
already know the know thanks version so we’ll go ahead and do
start wizard all right so these are the things that it’s going to ask you so is
it going to be a website and a blog is it going to be a blog only is it going
to be an online store my suggestion at least for you guys that are watching
this my suggestion is that we do blog only and the reason for this is because
our website should be housed somewhere else
I strongly and I’m getting even more into housing my website actually with my
sales pages in in the software that I use for my sales pages I actually keep
all of those together but the blog itself that needs to be on WordPress
that has to be on WordPress because it’s such a stinking beast whenever it comes
to SEO whenever it comes to anything so that allows people to see what you’re
doing WordPress is numero uno so I’m going to say blog only in this case okay
industry let’s see what do we want to make a website for let’s make a website
for the beauty industry so let’s see I wonder if I can just put beauty beauty
and spa beauty blog there we go title I am going to say just Martha
tagline living life one hmm one makeup tutorial at a time I don’t do makeup
tutorials by the way you guys I just like to throw myself into roles whenever
I’m creating websites here we go so continue email doesn’t matter if that’s
the email put ever whatever your email address is if you want your phone number
to be on there then you would put your phone
number this would be so the visitors can call you so if you’re okay with people
calling you then go ahead and put your phone number in there what in the world
is a fax put your street address if you want to okay if you work from home and
you have kids and whatever please don’t share your home address online please
don’t do that that is such a security faux pas please don’t do that please
please please promise me you won’t share your home address add your social media
profiles so here you can just click on Facebook and then whatever your Facebook
profile is like your URL for your profile if you’re not sure where to find
that you actually just go to Facebook go to your profile click or the copy and
paste the URL at the top in the address bar Google+ is actually going away but
they apparently don’t have that in the system yet that was just a couple weeks
ago so we’ll let them catch up Instagram same deal LinkedIn same deal
Pinterest Twitter you know all of the stuff so we’ll go ahead and continue
choose a theme so this is the part that that I can lose hours if not days to I’m
not going to lie so here’s where you just you you look through the different
themes and it actually looks like this way it only gives you 6 that’s probably
pretty wise of them so we’re going to just choose a pretty simple one because
again you guys don’t this is almost like a marketing 101 thing
don’t judge up things so much or make them so like pretty I guess like where
you’re adding so much like the fonts are just like very scripty and everything is
very elegant or or things are very frilly right don’t do that to your blog
ok because that makes it hard as heck to
read and whenever people are having a hard time reading things what do they do
they go away and they find something that’s easier to read okay so with blogs
we want simplicity and especially when it comes to beauty blogs photography
really anything really anything at all okay you’re going to want simplicity
because you want for people to be reading what you’re writing and then and
then doing the things that you’re suggesting in the blog right so in that
case we are going to I kind of like this one and I kind of like this one let’s
just I’m gonna do this one let’s go to preview cool it lets you pick a header
so if I’m choosing Beauty they’re letting me pick one of these guys see
and it shows you ahead of time look how easy this is guys isn’t this crazy easy this would work for my micro blending
course look at that I got a big ol eyebrow right there let’s see let’s load
more images let’s see what you got like that one we’ll just keep this one
alright next preview different website designs using the left and right arrows
alright okay so this is just you’re seeing the layout here right so you’re
seeing how it actually is laid out and you’re determining whether you like that
or not or which one you like so I like that I do not like that this is
interesting look how clean that is here we’ll just
stay with this one so next when you found a design you like click select to
install it so there you go could take up to 30 seconds see if you guys have said
anything I don’t think that you have your being so so quiet over there okay so it’s telling you right here this
is where you update your site content layout color scheme and more using the
window to the left there’s a tutorial that will walk you through it apparently
so there is that so our theme is pen scratch it’s telling us that their site
identity is this is where it asks you those two things right it asked you what
you wanted the title to be and what the tagline was going to be this is where
you can also change that okay so if you want to change it this is where you
would do that you can also make it where it does not show either of those things
that’s where it does so site icon this is actually called a favicon and a site
icon is do you see this right here that I’m circling around or this up here
GoDaddy’s it’s the little image that shows in the tab at the very top of the
browser okay so the site icon needs to be 512 by 512 pixels which it tells us
right here and you you upload it right here so you would go to select image you
would choose it select files it’s going to pull from files in your computer you
would select it and then it would just become your favicon okay and it would
just show up here instead of this little sheet of paper all right so let’s go
ahead and back off of that let’s go to header image so right now we’ve got this
image don’t have a background image that is not necessary that that’s a whole
thing with like jouging up things right don’t put don’t put a whole bunch of
stuff on here just make it clean just make it clean the menu so creating a new
menu will do that here in just a minute let’s see we don’t need widgets home
page.setting and we need to make sure that it’s set to your latest posts now
whenever we answered the question whether it’s a website and blog or a
blog or just a website if we had said a website and a blog it would have
automatically chosen a static page as our home page so it would have been just
a regular website but now our home page is going to be our latest posts and we
need for it to be our latest posts right because that’s it’s our blog like it’s
where our blog lives okay so let me go back alright so before we create menus
we’re going to go back to pages so let me X out of this
well we’ll publish first alright so now we’re going to see the actual WordPress
site itself here okay or the backend of WordPress itself so this is the pages
section so it’s got an about me and it contact me already set up the about me
let’s look at it real quick and see what they have on there they don’t have
anything at all okay so it says hi I’m whoever thanks for stopping by
insert bio here so basically on your about me page what you want to share on
that page is is your backstory who you are what you’re interested in why you’re
interested in it really what your entire blog is about and why you are talking
about that okay that’s what’s extremely extremely important is to make sure that
they understand why you’re talking about these things why does your opinion
matter that’s what it in case they ever go to the about me page a lot of times
people don’t even go there right but if they go
go there they need to understand why you are the authority on this subject so you
would talk about it like if if you’re talking about well if you’re talking
about like natural beauty or something like that or organic beauty supplies you
would talk about maybe the reason why you don’t use toxic makeup and what it
does to people and maybe it maybe something has happened in your family
and you go through that story of your why right like we need to really uncover
art our driving factors behind why we do the things that we do why things are
important to us okay that matters more than you will ever know that matters
Christine Go Daddy’s favicon is creepy you should tell them Mike needs to make
a new oh that’s hilarious they probably already know that let’s see so about me
contact me this is where you have this is where you tell them you know to
contact you ninja forms looks like they have a form
already set up in here and it’s the contact form here and it looks like the
contact form is just name email and then the message you can preview it and it
looks like that alright so I want to go back now to not that not now all right I
want to go back to to set up the menu actually the menu is pretty much already
set up the blog is going to be the home page part but let me show you how to add
a page actually I can’t really add it because it’s the home page itself I’m
going to show you how to add a page if you want to add a page and then we’re
gonna get into the monetizing okay because that’s really all that’s
necessary actually you know what real quick I’m going to show you how to add a
post because this is how you let me trash that this is how you blog this is
how you blog so we we write our posts we there are some of us that write really
long posts on social media and those same posts could be very well used as a
blog or you can make a long-form blog if you want and make a shorter piece of it
and put that on to social media you can make a blog and then make a video that
leads into that blog and put that on social media really at the end of the
day all pieces of your content should play together and should always be
working the viewer back to your website or your call to action whatever that
call-to-action is okay so let’s go to add a new post here is the title so the
title of the post and then here is going to be your your you know your words so
it’s going to be just let me just put headline and then this is a text editor
okay so you can do do it in an h1 which is the biggest headline font you can and
there’s h2 or heading two which is the second biggest you can go all the way
down to h6 and then this is just the paragraph font and then you can make it
bold italicized bulleted for lists you can do numbered lists block quotes are
awesome like let’s do a block quote here I’m just gonna do one of these and I’m
gonna highlight it and I’m gonna block quote it see isn’t that cool let’s
preview that so you can see what that looks like title of the post headline
which had no anything to it and then the block quote was really cool because you
have these quotes and it actually sets it aside okay over here on this side bar
that’s how we’re going to be able to make some money okay so I’m going to
show you how to do that if you have any more questions about actually creating a
post then let me know but I’m not really gonna get into that a whole lot because
that’s really the stuff that in my opinion most people know how to do I’m
just going to show you this link thing real quick because that is very
necessary especially whatever we’re doing affiliate advertising
so here’s link you click on the actual little link guy and then you’re gonna
type in the URL that it’s gonna go to okay so whenever you’re talking about
you know this kind of makeup that you suggest make it a link and then you link
it to your affiliate your affiliate account that you have where they know
that you’re sending the traffic from your site to them okay because that’s
the entire point with affiliate stuff so I am going to get out of this and now we
are going to look at affiliate stuff okay first I’m going to talk a little
bit about affiliate stuff I’m going to stop sharing my screen here for a second
start video there we go okay so I’m going to talk about affiliate stuff here
for a second I know we’ve got a good amount of time left so that’s perfect
because I didn’t want to go too deep into the website part because that’s
really not a huge deal especially when you’ve got me around I mean if you have
a question just ask me a question right but I really want to get into how you
monetize the blog itself so really you want to determine what you want to be
writing about what are the things that that excite you what are the things that
you’re extremely passionate about start there before you even go into looking at
affiliate accounts for anything okay make sure that you know what your blog
is going to be about because if you don’t know what your blog is about then
it’s very likely that people are not going to come to your blog okay because
they’re not going to know why they should come to your blog so that makes
so so determine what you want your blog to be about if you have a business
already say well micro blading let’s talk about micro blading since I’ve got
that course coming out next week so say you have a micro blading business or a
permanent makeup business right then your blog will probably be a beauty blog
it would probably talk about maybe different beauty trends but then also it
would be very very very important to talk about things like micro bleeding
frequently asked questions or permanent makeup frequently asked questions the
questions like what if it’s messed up right the questions like how do I find a
good artist what certifications should I look for all of those questions that it
seems to me after doing my research in the industry it seems to me like people
sidestep all of those questions ok and what we’re doing as businesses when we
sidestep questions like that is we’re saying not me no I’m not gonna
talk about that I’m not gonna talk about that but when you don’t talk about
something it makes you look a bit guilty and especially if you’re not guilty of
like you know not being certified or of doing cruddy work or something like that
especially if you’re not guilty of that you need to be writing about that right
so say like just answer the question in the title like here’s what here’s what
you do if you get a botched job or something like that right and then write
at least 300 words about what what a good recourse is what should you do in
that case right and and what opportunities are there and what what
ways can they salvage that right and whenever you’re looking for like or
whenever some he says how do I find a good artist well
then you just you talk about all of the things that a good artist needs to have
and of course that’s probably going to be describing you and that’s okay it’s
your blog and then and then and then at the end there’s the call to action for
them to get your freebie or book an appointment or have a consultation or
whatever the next step is for you that’s where you do that but you guys this all
happens in the blog okay so I’m I’m not sure how many of you have been following
me for a while but I am an SEO nerd really what that means is that I am a
Google nerd I get Google like we were freaking born as twins or something I
get Google on an organic cellular level okay like I get it so what Google is
doing right now is they are actually tweaking their algorithm or the AI part
of their algorithm which is most of it these days they’re tweaking that where
you can it’s it’s predicting it’s predicting your next steps so it sees
what you searched now okay so stop thinking that there’s any privacy first
of all everybody knows everything let’s just let’s leave it at the door so so
they know what you just searched for and they are trying to predict what you need
next what does that mean to us what that means to us is that if we are writing
articles okay because Google searches blogs okay that’s what they do if we are
writing articles that answer questions about things that people would be typing
in like if somebody is typing in what is micro bleeding or micro bleeding near me
or whatever something like that right then their predictive algorithm is going
to the next time they log in the predictive algorithm is going to
start telling them like bringing up things just in a regular search that are
next steps in a previous search does that make sense
so it’s going to they’re gonna start being able to to walk people down a
journey that is the word they used they use the word journey whenever they’re
talking about the AI that’s changing they use the word journey you guys so
it’s it’s about writing articles about every step along the way even afterwards
right because we want to be able to catch people at every step along the way
and that makes us an authority in this so that being said I kind of went off on
a tangent there but go figure algorithms they do that to me so take a deep breath
so so you want to think of what you’re going to write as your blog okay what
kind of things are you going to write about so if you’re a microbe later it’s
going to have to do with micro bleeding it’s going to have to do with beauty
it’s gonna have to do with probably some aging Beauty or some mature Beauty
because that’s that’s a heavy demographic for micro bladers or for
permanent makeup altogether even though it’s starting to skew younger but that’s
still 35 plus it’s a really heavy demographic so so we want to write
articles that they would be interested in but that also tie back to us in some
way okay because we are always going to have our freebie on the side of the page
where it’s you know download this book right download this guide whatever that
is make sure that you get that freebie that is going to be necessary to have
and if you do not yet have a freebie make sure that you get one now if you
don’t have a freebie but you’re a microbe later then I got something for
you but and and stick around follow follow
the tribe finder and you will you will understand that in about a week or so
but but make sure that you know what you’re
going to be writing about okay after that now I’m going to show you something
else let me know if you guys still have any questions – Oh Christine is there a
guideline for how long and about me should be there is not it’s usually
about three ich parasite you’re in the inner circle on our learning platform we
have how to write a killer about me page and I don’t know if it says a killer
about me a page but something about how to write an about me page that’s
definitely take that course because I threw it all into that course okay so
definitely take that alright let’s see here that is not what I meant to go to
Oh first I need to share my screen all right so now I’m going to go to that
other URL that I was talking about and that is X dot coast slash share to cell
and that’s sha re the number two SE ll and this is bonkers kiddos this is one
way that you’re able to monetize your blog basically what you can do you
create your username and your password and all of that stuff let me go to my
own dududu to do noop alright so did I do this is a new one I
just set up so what you would do is you look for over on the left-hand side
after you’ve signed up it’s totally free to sign up okay
basically what ShareASale is is a is a database of affiliate links really so if
you know anything about where the industry is going so far as marketing is
concerned it’s absolutely heading in the direction of using influencers to share
products right that’s I mean it’s very clear you see it across the board
affiliate marketing has been the way to do that for a very very very long time
and now it’s getting more and more popular ok so now there’s lots and lots
of companies that jump on board ShareASale is probably my favorite there
are some people that I work with that use different databases but I only use
those databases because they make me so ShareASale is what I actually like and
then another way to monetize is of course if you have an MLM or some sort
of direct marketing or I’m sorry direct selling opportunity that aligns with
what you do then obviously that is an affiliate as well I mean that’s it’s the
same exact sort of thing it’s just the the setup is a bit different that’s all
that it is so over here what we would look for is let’s see if we’re looking
at beauty let me actually just type in beauty it’s going to bring up a bunch beauty
stuff for me christine is amazon worth affiliating
with four four percent that is the question isn’t it
Amazon is great Amazon is famine and feast right at this time of year for
Amazon yes the cookies last on Amazon for 45 days so when somebody goes off an
amazon link of yours to amazon then they that cookie sticks unless they flush the
cookie or you know clear the cache unless they do that then it sticks with
them for 45 days so anything that they buy for the next 45 days you’re going to
get 44% of so obviously with the holidays coming that’s you end up seeing
a lot of Amazon affiliate links out there right now because of that right
and actually within the last month is when they’ve started coming out like
crazy but it’s it’s okay as long as you share as long as you share it enough and
honestly whenever whatever we’re working with affiliate stuff like this we don’t
it is an income supplement so we can make big big big big big big money with
affiliate marketing big money we can make bigger money with our own products
okay so Rachel Hollis made big money with
affiliate marketing Rachel Hollis made bigger money with her book and then with
her you know the coaching that came after that and all of the things that
came after that so really what you’re doing is you’re building yourself as an
influencer and you’re building yourself as the person you know like the
attractive character right which is what Russell Brunson would call it that’s
that’s what you’re building yourself as right so that’s it so whenever whenever
you say is it worth affiliating for 4% it’s not worth
not doing it I guess it doesn’t hurt to do it and I would never throw away you
know a couple bucks I’d still pack it in the piggy bank or
whatever it’s still a couple bucks but okay so for beauty here we scroll down
and you just look at the different kind of beauty things that they have so
there’s all sorts of stuff so here they’re showing you that you get 11
percent of a sale beauty list you get 10% of a sale EPC is going to be a
typical amount that people get off of it so 2902 is not bad let’s see Beauty tap is another one
twenty two seventy two that’s not bad when you’re getting it off of a per
person because you can write a blog post and then send it out there pharmacy
Beauty 7778 you can write a blog post send it out
there and it can keep getting mileage right I mean it can keep getting people
going to it so it doesn’t hurt to make you know like seventy seven bucks you
get like three people a day or something like that that’s not bad right it’s just
an income so I’m just I’m trying to show you a way to be able to monetize as
you’re growing your own personal brand okay I really really really want you to
take control of your own personal brand so what you’re doing and it needs to be
a mindset thing too because what you’re doing is you’re leveraging your audience
and the trust right because you’re not going to show things to people please
don’t do this you’re not going to show things to people that you don’t actually
align with okay you’re going to look at these different things you’re going to
go to the website like here you click on it you go to the website you look
through it vegan and cruelty-free for me that’s
like yeah yes that sounds great and you go you just go through and look at this
stuff and if it aligns with you then go ahead and support it right but if it
doesn’t if it’s something that like is not something that you would support at
all please even if it’s got a high dollar amount that you make off of it
you will not feel good making that money okay because you need to support the
audience that you have you need to continue to build trust with that
audience do not shill things to them just because you come up but it does not
benefit them at all okay the business the kind of business that we are
building and and where we’re really heading in the business world is win-win
if everybody can win that’s good and that is possible that is something we
can all do we can have win win win win relationships with everybody okay so
please please don’t share things with people that aren’t actually things that
you would want to share with them if you would not use it yourself do not share
it with people okay so yeah basically that is it in a nutshell and it’s 8:52
perfect so what you do over here is you just search for what you would look for
there’s all sorts of stuff over here you guys there’s books automotive business
let’s click on business cuz I’m a nerd let’s look at marketing no Dollar Tree
huh that’s weird anywho okay here we go that’s weird
let’s see and clothing career jobs employment domain names education family
financial food and drink freebies free stuff I like free stuff all sorts
stuff here so yeah just come in here you you join you don’t pay anything to join
all you do is you get paid whenever people click on your links and buy the
stuff that you suggest ok and really whenever you’re writing a blog post to
support something that you’re suggesting make sure that you’re not making stuff
up right write a blog post about the actual things that that you’re getting
or maybe it’s kind of an afterthought maybe it’s a blog post about you and
your kids and then the afterthought is oh and also you know I got this thing
for my kids and you can get that here or something like that you can do it in a
lot of different ways and yeah yeah if you have any questions leave them here
let me go ahead and stop sharing there we go let me know what questions you
have because I am done I can’t believe I just did that in that amount of time
which is why I feel like you may have questions go back here let’s see Sarah as a tarot reader you
can use affiliate marketing for the decks you use absolutely there’s all
sorts of them that’s what and that’s I’m so glad you mentioned that Sarah what
you should do is you should look think of the things that you use on a daily
basis whatever it is whatever it is think of
the things that you use on a daily basis and then go to google and type in the
name of that thing and affiliate after it and see if there’s any sort of
affiliate opportunities for that product itself because if you use it all the
time it’s going to be like the best affiliate opportunity ever for you right Kristine keyword research needed where keyword research that’s really first of
all keywords aren’t really where it’s at anymore its key phrases and it’s
longtail keywords you can search for keywords there’s all sorts of this is I
mean this is kind of getting a little bit off-topic a bit but you can search
for keywords in the Google Keyword planner that’s like the number one place
you can also go to answer the public comm and you can type in the topic and
then it will bring up in different questions that people are searching ok
and that’s across all of the big platforms across Google Bing Yahoo all
of them it’s going to tell you what people are searching for that’s also a
good place to find blog topic ideas okay what other questions you got I have a
couple minutes here my nose is starting to run again but I’m not getting sick doggone it nothing nothing nothing promoting MLMs
is that a question I have a couple minutes if you want to put that as a
question I’ll totally oh how do we do that without getting in trouble with our
company every company is different so you would just have to manage or
mitigate what your company allows you to talk about so really what I’ve found
with most companies is that you can talk about how you use products but if you
start talking about the products themselves and the guarantees and the
promises and things like that you’re starting to get into some pretty blurry
territory and if you think about it yourself like if you think about it as
as you are a imagine you’re the business owner that owns the entire MLM you would
probably not want people taking it into their own hands for them to describe
your product to the world right like you would probably not want that but what
people can do is they can describe how they use the product right what they use
it for but of course like especially when you’re talking about essential oils
and things like that you cannot say it heals this or it heals that it can be
used for this or it can be used you know to to help with this or something like
that it’s it’s a lot of you have to be careful with the verbage that you use
but that that’s more information that’s like you need to ask your upline what
kind of things you can talk about I’m not an expert in any MLM and there’s no
that I could be there’s just too many of them out there but but definitely talk
to your upline talked to people in the know about what you can talk about
online because everybody has very clear guidelines about what you can and cannot
say online everybody does that I know for certain let’s see Christine sorry is a delay
yeah sorry stinking delay stinking delay so cool I
hope that was helpful all right so it is time to skedaddle I
hope that that was helpful for everybody again as you go to GoDaddy and get the
get the hosting plan do not spend a hundred and eight dollars okay instead
use the code and it’s up here its GD WP h MK that’s the code that you use make
sure that you use that code and then for the affiliate place it’s xeo slash share
to sell that’s you just click on that link go over there and you’re able to
check out all of the different places that you’re able to you know use as
affiliate links alongside MLMs now if you’re not in an MLM yet and
maybe one aligns with what you do it wouldn’t be a bad idea to shout it out
in in the inner circle in the group to just say hey I’m looking for an upline
here this aligns with me like with my business I think this this may be
something that I’m looking for go ahead and throw it in there cuz we all like to
work with each other first so so there’s that Danelle Thank You Martha of course
Christine thank you of course you guys have an awesome night and I will see you
next time you


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