How To Add A New Product With Digital Download || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Add A New Product With Digital Download || Shopify Help Center 2019

With Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, you
can upload digital files like videos, songs, and graphic art as products in your store. When a customer purchases the digital product,
they receive an email to download the file. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing
for new videos every week from the Shopify Help Center. Today, you’ll learn how to create a new
digital product with the app Digital Downloads. To follow this video, you need to have the
free Digital Downloads app installed from the Shopify app store. Let’s get started in the Shopify admin and
click Products. Then click Add product. Enter the information for your digital product
like the Title, Description, Image, Pricing and anything applicable in the organization
section like type, tags or collections. If you’d like to see a full step-by-step
video on how to add a product in Shopify, watch the video linked above. In this example, we’re adding a new ebook. After you’ve added the product information,
scroll to the Inventory section of the page. This section may look different if you have
multi-location inventory enabled. In the AlyAthletics store, you see three locations
available to track inventory. If you’re using multi-location inventory,
like in this example, then you need to set the inventory levels in at least one location
to save the product properly. This means you need to keep the box “Track
quantity” checked. We suggest adding inventory for all available
locations though. This will prevent checkout issues later on
if you’ve created Shipping Profiles with custom shipping locations. See the video linked above to learn more about
Shipping profiles. We’re adding a quantity of 500 in all of
our locations, but if you’d like to limit how many digital products you sell, then edit
the quantity to suit your particular business needs. We’ve also selected Continue selling when
out of stock, because we want this product to always be available. Again, if you’d like to limit the number
of times you can sell this digital product, then do not select this box. If you don’t have multi-location inventory
enabled, then this is what you see in the inventory section on the product page. You can uncheck Track quantity if you decide
not to track your inventory. Keep in mind by unchecking this box, the product
will always be available for purchase and the inventory is not tracked. You can select Continue selling when out of
stock if you want this item to always be available. And you can also set the quantity of products
to limit how many times this product can be sold. Next, in the shipping section, uncheck This
is a physical product. Unlike a product that you would generally
package and ship, a digital product does not require shipping. You may also want to include individual variants
for this product. This is useful if you’re selling digital
art and offer different resolution sizes, of if you’re selling individual songs. We aren’t including any variants in this
product, but feel free to edit this area if you’d like. Right now, your new product does not include
the digital file. To make sure this product isn’t purchased
without the digital file attached, you need to make your product temporarily unavailable. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to
make the product available again later for purchase. To make your product unavailable, click Manage
next to Product availability. Uncheck the boxes next to all of your sales
channels and then click Done. When you’re done adding details to the product
page, click Save. Now it’s time to add your digital file to
the new product. Under the product title, click More actions
and then click Add Digital Attachment. Remember, you only see this option if the
Digital Downloads app is installed in your store. Clicking this link takes you to the Digital
Downloads app page. Before moving forward, make sure you have
the digital product file saved and ready for upload. When you’re preparing the digital file,
here’s a few things to remember: The maximum file size you can upload is 5
gigabytes You can only upload one file per product variant
You are not able to upload file folders. So, if you need to attach multiple files,
then you can use a .zip file or another type of archive file From here, click Upload file to select the
file that you want to attach to the product. If you’re uploading a large file then it
may take a little longer to upload. If you have multiple variants, then you can
select which variants to attach a digital file to. You need to individually upload a file to
each variant that you want to link to a file to. After it’s done uploading, click View in
your Shopify admin. Now that you’ve added the digital attachment
to your product, you need to make the product available again so customers can purchase
it. Under Product availability, click Manage. Check the boxes next to the sales channels
where you want to make your product available for purchase. Click Done and then click Save to finish. Your new digital download is now available
for customers to purchase and download. Click Preview to see the new product in your
online store. To learn how to add a digital file to an existing
product, or how to make a test purchase of the digital product, subscribe now for more
videos in this series. If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team at


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