How To Accept Payment On Draft Orders || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Accept Payment On Draft Orders || Shopify Help Center 2019

After you create a draft order, you decide
how to accept payment for it. A draft order is converted to an order after
you accept payment. To accept payment for a draft order, click
Orders, and then click Drafts. Open the draft order you want to accept payment
for. You can accept payment for your draft order
by emailing your customer an invoice, or by selecting a payment method and status. If you want to invoice your customer, click
Email invoice. The invoice provides your customer with a
link to a checkout for the current order so they can enter billing information, select
a shipping method, and submit payment. After the customer completes the checkout
process using the link, the draft order becomes an order and is automatically marked as Paid. Make sure that you’ve added all the products
to the order before you send your customer the invoice. If you add a product to an order after you
email an invoice, shipping rates won’t update to show the cost of shipping the new product. In the Send invoice pop-up, enter a message
to include in the invoice. Click Review email. Review your email and click Send notification. If you don’t want to email your customer
an invoice, then select a payment method or payment status. Depending on the type of payment provider
that you use, you have up to three methods available for accepting payment. Click Mark as paid if you already received
payment for the order. When you mark the order as paid, no payment
is collected for the order and an order confirmation email is sent to the customer. Do not mark as paid if you’ve sent your
customer an invoice and want them to pay through checkout. The checkout link in the invoice won’t work,
and the customer can’t complete the checkout process. To finish marking the order as paid, click
Create Order. The draft order becomes an order that you
can view from your Orders page. Click Mark as pending if you are waiting for
payment on the order. When you do receive payment for the order,
you can mark it as paid from your Orders page. Until then, its payment status stays as Pending. To finish, click Create Order. Click Pay with credit card if you are entering
credit card details manually. Note that the credit card information is not
saved in Shopify. This payment method requires a direct payment
provider, like Shopify Payments. For more information on direct payment providers,
see the link in the description. After you click Pay with credit card, enter
your customer’s billing information. To charge your customer’s card, click Charge. If you’re using Shopify Payments, then you
don’t pay any transaction fees other than your regular card rate when processing credit
card purchases manually in your Shopify admin. If you’re using a direct credit card payment
provider, then you pay the same transaction fees when processing credit card purchases
that you pay for online orders. After you accept payment for your draft order,
or mark it as paid, it becomes an order on the Orders page in your Shopify admin. To view the order, go to your Orders page
and click the order number. After you create an order, fulfill it as you
would any other order. For more videos on how to grow your business,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.


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    Daryl Brown

    I have followed all the steps and got a notification it was shipped but never got a tracking code. I need to find out where the order is at

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    Susan Wolf

    What if I want to invoice a wholesale customer that I have already personally delivered products to? Can I still input the order, send them an invoice and when paid, mark it fulfilled WITHOUT a shipping label or tracking number?

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  4. Post
    Maria B

    How do I mark if the customer paid with check or cash? I can do it on the POS but not in the draft order area, unless I am missing it. Thank you.

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