How Shopify Dropshipping Paid For My $8500 Vacation | Maldives Vlog

How Shopify Dropshipping Paid For My $8500 Vacation | Maldives Vlog

you’re doing it wrong what’s poppin people it’s your boy the
beast of Ecom back with another video drop nothing but you already know and
right now I’m in a beautiful country of Maldives and I’m gonna show you this
fantastic view that I’m looking at right now in just one second in my last video
I mentioned that I was doing some traveling and if you were interested in
me doing a vlog so this is what this video is gonna be a little bit of a vlog
kind of video when nevertheless still dropping that real knowledge so let me
show you this fantastic view that I’m looking at right now so as you can see
you come out here it’s a bit of a cloudy day today
however the Maldives is absolutely beautiful you can see here private
infinity pool which is pretty cool and you can see that this is the the deck
and yeah these are all those water villa over there and yeah it looks like the
tides going out there and in there you can see some well you probably can’t
there’s crazy amount of fish in there we’ve seen sharks I’ve seen stingrays
I’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful things so I paid for this trip
exclusively with the money that I make online that’s what I do i make money
online via ecommerce Shopify dropshipping and all of that good stuff if
you don’t follow my channel then I’ve got nothing but value do I check out my
last videos or to drop some value in this video to show you guys how you guys
can achieve this as well cuz not so recently I was working a nine-to-five
job now I did of course hate a nine-to-five job and you know being able
to travel to places like this was nothing for a dream and of course even
if I wanted to it would take tons of months to save up and of course I’d have
to ask for time off which of course I didn’t have to do for this so let’s head
back inside and show you the rest of the place so heading back in here you can
see the view again infinity pool and other Hut’s over there and here this is
pretty cool I’ll show you the bathroom there is the bathroom
if you don’t know you can see here are these doors which pretty cool hopefully
I don’t drop my camera but basically you can take a bath me show you that there
you can take a bath while looking out from the sunset looking at all the
fishes sharks etc and all of that jazz so fantastic now one thing I was saying
about the Maldives is you do have to get one of these water villas I think it is
kind of like a bucket list thing if you do come to the Modi’s however there is
one massive thing that I absolutely hate about these waters so when it comes to
nighttime but Chris Rock Ward said the tide comes in which means that it gets
very very loud at night and you can basically hear waves all through the
night now the first few nights is pretty cool it sounds kind of you know exotic
or whatever you want to call it but then after 2 or 3 nights it’s like god damn
stop with the waves it’s gonna keep me up all night so a little tip if you are
gonna get one of these water videos be prepared for the sound come prepared and
of course I think bring earplugs so make sure you bring earplugs if you are on
one of these waters so time to drop some value on how you
guys can achieve this okay cuz this is ultimately what this video is about I
wanna help you guys out there with some knowledge to help you guys travel
exactly how I do okay so let’s order a buggy and let’s
head down to the beach bar let’s take a walk on the beach and drop some value to
have you guys out can I have a beach buggy for the beach
bar is that okay yeah please okay fantastic thank you much B Stevie Kong feast of econ piece of
econ yeah beasts of B yeah of econ so if you want to be successful one
thing you need to do of course is get rid of all sorts of negativity in your
life and in business now whether it is you know negative friends or business
partners that are no longer share your vision whatever it may be you just need
to get rid of sort of negativity however with that being said it’s always gonna
be negativity in your life and on your path to success if you’re flat broke
you’re gonna have negative people and make a million you’re still gonna get
negative people so it doesn’t really matter what you use need to ignore all
negativity even to this day I still get negative comments on my videos and you
know I don’t even mind them whatsoever I enjoy reading some of these negative
comments some of the comments I’ve seen is if you make so much money why are you
wearing a cheap Adidas tracksuit these people will never be successful because
they’re too worried about other people’s opinions you know once they get money
they had to do something with it to impress other people just because I’ve
made X amount of money I don’t have to wear Gucci in my videos or I don’t have
to dress a certain way me wearing Gucci is not going to help my videos it’s not
going to improve my videos it’s certainly not going to help you guys
which is pretty much all I care about and you know it’s certainly me wearing
Gucci is certainly not gonna help you make any more money not here to impress
you I’m here to help you so if you’re not worried about other people’s
opinions okay and don’t let them dictate what you should do with your money okay
you know once you get money now one thing I will say about buying things is
it’s important to reward yourself when you are on a path to success it’s
important to buy yourself something now I personally I mean you should buy
yourself something even if you are a given person or you want to give
something to someone else the case important that you reward yourself now
it has to be a physical thing okay so I’m not talking about a holiday or you
know something like that it has to be a physical product now you know I
personally bought a watch I put it on them right now and my goal was to set
out to make 100k I want to smash through that I purchased myself
a watch now you could do the same it doesn’t have to
a watcher care of course it could be anything else we’re gonna give you the
reason why you need to do is some why it’s so important to reward yourself
when you hit your goals now the reason why I say purchase these things is
because things are not always gonna go your way you know things are going to go
left and these little things that you purchase whether it be you know it
doesn’t have to be a watch it could be a pair of trainers that you’ve always
wanted a new hat that you’ve all read wanted a pair of glasses a you know it
could be a watch it could be a car it could be absolutely anything a house but
it’s important that you purchase it okay when you hit your goal these things are
gonna become a reminder of your success now every time I look at my watch you
know when things are not going right or when things are not going best the plan
I know that I can achieve absolutely anything I want okay as long as I put in
hard work and determination now of course the trinket is gonna be linked to
hitting a goal which is lower wire like I’ve mentioned every time I look at my
watch I know that I can achieve absolutely anything and if I was to go
flat broke tomorrow and lose absolutely everything but my watch that would be my
determination to get back on my feet because I’ve been there I’ve done it and
pretty much got the trophy for it as well so of course the bigger the goals
bigger the achievements the bigger the rewards they can be and again you can do
this once you can do this over and over again it’s entirely up to you but it’s
important that you reward yourself when you hit those goals because they go up
gonna be your top determination to keep going when things are starting to go
left so don’t worry about the opinions of other people and of course reward
yourself when you hit those goals no no there’s a new youtuber popping up
every single week okay talking about drop shipping or they’ll be a youtuber
talking about general stores are dead or you have to be doing a one product store
now unless things are not going to work look listen everything works okay
absolutely everything works however not everything will work for you it’s your
goal to find out what works for you now I give away strategies you know not just
one strategy all sorts of different strategies because not everything will
work for you you know things that work for me may not work for you and things
that work for you may not work for me and that’s very important okay if you
want to be successful you have to find your way and like I said there’s many
different youtubers on YouTube putting out content putting out information
however if you want to be successful you need to be able to just focus on two or
three different people that you like the content learning from and follow those
guys because if not what happens is you develop analysis paralysis too much
information follow them way too many people
someone’s telling you general stores are dead someone’s telling you drop shipping
stores are dead someone’s telling you one product stores are the way to go
look absolutely everything works okay it all works damn it is hot as hell shit
and if you want to be successful you don’t want to just carbon copy used
these two or three different people that you’re gonna be following as guidelines
that is what they need to be they need to be guidelines and support because if
you want to be successful you will be successful in your own right you won’t
be someone else’s carbon copy you will develop your own style so that is he I
hope you got some value from this video if of course you did you already know
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peace and love and I’ll see you later


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