How I Made $2054 with $1 In 7 days | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

How I Made $2054 with $1 In 7 days | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

in this video I will reveal one Shopify
app that we meet $2,000 with just $1 hey guys if you’re new to my channel
made sure to subscribe down below and also there’s still a giveaway running
and it’s gonna end until the 8th of February so if you want to know how to
win free coaching calls one course and and $50 to two people to PayPal
check the description below there’s all the details that you need and now let’s
get into the topic of this video which is how I made $2,000 revenue with just
one dollar with one Shopify app and that Shopify app is SMS bomb this is so
underrated app guys like I highly recommend like and everyone that’s
dropshipping to use this app and I’ll like later on in this video I will show
you like the settings that I have I’ll show you I’ll give you the templates and
what I have is I have an exclusive link that’s gonna give you free credit at SMS
bomb that nobody else has and you can try SMS bomb for free basically and get
crazy returns so right now we are in the SMS bump Shopify app dashboard and here
the results from the last seven days so I spent barely one dollar and make
$2,000 from from this app so the return like they are wide like the return on
investment is just crazy it’s over two hundred two hundred thousand percent
which which is unheard of like when you when you use like abandoned card email
app for example clay vo it’s not gonna have like this crazy are why I wanna use
like really card or a shop message it’s not gonna be it’s for like messenger
messenger abandoned card messages and it’s not gonna perform as well it’s not
gonna give you such crazy are why and those apps I crave you I pay like $600
per month just for clay vo for sharp message I think I spent like 50 50 to 75
bucks per month maybe a little bit more you know
so those apps are very expensive but what I really like about short message
I’m sorry what I really love about SMS bump is like how accessible it is it’s
good for beginners it’s very cheap for beginners and it’s all
so very good for intermediate people and it’s very good for people who are
scaling so I also want to show you guys like the results from the last 30 days
so the last 30 days it is almost four thousand dollars and I
just spent barely two dollars on this app so I’m gonna show you guys like how
do i how do I set set up the app so basically we go to automations and here
we set up the abandoned car and as you guys can see the first message made all
the money the second one the second one isn’t performing well and the third one
like I don’t even bother I don’t even send that so mainly I’m
focusing on this one and yeah I’m gonna show you how I set up this message okay
so basically you put five minutes for it to send after five minutes after a
bending the the card or the it’s it’s not a car about abandoning the checkout
and then what else is here so then there’s a text so you just go to this
video’s description and you copy paste a message copy paste it here you know it’s
gonna be without a soft so you copy paste it and then you click on add stop
and this is a this is a way how your customers can opt out so if you if they
don’t enjoy your messages you’re giving them away how they can unsubscribe so
now this is very important because you don’t want to you don’t want to annoy
your customers so this set up you know those two messages are the second
message I also included discount code you know even though it has a discount
you guys can see it’s not performing well so it’s up to you if you want to
use it or not but the template is provided in the description so that
setup is gonna take like two minutes right and then you also follow the best
practices so you just you just folder we just follow the guidelines here
basically it’s gonna probably take you like five to ten minutes to set up so
the whole app but it’s gonna take you like fifteen minutes to set up and
you’re good to go and because I want to be really
transparent if you guys write because I’m giving guys in a field link so in
this case I just want to be really transparent like I’m not doing this to
make money I’m not here to promote a fleet the deal because as you guys can
see I’m making like a one dollar per person basically so I’m
I’m not doing this for making money because like eight dollars it’s just
nothing right so I’m not doing this to make money why I’m doing this is to give
you guys as much value as possible I just wanna really really really wanna I
just want to help you guys as much as possible and what I also have for you
guys is an exclusive link so if you download if you down the app by yourself
you’re gonna get 30 cents credit for free but if you use my link you get
you’re gonna get three dollars this is like a sign up bonus credit right so
three dollars and as you guys can see free doors is gonna take you a long way
a long long way so as you guys can see you know I spent just one point seven
dollars less than two dollars and made four thousand dollars back right four
thousand dollars back with this so I hope you guys really appreciate that the
bonus like a free dollar credit which you can use this app for free for a long
time for months basically and also the templates of copy paste templates I hope
you guys really appreciate the value that I’m giving you guys like if you if
you if you enjoy the value I’m giving please make sure to share my videos
share my youtube channel with other friends who are into e-commerce make
sure to comment down below you know and subscribe it really helps me grow that
is a really good way how you can give back to me you know is by just engaging
sharing with your friends and just showing to to people you know also a
quick reminder you know if you have forgotten about the giveaway so
basically the giveaway is still running the winner is gonna be announced on the
8th of February and free people are gonna win coaching calls one person is
gonna win a Rickey Hayes scores and two people are gonna get fifty doors to
their PayPal basically so huge prices that’s the biggest giveaway that I’ve
I’ve run I’m probably gonna I’m probably gonna take a break from giveaways guys
you just have been like so many giveaway so I just kind of want to chill alright
guys I really hope you enjoyed this video
in the next videos basically I’m gonna cover a product research testing what
else I’m gonna cover I’m gonna color like a lot of topics and just more
in-depth and give you step-by-step guides as well I’m also preparing a
video on like when I turn off an asset when I kill an asset so guys stay tuned
if you enjoy my videos make sure to subscribe and share my videos with
friends like send them the link you know tell them you know Ivy soo he basically
documenting his whole journey you know on YouTube just from day one so you know
just just tell people you know your friends about this YouTube channel and
you know I’ll see you in the next one


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    יוחנן יחזקאל

    This is probably the only Youtube video with insane clickbait name but is actually not clickbait.
    Thank you for sharing this Ivy senpai

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    Leonidas Kon

    Amazing content man! Could you please make a video showing your email and sms marketing sequence? Thanks in advance

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    Tomas Watson

    Hi Ivy! Brilliant content! Just subbed, keep going with it I think yours is having an edge over some other youtubers atm. I have just downloaded the link for SMS, Already got one sale in 24 hours! Can I ask, how did it only cost 1 dollar to get that many sales, how much does it charge you to sent x per amount or x per sale? how does it does it work? Thanks!

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    Mr Smith

    Ivy, I just came across you and love what you are sharing. Love your delivery style and nuggets you are dropping. One question, the smsbump free credit offer is that still working ? I tried to install via your link, but the webpage shows a DNS error after entering my shop name . Thx man

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    Long Nguyen

    Ivy! when will your application for coaching call be opened ? the free one is hard to get for someone like me. I am feeling like that I am not the lucky one 🙁

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    For a beginner, how does the SMS stuff help? Don't you need actual customers first?
    What budget advertising would anyone suggest? Thank you

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    Honey Hujaleh

    Can Shopify be used in Qatar? i am facing difficultly in accepting payments since any funds in my PayPal account can not be transferred to my bank account. And majority of the other payment gateways are not accepted.

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    Jasson Stalone

    Okey i understand the part where you download the app sms bump , but how do you make money from it? I don't understand , do i need a product or something , what's the work that i need to do?

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    I created shopify account and added products ..but My customers are not able to purchase it because they say when they are clicking my product link then my account is shown locked by password..when i checked and try to disable ,then shopify is asking for $29…so this means no one will be able to purchase my product untill i pay $ basically i have to pay $29 first to earn some to solve it..if this is not case then how to do me out huyzzz please…

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    Mayodele Rotimi-Ogundele

    Your videos are great. I want you YouTube channel to blow up. So here’s some advice instead of using “I” use “you”.

    Example new title:
    “How you can make $2054 with $1 In 7days”

    It’s more viewer centric

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    Tentenn Chan

    I don't understand one thing. All those suppliers have a minimum order quantity, let's say 100 or so. If just one client buys 1 piece, does it mean I still have to order and pay for 100 pieces because that's the MOQ?

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    Good video!!! Starting to go back and watch all your other videos also. Thanks so much for your time doing these videos.

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    Rising Gamer

    Great content but the links in your description don’t work on mobile (iPad) tried them and it says open another application but nothing happens.

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    I can't believe this has so many likes.. Of course you would make a lot of money IF you have the customer's info. Show us how you got the customer's phone numbers not just what you did with them, that would be much more valuable than this.

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    Damn… 1$ per person, with 25k viewers… assuming half of them clicked the link… 12k off of one vid

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    Ron Zell

    Hi, i just subscribed. besides the shopify that you have set up, do you need to sell things like on ebay or amazon? I don't understand where your actually making the money from

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    Aldiansyah Dwi Putra

    You don't mention how did you get all the traffic. With that number of traffic, it's not free, is it?

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    Hey,I from Taiwan. I am asking you about the YouTube video sms Bump. If I don’t have a phone number can I still use this app?

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    AbuYouseF TuBe

    Hi, Do not break your head with free traffic .. no results just redirects to paid links or other solutions.if you want to completely change your life and become pro and have incredible incomes follow this link (paid & not expensive)

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    $1 excluding the Shopify subscription though…Some form of money, time, resources, or all of the aforementioned will be required to make money at the same time however.

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    Of course retargeting people who actually already put the product in the cart has an excellent ROI. Getting the traffic in the first place is the expensive part. Cliclbait video..

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    You are the inspiring person I ever have known that makes me have the motivation and be brave to challenge myself. Even now I try to have Facebook ads to promote my product but it is not approved, I think it my page doesn't have landing pages, then I try to create landing pages but it is not allowed. Disappointed and totally stuck. We do not have true or false just give up or go ahead. I Believe that chance equal for everyone but the wiser always got a moment at the end of the day. Really appreciate that you or somebody out there can help me out and be my MENTOR and I never let you disappointed. I am waiting for your response. God bless you!

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    Ly Nguyen

    When I click to the link down below the video <> , the request is "enter your store url", but there's no guidance about it in the video. What should I type since I don't have any store?

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    Freedom Traders

    hey bro congrats on the success. do you think you can help me do this, please maybe we can google screen share

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    Ze Benny

    It's a great method for abandonned carts but you need to have a lot of traffic going to the site already, so sure the app itself only cost 1$ but you clearly do not include the amount you invest in the traffic….. Pretty misleading.

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    amazing video,
    Amazing video, but nevertheless whenever i need additional cash I make use of this
    do you want money so click the linck

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    Global Vibes

    make money using your phone with this awesome android app by collecting coins! i cant believe that i withdrew 10$ worth of Bitcoin Cash Coins in less than three days using it.

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    Global Vibes

    ever tried to make some extra money using apps with your android phone? here is an awesome one, i withdrew 10$ worth coins to my wallet in less than three days.

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    ash s

    Hi, is it really possible to start the business with less than couple of 100s? I got laid off and living on savings currently. Didn't want to go back to work as I lost my 15 years of precious time and lost my kids' childhood and the time that could be used to spend with my aging parents..

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    your the only one who likes other drop shippers and help them.
    Thanks, bro!🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠
    Your contents are like🔥🔥🔥🔥

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