How I Generate Endless Leads and Income In ISN With Brand New Sales Marketing Funnel: Eric Worre!

How I Generate Endless Leads and Income In ISN With Brand New Sales Marketing Funnel: Eric Worre!

hey what’s going on YouTube how are you it’s Pete Olson the Montana silver stacker with international silver network and today guys I’m going to give you a tour and show you the incredible marketing online tour sales funnel if you will that every rep gets with international silver network and how it generates us tons of lead from interested parties so here we are guys we are here at at the beginning of the tour and the way they had to lay that guys I I’ve seen marketing funnels that are in comparison that the people pay hundreds of dollars for a month we get this for free part of being a rep with international silver network and and it just goes to how professional they are and all the amazing tools they give us reps so what happens is when someone clicks on your link and they come to this page they come to about a minute and a half video right here that the bill watch here for about a minute it happened and when they watch that may come they come to the end of that they lend that and then they put in their information here on the right hand side and because it says limited time offer get a free silver bar complete the form below and clean one free silver bullion bar just for taking the short tour and survey so I’ll just put in my information so you guys can see Pete Olsson best email address Pete Olson your one at yahoo com and then my phone number and we’ll clean your free silver bar now and go inside now check this out what happens when someone and welcome it so it goes on the inside there are four videos that they get to watch ok 44 real short videos and about why silver and gold more about the corporate company or corporate headquarters third video on the opportunity and core of our system and how everything works how we generate leads and so on and so forth so incredibly powerful so they watch these four videos by the end of that they have a great idea of how is and works and how the opportunity works and when they finish that they can do two things they can put your survey and free silver so if they click they want that free silver it’s very simple they put in their information they answer these six questions and it says take me to claim my free silver bar Mike Reiss silver an info pack now okay the other thing they can do is click get start it and it takes them right guys right to my main page in isn and they just click on the get started button right here or here and they get started so it’s great that they give them that option because I have a lot of people guys that come in they click on the button and they see these four videos they want to get started right away if if they click on the survey guys okay they’ll fill out the survey and I get an email in my inbox with their answers to the survey questions I also get an email when they first enter the funnel by the way so when they fill out this survey okay and the questions are you know what interest you the most the business the product involves on the scale one to ten what’s your interest level how often do you buy precious metals would you agree that buying crisis metals is more of a conversion than a paper money into a more superior for more money than it costs how likely are you to buy precious metals in the future of your get involved in the home based business industry with the following statements that describes you in any other comments they want to make so when they fill that out this is where i get this is an example of a lead that i just got this morning and what interests you the most this guy said both he’s a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 how often do buy precious metals he said he’d buy some every month would you agree that buying precious metals is more of a conversion of paper currency let me get back to the survey can be cooking here sorry guys let it come back up okay all right so it’s chromic doing a chroma Q&A update so it asked these ten questions and then what I do is I call them back because I’ve got their contact information and I just I talk to them and have a conversation with about ice and answering questions they have and then close and if they’re meant to be close so it’s very very powerful tool guys and all we do is we take this length of the tunnel and we share it with all our different social media platforms that we have and I tell you what the response that we get is incredible I get leads all day long from this so no more building funnels for your network marketing business it’s all right here it’s all right here in the in the process and all all in one package if you will for you so you don’t have to do any of that work it takes literally two minutes to set up and then you’re off to the races so I hope that helps guys and I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up please share it with your social media networks if you feel someone can garner some value from this feel free to comment below please subscribe if you haven’t also in this video so we’re guys somewhere up in here you can donate to the Feed My Starving Children organization with every coin sold iason provides five meals to starving children throughout the world through the Feed My Starving Children organization so please donate to that and we have a phenomenal opportunity with isn I run all in North America for the company I’m the number one recruiter and producer in the world for the company and it’s a six-figure silver bullet opportunity home based business opportunity click on that link below take the tour which is what you’re going to take the tour what I just shows you watch those four videos felt the survey and I personally will get hold of you ok god bless you guys and have a fantastic Easter weekend thanks so much


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    Jim Lewis

    Great video of the sales tools Pete, so many marketers are somehow afraid to show their sales process…I love your transparency of exactly how it works

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