Healthcare Companies Spending Millions On Midterms To Defeat Medicare For All Push

Healthcare Companies Spending Millions On Midterms To Defeat Medicare For All Push

According to a new report by the Center for
Responsive Politics, the healthcare industry has pumped in more than $46 million into the
Midterm races. When you factor in how much money they’ve
also given to super PACs and things like that, money that then gets funneled down to candidates,
they’ve actually put in more than $200 million just in the 2018 Midterm races. This obviously begs the question: What’s going
on with the healthcare companies? They always give big to politicians, they
spend a lot on lobbying, but they’re spending more than ever on these particular Midterms. And there’s a very important reason why they’re
doing this, and there’s also an important reason why most of their donations are going
to republicans. It’s because healthcare companies, doctors,
groups, pharma companies, health insurance companies, they’re worried about two things
right now. They’re worried about the polls that show
that a majority of people in this country, democrats, republicans, independent, everyone
supports Medicare for All. They want us to move to a Medicare for All
system. That terrifies the hell out of the healthcare
industry because it’s going to cut into their profits, so they’re supporting politicians,
sending money to politicians, who do not support a Medicare for All system, and they believe
that their money is going to be more important than the voices of the American public, again,
left, right, center, and everything else who support this idea. The second reason is because defeating Medicare
for All not that hard right now. We don’t have enough people pushing for it
even though again majority of the public wants it, there’s not enough politicians pushing
for it to say that it’s right around the corner. Now it’s on the horizon but it’s not as close
as we think. So the second big thing that healthcare companies
are fighting back against is any kind of crack down and regulation on inflating drug prices
here in the United States. Again, we pay some of the highest prices for
prescription drugs in the entire developed world. The reason for that is because these big pharma
companies like to charge us more money because we have direct-to-consumer advertising which
takes billions upon billions of dollars out of their budgets every single year. They want to recoup that money. So they charge us astronomically higher prices
here in the US so they can make back that advertising budget that they spent and they
can spend it again next year and make it back next year and so on and so forth. But that’s why healthcare companies, insurance
companies, doctors organizations, pharmaceuticals, that’s why they’re all pumping so much money
into these Midterms. They feel the sea change happening with the
American public. We all, regardless of party, support Medicare
for All. We all, regardless of party, support bringing
down prescription drug prices. And if we get politicians who want to push
for those policies, who want to become popular with the voters and force other politicians
to do the same, that spells doom for the healthcare industry that is essentially been ripping
us off for decades. They’re not ready to put their cash cow out
to pasture so they’re going to spend as much money as possible to keep electing pro-corporate,
anti-consumer politicians, and putting them in power in Washington DC. It may work this time, but in the long run
healthcare companies understand that their days are numbered. The American people are not going to tolerate
it any longer and there’s only so much that their money can do before the voices of the
people drown out all of those checks that they’re handing to republican politicians.


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    lilli harlow 61

    How is this making America great again? Civilized countries all over the world take care of their people but not in the richest nation in the history of the world.

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    Guess what, Farron? Many members of your favorite political party are helping the healthcare industry in their effort to shut down Medicare-for-All. The pay-for-play Centrist Democrats don't want socialized healthcare anymore than the Republicans do. This is why a "Blue no matter who" voting strategy is a terrible idea.

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    juan gomez

    They have a lot of money since health insurance companies spend 30% of their operation budget to deny claims and that saves you a ton of money and that what health insurance companies are all about.

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    Dave F

    See this is where the American people regardless of party should join together and get the things we agree on implemented. The elites always divide and conquer. We could beat them at their own game.

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    crovax 13

    I can't believe that you psychopaths want healthcare! What's next untainted drinking water and clean air?

    (I hope that sarcasm wasn't been forgotten)

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    Jim john Trickle

    The Republicans and the big insurance company wants to keep people sick and on drugs that they push and their is not one drug on the market that doesn't have terrible side effects!!

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    Cathy Vanmeter

    They are used to getting their way!!!!!! I'm 67 and barley make it on social security have to choose what meds I can afford!!!!

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    CyberPrime 935

    Theyre fighting a losing battle. The Republicans are gonna get massacred in Tuesday when the votes hit the ballots.

    Millions of dollars wont save them.

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    Well then, maybe they shouldn't have pushed for egregious monopoly like profits now they killed their industry of evil. Medicare for all, enough of this bullshit.

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    Cool Hand Mark

    Time for some of these CEO's to be found swinging from trees out on the front lawns of their mansions… message sent!

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    For some reason I couldn't help but think about the ending of Johnny Mnemonic, where Pharmacom's headquarters get burned to the ground after people find out that they had found a cure for NAS but kept it a secret because treating the disease was more profitable than curing it. And just the other year I found out that Big Pharma execs IRL are actually thinking along those very same lines, as if it wasn't already obvious that they put profits ahead of human lives. Is it any wonder then that I sometimes find myself wishing death and ruin upon those scumbags?

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    Chris Corbin

    They are worried about their bottom line. Don't care about anything else. I have allergies but learned s long time ago that generic "Benadryl" Is the exactly the same at less than 1/10 the price. Consumer need to educate themselves or pay more.

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    Youtuber Trump

    Healthcare Insurance companies are not only pouring millions to Republicans and Corporate Democrats. But they’re putting money into Faux news propaganda channel.

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    to put health care cost into perspective: twelve years ago an American patient of mine gave me a TENS machine (generates a tingly electric current used to mask pain) that he didn't need anymore. According to him the piece of kit that came in a flashy case which didn't contribute anything to the patient's wellbeing had cost US $1000. In the UK machines that come in slightly more basic cases but do the same thing can be bought from roughly £20 .

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    Legalize cannabis oil and your healthcare costs will sink like a rock. Imagine how many diabetics who would be cured, how many people who would break free from addictive pain killers, how many people would be spared a lifetime of painful autoimmune conditions, have their ms brain lesions disappear, think straight and act normal. In the meantime there is CBD available, except in the states who have had their legislators purchased by big pharma… they did just come out with an epilepsy med based on cbd but they need to get 33,000 a year for it, and there is a THC based lupus med in clinical trials right now, I can only guess how much that will cost the healthcare system if it pans out. What a racket, from a to z.

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    Boyd Gilbreath

    Please note that Drump has created a lot of fantasies, not truths. Troops at the border, none, just words from a liar. Deport birthright American citizens, another lie, 10% tax cut for middle class, another lie, retain pre-existing conditions- that from people who have tried their best and voted against it for years-enormous hypocritical lie! Terrorists in caravan, lower drug prices, addiction treatment program- all lies. Congress is not in session. None of this will be done. The reality show host desperate to retain his ability to serve the plutocrats. Cut to empty store shelves, no lines for gas because there is no gas, no electricity, Martial law. Look at what has already happened all over the world. You won't believe what is going to happen to you if this charade continues beyond any hope of retrieving a democratic government.

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    I am sorry but I don't understand this at all. If people have health insurance, they go to the doctor. The doctor prescribes them medication. The patient buys it. If they have no health insurance, they don't visit doctors and don't receive prescriptions or buy medications. This is total bullshit and I don't buy it for one second. If the drug companies want to make money they would be pushing BIG TIME for every single person to have health insurance. That's how you sell medication. This story is just plain STUPID!!

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    mark allen

    Making profits off the sick, the elderly, children, the poor, the terminally ill is a affront to human decency and the Lord.

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    Amazing that Admin., who has never had anything but great ins, coverage, LIE about protecting pre-existing cond. The industry is NO DIFFERENT than big oil and will bleed Americans for every last penny they can get and WWE chump will help them all.

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    These companies charge high prices in the USA because they want to get back the lost revenue from all of these other greedy socialist countries. Just like big pharma, we got to get Ayn Rand capitalism to take over the world if we want to have free healthcare.

    That's what these neo-lib capitalists who are in power want us to think.

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    Victor Ch

    Before ACA, many insurance companies didn't cover preexisting conditions, some of them didn't want to pay out-of-network doctors in emergency situation when in-network doctor unavailable.

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    Ryad Hasan Ahmed

    If the U.S. had Medicare for all then in GTA we wouldn't be charged medical bills every time we get wasted 😂😂😂👍

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    Ryne Green

    I really can’t understand the mindset of people who would place profit over lives. Why would they do this just for a few more dollars when they are some of the richest in the world?

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    Carl Fichtner

    In Canada we have
    universal health care
    since 50 years ago !! 😂

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    Carl Fichtner

    80 modern civilized countries
    I repeat 》》》 EIGHTY 《《
    modern civilized countries
    have universal health care
    for their citizens…😂😷🤒🤕
    The U.S. thinks theyre are all
    wrong !!
    Oups.. got to go…
    my turn for my free eye surgery..

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    America is dying because of the insatiable greed of the wealthy elite. Instead of taxing them, they horde their wealth while America piles on trillions in dollars in debt. Instead of healthcare that actually works for the people, we have massive profit-driven corporations that are constantly looking for ways to further exploit us. It's time to put an end to the madness that is the greed of American oligarchs.

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    Honestly, I'm not even convinced the health care companies need the massive amounts of money they extort from consumers. The problem is not that they aren't making money, or that they wouldn't still be making money even if regulation came in to bring drug prices down.

    The problem is that the drug companies want ALL of the money. Not some of the money. Not enough money to remain in the black. They want ALL THE MONEY , because their executives are greedy bastards.

    Thus far, they've been able to profit immensely from the drug trade because people need those drugs to survive. Or, in the case of the opiod industry, because the companies created a market that has high demand, to the point where these providers are effectively dealers of addictive drugs.

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    Windy canovercome

    well i just think that if working people tax money is going to welfare and medicare then it makes sense that the REST of the people should get it too. BECAUSE THE WORKING PEOPLE MONEY READY GOING TO TAX WHICH PAY WELFARE AND MEDICARE SO THE WORKING PEOPLE SHOULD GET IT TOO and then dont raise tax so the working people dont go broke get it. is like this why can the working people get freed medicare WEN THEIR TAX MONEY IS FREE TO OTHERS ALREADY get it

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    Diamond Lil

    Germs have no political title, everyone is vulnerable………cure the World please ……then we can clean up the pharmaceutical cost…..kill the pill Mills and the abuse on seniors and the disable and over medicating our minor children….now

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    KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:16

    Abraham Lincoln Warned Us About Donald Trump

    Donald Trump personifies what Abraham Lincoln described as the “mobocratic spirit.” He fuels it and is fuelled by it, though it is by no means clear that he can control it.
    definition: A Mobocratic sprit
    Person who advocates govern
    by the mob.

    LINCOLN spoke of our duty to the fathers / future government to in turn transmit this edifice “unprofaned by the foot of an invader… undecayed by the lapse of time, and untorn by usurpation—to the latest generation that fate shall permit the world to know.” He spoke of this as a “task of gratitude to our fathers, justice to ourselves, duty to posterity, and love for our species in general” that “imperatively requires us faithfully to perform.”

    And he spoke of the danger to this edifice. “At what point,” he asked, “shall we expect the approach of danger?” He predicted, “If it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us.” He did not believe it could come from abroad. He believed that “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

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    G. Wayne

    Graft at is best using the corrupted politicians who want the money more than to serve the peoples needs from where the power they wield comes from.

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    Keith Carey

    10 trillion dollars by taxing rich churchs, legalizing marijuana,cutting military spending,taxing all income over 100k for social security,going after tax havens,ending corporate welfare, taxing lobbiests, and other ideas, use it for national health care.

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    Roli b

    Healthcare companie's only go for there own profit and they don't care about the people!!!!!. Americans still believe in the titel great and richest nation off the world?????? Big big mistake because the deficit is sky high and the coverment has the control over the healthcare budget and that has never bin good. Other country's are more civil and there coverments say its there responsabillity.!!!!!! Nazimerrica is only about greed. !!!!

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    George Heroy

    This is a public challenge to make a music parody video of the theme song to Pinky and the Brain the lyrics goes like this G Putin what do you want to do today the same thing we do everyday Trump try to take over the world they're Putin and the Trump yes Putin and the Trump one is the devil the other is his chump they'll throw away your rights they've been Evil all their lives there Putin their Putin and the Trump Trump trump Trump trump before the day is done there collusion will have won by the dawning of the sun your health care will be gone there Putin and the Trump yes Putin and the Trump their lifelong campaign is easy to explain to prove their Nazi worth they'll overthrow the Earth they're Putin their Putin and the Trump Trump trump Trump trump who knew

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  62. Post

    We are in a state of decline/ruin and the one's responsible are rapidly accelerating the process. Their greedy feeding frenzy is at a fever pitch, so blinded by it they are only able to see what more they can take without a care in the world. The trail of destruction being left will fall upon the rest of the Country as usual and it's "lowly" 90% of people to clean-up.

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    jl sc

    tRUMP's new nafta helped the health care companies tremendously. With the canadians now giving the drug companies 10 years exclusive rights to new drugs, the cheaper meds that came from generic drugs we could get from Canada are going to be gone.

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