Google+ Will No Longer Be Supported in the HubSpot Social Tool

Google+ Will No Longer Be Supported in the HubSpot Social Tool

All right, let’s do this hey, are you still a hardcore Google+ fan wait what that platforms still around Well, you know what time it is. Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, what’s up? I’m your boy George B Thomas aka the sprocket tock HubSpot ninja from impulse creative bringing you Yes another hub SWOT update Look last year Google+ announced that they would stop supporting the public API that HubSpot has been using for their Google+ integration If you’re wondering why well, have you heard that they’re shutting it down? Let’s have a moment of silence because April 28th is the last day for Google+ Okay actually No moment of silence needed More recently Google announced that service interruptions could be expected through the API as soon as January 28th 2019 as Google begins to stop supporting their public API HubSpot has made a decision to remove Google+ from their social tools starting on January 28th On January 28th You will no longer be able to use Google+ was in the social monitoring publishing or reporting tools Seriously, if you’ve been using these tools hit me up on any platform that isn’t dying I’m really curious why you have an abandoned the Google+ ship awhile ago on a more important note Hub spots reporting on Google and already published posts will stay in the hub spot portal until March 1st, 2019 At which point they will no longer be available Because if you’re trying to schedule a Google+ post be on January 28th You’ll also see an in-app banner in the social tool basically saying hey this tool is dead. No, that’s not what it says but as the HubSpot social tool involves Their team is focused on providing us HubSpot users with the tools that we need to have the most impact on social channels Where are people actually are active and doing things as? It stands today. Google+ is the least use of the five support networks. Are you wondering what five tools they’re referring to? Well look Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn wait wait a second. What? Oh, yeah YouTube Have you connected you YouTube to your hubs web portal today? if not You probably should anyway removing Google+ gives HubSpot the opportunity to focus more heavily on the other Supported networks and explore new ways to help you me everybody find success with our social strategy Hey, maybe we could get a Pinterest tool. What tool would you like to see HubSpot ad next? Did you like this video? Well, then make sure you hit the likes that subscribes everything so that we know that you’re part of the community want to get tutorials like this right in your inbox then click the link and sign up today and last but not least if you Need training past this tutorial click on the link below and learn about our 1 & 2 on location hub spot sales and marketing workshops Until next time this is your boy George P Thomas saying go out into the world and do some happy hub spotting You


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