Générateur de plugins Joomla!

Générateur de plugins Joomla!

Hello and welcome to the presentation of the plugin generator Creating a plugin is very simple You must first provide general information of the plugin name, creation date, description, version, joomla version, languages, … Then confirm the form We can now configure the plugin Choose the type of plugin to generate In the case of a profile plugin, you must choose   the fields you want to add to the registration form, or to the profile update form available fields are those that you added to your fields store   add as many fields as you want For a plugin that allows your users to connect to your site with their email no additional configuration is required   for a search plugin, you must: indicate the table where the informations will be searched Then add the fields where research will be conducted   add the fields that will be returned in search results specify the field and the order in which results are returned   the remainder of this presentation will be with the profile plugin   so we validate the form the configuration was successfully saved you can now generate your plugin …plugin generation… And now, the plugin is generated   You must install your plugin from the extension manager in your Joomla website then import the plugin and install it   the plugin was installed successfully You must then configure and activate it in the plugins manager By default, the custom fields are added to the registration form and the profile update form.   But you can set them as you like Simply change these values Save the new configuration Here is the default Joomla registration form Let’s update page to appreciate that there have been changes after adding our plugin   After updating, you have the two new fields: cms and justification Visit http://ibrini.com to create your own plugins. See you soon…  


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    Présentation du générateur de plugins…
    Presentation of plugins generator…
    (You can enable english subtitles for video)

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