Freelancer – You are the Boss Telugu short film Directed by Sankar VNM

Freelancer  – You are the Boss  Telugu short film Directed by Sankar VNM

Hi Viewers, Welcome to Think Again. Today’s topic,is all about Freelancing and Freelancing jobs. Don’t miss to watch till the end. We have valuable information to share with you all. What Rajesh, Why are looking dull ? Nothing bro, Some office tension. Not sure whater job will be secured or not. Yes bro, In IT industry all the times ups and downs are there. Few days it looks good and immediately recession starts and it raises our BP and tension. Yes bro, No guarantee in IT industry. Expenses are increasing higher. No chance to think about onsite as there is no guarantee for existing job itself. Not clear what to do bro. To earn I hope middle east is the better place to job. Even the location changes problem will be the same bro. Instead planning to travel abroad, you can earn same amount here itself and staying with your family. No bro, I cannot do data entry or Networking jobs. If you have zeal and dedication you have plenty of options. Your skill is investment, your home is Office, You are the boss…!!! How bro ? Example, What technology you are working on ? Java, JTB. You can earn Dollars on same technology by staying at home. Really ?? Please explain in detail. Technology is changing our mindset too. In future Freelancing jobs will have better demand than Permanent jobs. Few companies have already started freelancing jobs by the name of “Contract”. Employees also adopted this change. Sounds interesting. How it works bro ? Few websites like Freelancers, Upwork, Toptall are playing mediator role between Freelancers and Industries. Companies use these websites to post their requirements to be completed by skill people like “YOU”. So skilled workes like you go through the requirements and analyse how much time it consumes to complete, How much cost incurs and do bid for it. If companies satisfies with your bid, they will hire you through the website and get their requirements work done. If we get any doubt on requirements, how bro ? Good question, These sites provide few options like You can send a message to client or You can chat with client or You can share your screen to the client and get the clarification done. If the don’t pay money after work completed, How bro ? Yes, While posting their job requirement itself client deposits some amount. This process is called ESCROW Payment system. Based on your work completion you send a request to client to release the amount. Client will release the amount according your work delivery. Good Bro, I do register myself to these sites immediately. Wait Bro, Don’t be hurry, Its not so easy as you think ..!! What bro, Why it is no easy ? What hurdles are there ? The way you prepare your resume for applying jobs, similarly you have to prepare your “portfolio” in job sites. There you need to mention “What skills you have”, “How much experience you have” , “Your availability timings”, “How many hours you can spend on work weekly basis”, “The mode of your contact” etc details. Ok Whenever a work is posted on these sites, Immediately you have to apply for that. In simple words, As fast as you react you will get work assignment. Means We should be alert on work posts on these sites, Right bro ? Almost yes, But Next work assignment will be based on your current work completion and current client feedback. How bro ? If you do not read requirements properly and do bid for work and if you do not complete work within the time, Client will give bad feedback. Next client will review your feedback and decides whether he can give his work to you or not. Ok, Give me few more tips bro.. Clients mainly look at 2 important points 1.Budget & 2.Time. If your bid fulfills these 2 points you will get work. So If you complete work and deliver within the timelines you will get more clients. More clients means more money. So “You are the boss”. Ok Now tell me..!! Would you like to go abroad and struggle alone or stay back at home with family and earn money with joy ? Why all wont do it bro as this job is so easy Ok You have struggle to get first work assignment as you normally struggle to get first job. You may need to spend number of hours on these websites for bidding to get the work. Sometimes to get first work assignment it may take 1 month or it may take 1 year too. But Do not loose your patience. Ok, Thank you bro. I will try my level best to get these works and thanks for your valuable information You are welcome. You are the Boss. Thanks for watching…Think Agan


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    narasimharao bhukya

    bro my request freelancer in how to profile ,how to bid , what are method payments detail videos brothers, first of all, your effort i hands up brothers 9502949745 give message

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