FREE Twitch Alerts For Console Streamers – Rejoice PlayStation & Xbox!

FREE Twitch Alerts For Console Streamers – Rejoice PlayStation & Xbox!

Good news for all of you twitch
streamers out there that stream exclusively from your console device
that’s right I’m talking to you Xbox and ps4 streamers out there I bet
you’ve been looking for a way without a capture card to have on-screen alerts
show for when you get those awesome followers awesome subscribers and oh so
tasty bitties that you want to celebrate with in your stream and lucky for you I
think I found a program that you’re gonna like and we’re getting started
right now Hey all Wild4Games here helping you
become bigger and better and if you need that little extra help with your
streaming and content creations you came to the right spot make sure you hit that
big red subscribe button down below and tick that bell see when my videos go
live for you and hey really quick if you like the program that I’m about to talk
about and show you how to use make sure you click on the links down below in the
video description cuz it’ll take your right to it so that way you can
introduce it to your stream and now we can dive then do the video so the program
I’m about to show you is an extension that lives exclusively on Twitch so
sorry mixer and other streamers out there this will only work on twitch is
platform to show on-screen alerts okay so if you would like to use the platform
all you have to do is log in under your own twitch account and go to the
extensions page under your creative dashboard from there you’re gonna type
in two Own3d O,W,N the number 3 and D and there you’ll see there’s two
extensions you want to go to the one that’s labeled free stream alerts when
you have this all downloaded we need to configure it simply click on the
configuration button when the extension window has loaded you have to decide on
which alerts you want to show on your channel just follow the step-by-step
guide first we need to choose which alert design we want to have at the
moment you get over 40 different designs the ones with out crowns are the ones
that you can use for free and the ones with crowns in the upper left hand
corner are a premium subscription that you can pay for which we’ll touch on a
little bit at the end of this video simply
you select what design you want and click Save then you can go to choose
alert events and this is where you can activate which alerts you want to have
trigger for when you get a new follower a new host new bits and so forth these
free console alerts already come with default information put in where the
text would be but you’re allowed to customize the message to your heart’s
content and you will see at the end of each type of follow it’ll give you
additional information if you need to add number of followers or number of
bits or the person’s name and if you want to see how the alert will look when
it populates on your stream whenever you click on any of the assets there on the
right hand side it’ll give you a nice little demo with all the edits and
changes that you have made simply click Save make sure that your free console
alerts are activated to do this all you have to do is go to your creative
dashboard go to extensions and go under my extensions here you will see the
freestream alerts click the activate button and set it to set as overlay once
you’ve done all the necessary steps you’re good to rock and roll when you go
under your creative dashboard if you still have access to a computer you will
see a new modular tab there that shows extensions make sure to double check
your on the freestream alerts so that way he’ll display the event list and
every time you get a follow or a host for any of alerts that you selected to
introduce to your console alerts therefore when you stream on Twitch
it’ll populate with in this event list so that way you can also notice when
somebody gives you a follow or subscribe or gives you bits or whatever you
selected you can always look at this list at a glance and thank them
this event list can also be popped out so that way you can put it in a place
where it’s easy for you to see now the next time you stream on Twitch from your
Xbox or Playstation there’s nothing you have to do as long as you have these
free stream alerts activated and set to that overlay position so when you start
streaming you start getting those followers and subscribers and bits or
whatever you set up they will start to populate there on your screen so that
way everybody can start giving out the hype within your community and this way
you can grow and of course become big and better you’re welcome for all you
console streamers out there now if you’re a console streamer that wants to
have a little bit more of a professional look on your stream you may want to
consider taking a look at activating a premium license from own3d which will
grant you more access to all those different styles of alerts that you can
change to your heart’s content or even change around for certain seasons
normally this is going for about 30 dollars USD but it’s on sale a lot of
times in fact at the moment of this video you can snag it up for $18 USD I
will put a link in the description below that will take you right to it if you
are interested in that route now own3d is kind of like a jack-of-all-trades for
streamers starting out if you need graphic packages or again if you’re a
console streamer out there you want to make your page look as best as it can so
you may want to take a look at some other panel packages that you can
purchase to introduce to your stream so that way it brings it up a notch on the
professionalism of your stream because that’s gonna help you grow as well I’m
so glad I can introduce this extension to all of you twitch streamers out there
win one for the console streamer you guys are awesome if you need any more
help on making your stream look a little more professional own3d actually makes
another extension that grants you access to animated panels that you can
introduce to your stream for free I’m gonna put that video over here to the
side I recommend taking a look at that if you’re a brand-new streamer and again
if you want to bring up the professionalism look of your stream once
again my name is Wild4Games and I will see all of you beautiful people in
the next stream support video coming out real soon
take care all in PEACE!


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    Are you a console streamer? Let me know what you struggle with as a streamer, and I will see how I can help you out in an upcoming video!
    Happy Console Streaming!

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    iZargon 7

    I actually got my avatar from OWN3D. I also bought a panel from them. Been setting it up on the page. Gonna check out these alerts and see if I can use them.

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    Someo MiDNiTE

    I need help it says “ authorize now “ instead of all the options on the configure page and when i press it it just does not load

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    chaz hampton

    Thank you so much this a feature I been always. Waiting for since I started figuring out my streaming set up for my xbox one x

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    You're awesome bud! I'm trying to get 150 followers on twitch by the end of the year. I'll follow back everyone who follows me. Thanks in advance 🙂

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    theres a huge problem with this, ive been using it for a couple weeks and some of my viewers say it gets stuck on the screen, ive also seen it myself, idk how to fix it.

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    This is cool. Even though I have a capture card sometimes I'll stream from my console because I'm too lazy to go through the PC setup.

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    Prestige Quick

    Thanks for this video! 🥳 I’ve been trying to do this since I first started 🎮 streaming on Twitch! 💜

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    Atira Tiki

    You kno next thing console needs to create or add a button on controller where you switch to stream voice to game voice….it hard to do when console is on a headset an does not have seperate set up to do so lol

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    dom obertein

    i found out about this a few months ago from gael level, and havent seen alerts when i stream from ps4, so im moving to pc. plus i know i can play more games, plus online play wont require me to pay monthly

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    Hey, I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR EXISTING. I wouldn’t be able to be where I’m at without you, so thank you so much.

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    Reggie Abbey

    OMG ( ✧Д✧) YES!!
    I can't wait to get back to stream in and start using some of these alerts. Thank 🙏💕 so SO MUCH for the video update Wild! I really appreciate the info. Happy ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Streaming to all you console and non-consoke streamers out there. Also tag ReggieRocket711, so don't be surprised if you catch me in your stream chat someday ٩( ^ᴗ^ )۶

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    Awww wild you didn't have to make this vid just for me lol
    PS4 stream all the way 💜
    Seriously this is dope AF I'm excited

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    Eric JMontreal

    Thanks for the information, I add this extension and I love it ! Thinking of buying some sub badges and emotes from thier website.

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    You can't see the overlays from your mobile device yet. Twitch is working on this and it will be available for mobile soon but as of right now PC viewers are the only ones that can see the alerts. From what I read in the FAQ of the extension.

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    I activated the overlay, and it popped up successfully when I streamed! But when I watched the Vod, nothing popped up. Why’s that?

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    i just recently started streaming and started out really fast and got affiliated, but have now really slowed down and is hard for me to get viewers. any tips?

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    I knew of this a long time ago. I even made a video on it! Mine has like no views. And now wild makes a vid on it, and gets like 2.2k views…. I think he is doing a morgz… (this is all a joke btw, wild ur amazing and ur advice has helped me out alot, keep up 5he great work)

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    Thanks for making this awesome video. This was very helpful. I stream on ps4, and I was hoping they would add a way to have awesome alerts on consoles. Keep up the awesome videos and stay awesome. I'll give your awesome channel a shout out on my next live stream.

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    Hey Wild4Games!
    I'm searching for a Chat Bot that allow to have currencys for viewer to gamble and stuff with it
    All Bots only works for Twitch. Can you maybe make a Video about a good YouTube Chat Bot with cool features? 🙂

    greetings from germany and keep it up!


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    Team Reversity _

    Hey wild 4 games it’s my birthday today, and my friend said if I get a someone famous to follow me he’ll give me 250$, I need that cash to upgrade my channel, may you follow me for like an hour or so then unfollow, so I get the cash, btw thx for the video.

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    COBR4 X

    the next thing will be camera overlay 🙂 I really hope they can find a way to do it. Thank you for this video, it really helped!!

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    TGunna Gaming

    You helped me again Wild! My alerts weren't showing up even though I activated the overlay but I needed to check the extension panel in dashboard to make sure it's on free, thanks again! My community is growing and you've been a BIG HELP!

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    REV lpg

    Hey dude I don't this and it comes up with the alerts, I see them on my stream but the viewers don't see them
    Is there anyway u can help please

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    Zlata Agović

    Wild4Games, is there any camera i could use on my xbox one that supports it? Awesome video, thank you for sharing!

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    G Noll18

    This is nice but it doesn't 100% work. The alerts only appear if you are watching from a computer, the extension does not work for mobile devices

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    Another brilliant and informative video, you've helped me grow my stream so much with all your videos and i reached affiliate this week. Keep doing what you're doing dude!

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    Hello wild, if been streaming for a few months now and just found youre channel for 2 hours now. I think my profile looks very professional but i cant get any followers, can you may check out my channel and see what is rong?

    Thanks alot, Artzaeval.

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    Hey wild I have a question for you its not relevant to the video but i wasn't sure where to ask. Someone wants to set up a sponsorship with me. It would be my first one and the company is a very small company. I guess my question is, is it a good idea because I'm a very small youtuber and twitch streamer.

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    Your vids are SO helpful for us Small Streamer on console! Absolute best! Thank you! are there sound alerts as well that you know of?

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    Boo Songz

    It is dodgy, just to let yall know. The overlay will stay on the screen and not come off most if not all the time which sucks.

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    Charles Olson

    As someone who streams on both pc and console, will these alerts cause issues with obs when im running streams off pc?

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    Anteiku Nation

    Hey wild I have a question. I went through all the motions of getting own3d set up filled out my info on the tabs for the panels. I saved the info and hit activate. The panel shows up on my channel. However, all the tabs are in one panel that go down vertically. I can’t seem to separate the tabs into their own respective panels like what you have shown under your channel in the video. How do I get the panels to Separate like yours? Or am I stuck with a vertical panel full of tabs you have to click on to see the info?

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    PINKIN gaming

    Now this is goin to be an odd question… iam very shy but still want to stream…streaming via ps4 , iam limited to wireless atm, I turned on my camera…and I was mildly panic stricken , but I kept rolling and then I went to check out my stream via mobile I notice there was a bit of lag , so turning off camera, will that badly effect amount of views ? I havmt had any views other than supporting friends so I dont know how much value it adds to streaming and thank you for this vid ! Getting my laptop as I speak

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    Moer Cvz

    Can't find extension panel on my creator dashboard to make sure I can double check if it's activated, any quick fix for that ?

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