Free PayPal Money – Get Free PayPal Money Easily Using These 4 Websites! (Over $10,000 Dollars Made)

Free PayPal Money – Get Free PayPal Money Easily Using These 4 Websites! (Over $10,000 Dollars Made)

– How to make free PayPal money in 2018, going into 2019. Also, how to get constant PayPal money to your PayPal account. Also, wanna give you four websites you can do this with. So, all of these are currently working or and I am currently
making money with this. Go right here to my PayPal account and you can see my name right here, and if I just refresh, I can actually show you that I’m actually getting PayPal money. Like, you see tens of dollars
coming in every single day. This is more of my lower income. Stuff that I use, I use these websites for you know, just, money in between weeks or whatever but, you can actually, as a normal person, you can actually make this money. So, I’ma teach you how
to do that, right now. So, if you haven’t already
subscribed to my channel, you need to subscribe to this channel. I know I have a couple other channels, but you need to subscribe to this channel. Also, you need to like this video, share it with other people. Let me start off with this Tango Card Inc. You just see those $10 coming in every single day. So, let me know show you what that is. That is Fronto. Fronto is one of my
favorite money making apps you can see right here in this screen shot I got over $1,000 in here. Basically, Fronto is not
available anymore on, on the App Store. If I go to their website, and I’m trying make this video as as quick as possible but… They don’t have a… I guess it got taken off of the app store, but they’re still available. You can just download the Fronto API key. So, you can just type in Fronto… screen… lock screen app APK and then actually download it, and actually, you have
to change some settings within your phone. But you can actually download the app. I have no idea why they
removed it from Google, as you can just see, it’s
not available anymore. I have no idea why they removed it. But you can still download it, it’s still functional, you can still use it, and I’m still getting paid by it. So, that’s the first one. That’s Fronto. Once you download the app, you gonna create an account. You’re gonna enter in this code. It’s gonna go to enter a referral code. You go to this emblem right here. You go into enter referral code and you put in FREEMONEYCODE, and it’s gonna give you 1,250
points to start off with. You just earn money by
doing stuff in the app, referring people through
your free points tab. And once you have enough points, you can come over here
and cash out with PayPal, which is what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about PayPal money. You can cash out through
Amazon Gift Card and others. So, that’s the first one. All these links will be
in the description below and I’ll even link the Fronto APK file so you can download it or whatever. But you will have the change some settings within your phone in
order to download the app. Fronto is not buggy. It’s not gonna slow down your phone, it’s a really good app. The second is, by the way, second one is Dosh. Now I’ve made a whole
lot of money with Dosh, and if I just go over
here and just type in, go to business name and just
type in Dosh Holdings Inc. So, I’ma actually show you, you know, how I’m getting paid from Dosh. Now I don’t, and I think I’ve said this in the last video that I
did on my other channel. I do not get more than $100. I do not cash out more than $100 to my PayPal account with Dosh, because PayPal does not
like internet marketers and I’ve heard of people who have been having trouble with Dosh, not with Dosh, but just with PayPal
flagging their accounts. So, if it’s over $100 or more and it’s coming from one
of these four websites, I usually either transfer
it to my PayPal account, but with Dosh you can transfer it to your bank account. So, most of the money
that’s coming in from Dosh is going straight to my bank account. And I’ve done videos showing
inside my bank account, so, and even if you could
just see the payments that have been coming in this entire year. So, you know, this is real. So, what you do with Dosh is, you download the app, and this app is still
available on the Play Store. You download the app. You enter in your information, you create an account. You have to link and verify
a credit or debit card, so what this is is, once you verify a debit or credit card, you can actually get
cash back at the stores. If I bring this up here, I
don’t know if you can see that. Little bit too small, but you can see these stores right here. They’re in your mile radius. You can go out to those stores and you can just use the card like like you normally do. I mean, you already probably
shoppin’ at Sam’s Club. You’re already getting gas. They have on Walmart on here, and they have a 60% cash back on Walmart. So, if you using your card at Walmart, you’re missing out on cash back. I know Walmart has their own rewards but, 60% cash back on your purchases, you’re missing out if you
don’t have the Dosh app. So, just download the Dosh app. You have to link a card, and it says right here
the terms and conditions. To transfer from Dosh, you need to have a credit card linked, and you need to have
credit card or debit card, or prepaid card. Prepaid card as well. I have a prepaid card linked here, so, it’s certain prepaid cards they take, you just have to check and see which one they take of yours. And you just wanna use that at your nearby stores
to make your purchases. It’s nothing nuance that you’re doing. It’s nothing new. You’re just making purchases with this. And you basically just go out and use it. And you have to have a
balance of at least $25. You can refer people, and I’m not going to go into all about referring and stuff like that. I actually have a Pinterest. Free questions on YouTube
that I’m going to link below, that you can actually just go over there and look on how to get
traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is simple, and
it’s easy, and it’s fast. I think on Pinterest right now, if I’m not mistaken, I have over 177,000 monthly viewers. You have to build up your profiles from other places online as well. You can see right here, I
have 177,000 monthly viewers. Have it linked into my YouTube channel. I have other stuff on here as far as food and serial entrepreneur, but I also share my content
within viral content. So, I re-pin viral content, and pin myself within there, and then that returns me a lot of traffic. So, that’s for the PayPal money on Dosh. So, the last one, is Qmee. And if I go back… Excuse me, I’m a little bit sick today. But if I just go back to activity, and go back to payments received, I can actually show you Qmee. Now with Qmee, Qmee is the easiest, probably one of the easiest ways to make free PayPal money as soon as possible, because with this one, this allows you to do little surveys, and you can see this a $1.31 survey, and be able to transfer that money to your PayPal account once
you make over ten cents. You can see right here, on the 29th, which was
a couple of days ago, I got 11 cents to my bank account, but I actually made more with Qmee, like $4-$5. Let me just type it in
so you guys can see, cuz I like to show proof. I’ve actually made more with that, but… All you have to do is make ten cents to transfer to PayPal. You can see I’m getting notifications as I’m doing this video, but these are the little
surveys that they have. You can search on Google. So, you can make money
by searching on Google. You can install this little, this little Chrome extension
and you can search Google, and then they have a little box over there on the side
when you search Google, and they tell you to click these particular ones, and you just click it, and you get 10-15 cents
just for doing that. And that money adds up. I know a lot of people, well I know a couple of people, who have made $20 a day
just by doing this stuff, and that’s excluding all the other PayPal websites that I’m
giving you to make money with. So, they come in here, they click it. Look at the surveys. They search things, and they can even refer people as well. And then they transfer
the money over to PayPal. So, if I go to PayPal you can just see. It’s not big money but
$2-$3 here and there when I try to do it. You know, sometimes I
don’t feel like doing it. Sometimes I don’t really wanna do it. Because surveys is not my expertise, even though I’ve been
doing surveys for awhile. But, you can put a whole
lot of work into this and make a whole lot of money. Cuz they update new
surveys every single day. So, these are the ways you
can make free PayPal money, and this three, I’m not gonna go over the fourth thing, because the fourth thing
is a pretty secret site, that I’ma actually link in below. That’s one of my crown jewels,
but I’ma link that below and you can actually go there, sign up, and actually make
money with that website as well. They pay you directly to your PayPal. I’m not gonna go over it. I’m just gonna link to it below. So, all of these PayPal
websites will be linked below in order, one, two, three, and four. That’s that, so, that’s how
you make free PayPal money with these four websites. I hope you got a lot of
value from this video. Go ahead and like this video
if you enjoyed the content. Subscribe, this is gonna be probably one of my new channels going forward. I also linked to my other channel, so you can go subscribe to both of those. Just in case something
happens to this one. But that’s how you make free PayPal money. Showed you proof, showed you everything you need to know. I don’t know what else to tell you but to go out there and do it. Actually try these websites. And like I said, you can just see these
survey notifications still coming in. So, four websites, go ahead. Make the free PayPal
money, starting today. I’ll talk to you guys on the next video. Peace out.


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