Everything Happens For Your Best Interest

Everything Happens For Your Best Interest

I’m going to give you the number one mindset that you need to cultivate happiness sustainably in your life. Happiness is not something you are you are not. happiness is an experience. On a daily
basis your mind is creating a story for you to
tell you exactly what you want to believe. I understand we all have shitty
things that happen in our lives right but every moment you’re making the decision
to decide that this either happening for your best interest or it’s happening for your worst interest. And its nothing more than a decision. If you start to believe. If
you start to cultivate this belief that everything happens for your best interest than you are going to start the prove yourself right. I want you to practice
this to the next week. Deciding that everything that happens to you it’s happening for
your best interest. And the more you notice how much things are playing in for
your best interest and the more you expect things to happen for your best interest the more happy you’ll be. Everything is happening for your best interest.


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