Edmond, Oklahoma Small Business of the Year Finalist (T&S Web Design)

Edmond, Oklahoma Small Business of the Year Finalist (T&S Web Design)

T and S Web Design was established in 2000
and has been a chamber member for six years. Their products and services are focused on
their main priority: helping businesses make the most of an online presence. We have to keep up to date on the different
technologies constantly. I mean, the web is constantly changing. Definitely keeping up
to date on all that technology has been extremely helpful. And that way, we can advise our clients
and help them. I mean, is this appropriate for their business. Do they even need it?
If they’re not going to get a benefit from it, then we don’t suggest they do it. Their policy is to offer flat fees, no hidden
fees, flexibility, and a desire to help other businesses grow and prosper. We don’t want them to be shocked when they
get the bill in the end. We want them to know what their website stage is every step of
the way. We don’t need angry clients or customers. That’s not how we build relationships with
people here in Edmond. We want a positive outcome for everyone. This company’s community-oriented mindset
keeps them extremely involved in a broad realm of public services. Contributing to the community’s important
for T and S because it’s important for me and Leann. We feel like we’re part of the
community, T and S is part of the community, and so we like to give back in a lot of ways.
Whether it’s nonprofits, whether it’s college kids here in Edmond. Whatever we can do to
help them out. I mean, that’s a huge priority. We just feel what goes around comes around.
We’re not helping people in order to get anything back. But it does happen a lot of times, if
you’re doing things right, good things happen. Right there is the Land Enterprise… Enterprise
Roofing website. Our chamber membership has helped tremendously.
We love the fact that we are able to network, to build relationships, for our business to
get referrals. Without relationships, we would be nothing, Referrals, we would be nothing.
So the chamber helped tremendously in that aspect.


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