DON’T BUY Money Formula by Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah; Money Formula VIDEO REVIEW

DON’T BUY Money Formula by Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah; Money Formula VIDEO REVIEW

Hi, everybody, and welcome… This is Chuck
Boulais, and that’s me in the picture in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Today
I’m doing a video review on an upcoming product called “Money Formula” by Tim and Zak, and
I’m going to be speaking kind of quickly here, because I have a lot to say about “Money Formula”
and this video may already go a little longer than I want, so please bear with me because
there’s a lot of good information in here and I really want to make sure I get it all
out to you. Before we go any further, I want you know
I’m not trying to sell you “Money Formula” by Tim and Zak, and I have no affiliation
with the company or the product, so you will not find an advertising link to “Money Formula”
down below in my YouTube video description, and you can put your wallet away right now. For those of you who have never seen one of
my videos before, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me: as I said, my name is Chuck
Boulais, and I’ve been in the marketing business for well over 20 years, and when I left that
career I did so to start my own business on the greatest landscape the world has EVER
known as far as entrepreneurship is concerned, The World Wide Web. I think the internet is
the GREATEST place for someone to start a business today, but when I did that, I banged
my head against the wall for well over a year just trying to figure out the basics of on-line
marketing, how to make money online, and where me and my personal talents and skill set just
might be a “good fit”. During that time I spent literally tens of
thousands of my own dollars, from my own savings and retirement accounts just trying to break
into making money on line. I ended up buying almost every kind of internet program, one
on one coaching plan and different online product launch that you can possibly imagine
and each and every one of those products told me that I’d make thousands of dollars a month,
and most of those products and programs almost always promised that I’d do so with very little
effort on my part, maybe even with only one or two clicks of the computer mouse, or maybe
even totally on autopilot. So, I want you to know that I’m not an on-line
guru, I’m not a member of any “Inner Circle”, I’m just a normal everyday guy who’s made
mostly good decisions, but in all honesty I’ve made my share of bad ones too! And after
some bumps and bruises my online business has finally taken off and I’ve been having
some really great results. Now, let me tell you that most of that success
has come since I made a conscious decision to help people online as much as I can, and
since I started doing these videos. And once I decided that even if I can keep one person
a day from making just one of the same mistakes I made, I think it will all be worth it, success
will be mine and that’s because I truly believe that success comes to those who help others,
and who love what they do. Now, during all of that unbelievably long
and expensive personal research that I had to do, the most important thing I found out
is that when you’re looking into buying any type of product or program that’s being offered
for sale to you online, it’s a business decision, so you’re going to want to utilize your business
wisdom and you’re business acumen, or else you’re going to end up just being another
victim, and you’re going to lose a lot of valuable time and money, and I don’t think
any of us can afford to waste one single bit of either one of those valuable resources. Now, if you can remember to utilize that business
wisdom and business acumen of yours at all times, and always keep in mind that just about
90% of program launches on-line are either really bad fits for people and their particular
personal talents and skill sets, or they under deliver on their promises, or are just repackaged
old products, or maybe some of them are even just out and out scams, you can save yourself
a lot of time, money, and energy. Now, I’m not saying that “Money Formula” by Tim and
Zak is a scam, or a bad fit for anyone, none of those things, not at all. I just want you
to know a little bit about what you’re getting into right up front, so you can make an informed
decision, and you don’t end up throwing your money at yet another product that leads you
down a long, dark road that just doesn’t work out for you, and you find yourself at yet
another dead end, all that much more broke, and losing all of that precious time. So What Is “Money Formula” by Tim and Zak?
Well, “Money Formula” is a new training and content course platform developed and marketed
by Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah. The initial teaser videos and .pdfs for “Money Formula”
were just recently released, so you’ve probably already gotten some solicitation emails for
this product, or seen some ads for it somewhere, and that’s why you’re here. It took me all
of about 10 minutes of sitting through those sales videos before I just couldn’t go on.
The guy comes on, tells you how rich and successful he is and I can tell you for a fact that he’s
not rich and successful, he’s not even an internet marketer, he’s an actor, and not
a very good one at that, and that was just about all I needed to hear. Look, I’ve already done a lot of other reviews
on product releases by Tim and Zak, and I’ve even bought one or two of their products in
the past. I have a lot of respect for them — really. They are master marketers, and
I’m sure “Money Formula” is very clever and works very well for what it is, but these
guys come out with a new product every 3 months, and I’m sure they’re totally sick and tired
of me saying the same things over and over, but, honestly, here’s the sequence of events
you’ll need to steel yourself for when you go to buy “Money Formula”: The initial offer made to you to buy “Money
Formula” will be between about $37-$49, which, considering what you’re getting is pretty
reasonable, but once you get your credit card out and warmed up, and you’ve made that bold
and actually pretty admirable decision to invest in yet another terrific sounding business
opportunity, and you fill in your credit card information and you press that “buy now” button,
you’re going to be immediately hit with an additional offer (and, by the way, these additional
offers? They’re called “upsells”), and then another offer after that, until the total
cost for “Money Formula” is going to be much more, than it was originally advertised — maybe
hundreds more! And the truth is: you really DO have to buy
these additional offers, these upsells that I mentioned before, in order for “Money Formula”
to work as well as you need it to work in the highly, highly competitive online marketplace.
Now these additional offers, these upsells, are there because developers don’t think you’ll
buy their product right up front if they tell you the full price right away, no matter how
good the product is, or how confident they are in it. They know that they’ve got you
ready to buy their product almost sight unseen, you really want help to make money from home
online and that you want it badly enough that you’re willing to pay for it, so they don’t
tell you the actual price of the product up front. They lure you in with a lower initial offering
price and then once you’ve got your credit card out and warmed up, and they’ve got you
in that “psychological buying mode”, they come back at you over and over, until by the
end of the whole thing, your head’s kind of spinning, you have no idea all that you just
bought and you’re not sure why you didn’t get it all from the outset anyway; all you
know is you’ve got this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, you’ve just spent
hundreds and hundreds of dollars that you probably don’t have, and you have a learning
curve staring you back in the face that just seems insurmountable. And it kind of makes
you feel bad for the person who doesn’t know how common a practice upselling is and hasn’t
been able to prepare themselves against it, doesn’t it? Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret
here, a secret technique that you should always try whenever you evaluate ANY product being
offered for sale online: “Money Formula” has what they call “downsells”. If you click off
that initial offer, the very first one you’re presented with? Go ahead and try to click
off that initial offer page and you may be immediately offered a lower price — a much
lower price. Do it again, and you may be offered an even lower price. Now this is called a
downsell, and here’s another little secret for you. Each and every one of those upsells
that you’re going to be presented with later after you click on the initial offer? If you
click off those upsells, initially refuse them, you will be presented with a downsell
for that additional product at a much lower cost. And these lower costs are actually the
“real” cost of “Money Formula”. And, by the way, if you’ve ever seen one of
my videos before, you’ve heard me talk about this practice — this technique of downselling
— reducing the product price if you start to ‘walk away’? I really don’t like this,
and it’s something we all have to be prepared for on every single one of these new product
launches – something we always have to be looking out for. I think it’s misleading and
unfair and I really wish product developers would just tell you the price of the products
right up front. And everybody in the industry does it, so don’t blame Tim and Zak for doing
it here, they didn’t invent it. But this practice of downselling is a very old sales technique
that’s been around forever, and it’s something that’s been proven to psychologically make
it easier to get you to spend your money, over and over and over. Now, “Money Formula” is paying very high commissions
and they have a lot of prizes going to its top affiliate marketers, so that should tell
you how much money and how much profit they expect to make from this product launch. And
because of its high price and high commission payout, you know that this product is going
to be very popular with email advertisers out there. So be prepared! You’re going to
be inundated with a lot of e-mails, advertisements, flashing ads, positive, must-buy reviews and
a lot of advertising is going to be coming at you from all different directions and it
seems like there’s going to be a lot of pressure for you to buy this product. Finally, in all good conscience, and these
guys are going to hate me for saying this, but I do feel I have to tell you that I’ve
looked at and reviewed these kind of programs before, and I’ve even hired a one-on-one coach
for over $10,000 to help me with my online marketing and neither did me as much good
as what I’m doing today for free. In any event there are so many better ways to make money
online and from home, maybe even in your part-time. Like I said before I’ve really started to
have a lot of success on the Internet recently. And that success has come only since I decided
to help people and since I started doing these videos. If you’re new to Internet marketing,
or you’ve even been here for a while and you haven’t made a whole lot of money, or seen
a lot of success, I want to share something with you that’s really been working gangbusters
for me — in fact, no one is more surprised than I am at how well this has been working. After wandering around and buying just about
every program and product that was being offered out there, like “Money Formula”, I finally
found one that worked, and finally allowed me to say “ENOUGH” to forking out cash to
any more of these online product launches, those emails about the latest greatest tricks
of the week, or any of these make easy money fast and easy schemes. Thank heaven! After spending all those tens of thousands
of dollars of my own hard earned money, I’ve finally found a program called Instant Payday
Network. Now, don’t worry I’m not gonna ask you to give me any money, that’s a promise.
So, don’t go away, please put your money away, you don’t need it, and — here’s the big surprise!
– I don’t want it! — What I’m gonna tell you about is 100% free. And right about now, you’re probably saying,
“Come on Chuck, now you’re just trying to sell me into your program just like all of
the other guys, man!” And I’m going to tell you that, no, I’m not selling you anything
— I am trying to tell you about this phenomenal opportunity, but I’m not selling you anything
because what I want to tell you about costs $0 and 0 cents. Instant Payday Network is
free unlike the other programs out there like “Money Formula”, this program is free, it’s
not $37.00, it’s not $97.00, it’s not $197.00, it’s not even a dollar, so I’m not selling
you anything. Now, what happens with Instant Payday is very
simple — you get paid 58 dollars whenever anyone comes into Instant Payday and completes
the free program. Now the system was created by a guy by the name of Jeff Buchanan, and
you can see his picture right there. He’s pretty much an ordinary guy, he’s very soft
spoken, I’ve met him and yes he is my friend, he’s a really good guy, and he’s very, very
smart! Jeff’s system the way he’s set it up he actually
has no buy in fees or upfront costs whatsoever . . . there are zero website fees, zero maintenance
fees and there are no hidden fees later on. There are no upsells after you get in! Once
you’re in, it’s still free! You don’t need to learn how to set up a website, how to blog,
how to do SEO. You don’t need to know how to do any of that stuff, folks, it’s really
THAT simple. Now, I do want to put your mind at rest about
a few things: Instant Payday is not an MLM, so those of
you that have been burned by the Multi Level Marketing business model rest easy that Instant
Payday is NOT an MLM. You don’t have to bug your friends and family,
like you would, say with AMWAY or AVON or Nutrisystem or all those other companies that
we’re all so inundated and pressured to sell for. There’s no cold calling — you never have
to pick up a telephone and call some unsuspecting stranger that you’ve never met off of a list
that maybe you had to buy, and you certainly don’t ever have to go and see anyone! Ever. And there’s no product or inventory to ship. So, what DO you get with the Instant Payday
Network, ladies and gentlemen? Well you get a free, COMPLETE turnkey marketing
system, and that marketing system includes: Our choice of not one, but 3 complete, free
capture pages, and each one of those capture pages has a tested 35% to 50% conversion rate,
with NO website hosting fees either. We get a free automated sales funnel, so that
all of your referrals and all of your leads are funneled directly to you — no one else
gets them, no one else sees them. You get a free email auto responder. And you get all of the free training we need
to start making money right now. And, oh yeah. Did I mention that it’s 100%
free to get started? Now, I do wanna go back and talk a minute
about this capture page, the one with the tested 35%-50% conversion rate? If you had
to purchase this tested capture page somewhere else it’s gonna cost you $25 to $30 a month
just in website hosting fees. And if you wanted to have one designed, built and tested for
you by a profressional so that it was as effective as the one Jeff gives us for free that’d be
about $200 a year. I know that for a fact because this squeeze page company, I know
someone who’s used them before — it costs $200.00 a year. It’s a company called Custom
Splash. The EMAIL auto-responder: If you had to purchase
that on your own that by itself would cost you at least $50 a month if you went with
a company like Aweber or Constant Contact or any one of the hundreds of companies out
there that you’d have to spend all that time researching in order to evaluate which one
is best for you, not to mention how long it would take you to learn to set it up and make
it run as effectively and efficiently as this one. But Jeff has already done all that and
he provides it to us for free. He’s written all of the product introductory emails, all
of the follow up marketing emails, and he’s put them in that autoresponder so that they’re
all sent out automatically at the appropriate intervals — you don’t even have to write
an email with the Instant Payday system! Jeff does tons of video, audio and written
training here himself and that training is second to none. He’ll take you from the ground
up and teach you the basics to the advanced techniques of online marketing and the best
and fastest ways to capitalize with this system, and he is not gonna charge a dime for any
of that either. In addition, you get personal access to me
— I’ll help you with your training and I’ll support you personally, and that’s because
I really want to build a great team and help my people out. Once you sign up and qualify
for the Instant Payday network system, I give you my personal email address and my phone
number so you’re not just left out there twisting in the wind and having to fend totally for
yourself. And I can assure you I’m not going to charge you anything, and I’m always available
within just a few hours of your contacting me. Why am I “always” available? Because I
LOVE what I do! I LOVE Instant Payday Network and I’m grateful for what it’s done for me! This is a free system that you can do at home
ladies and gentlemen — you can even do this in your part time if you’d like. I’m personally
making over $5,000 a month with Instant Payday, and I personally know people making $10,000
– $20,000 per month with Instant Payday Network. Now, remember: the reason why Instant Payday
Network stands alone from the other programs out there is because it costs nothing to join
to get started — zip, nada, zilch — and you make $25 to $58 for each person that signs
up for free offers. The other great thing about Instant Payday
Network is that you’re paid your money from multi-million dollar corporations. This is
all part of their huge advertising budgets that they’ve allocated and set money aside
for just this kind of advertising, and that means you don’t have to rely on the average
product developer dude to put his hand into his pocket and give you money whenever he
remembers or thinks about it. And this type of compensation system means that you get
paid daily with the Instant Payday network — I get paid every day with Instant Payday! So, the question I guess I have is should
you spend money for a product like “Money Formula”, or any other online product for
that matter, when you could actually do Instant Payday for free. Sometimes making money IS
simple. I don’t think we have to overanalyze this one too much. If you know another program online that’s
free to get started? A program that has the potential to make you as much as $10,000-$20,000
a month? I would encourage you to go for it and embrace it, my friend. On the other hand
if you can’t find a program like that online, you just found one. I encourage you, do not
pull out your wallet and spend your money on yet another expensive program with untested,
untried or unsure promises. You have an opportunity right here to get
started finally making some real money online. You can start making money within 24 to 48
hours, and all you have to do is click the link right below this video. Right below this
video there’s a link on the left hand side in the video description, you won’t be disappointed. Go ahead and click one of the links there
right below the video, as a matter of fact I’ve put 2 or 3 links down there right below
the “like” symbol . . . the “thumbs up” symbol YouTube gives you? You wanna look for the
link that says, because that’s what I want you to do: I want you to
restore your dignity and start making money online the way you deserve. Get into and work the Instant Payday program,
you won’t regret it, I promise. So go ahead and click the link; give yourself a break.
Click the link below and I’ll see you on the other side.


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