Do They Design Mullet Headbands or Cowboy Hats? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep4

Do They Design Mullet Headbands or Cowboy Hats? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep4

– Is your hustle naughty? – No
– No – It’s not naughty.
– It’s not a naughty hustle. – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine
to five, but they’re also holding down a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (cheering) A team of four strangers will get three clues– – Guys, I am stumped, truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess–
– Here we go. – [Narrator] To solve this episode of (shutter rolling) Guess My Hustle. – Hey, I’m Louie.
– And I’m Morgan. I’m a business consultant. – [Louie] And my nine to
five is software engineering. – Hi, I’m Morgan, nice to meet you. – [Director] Do you think the team today is going to be able to
guess your side hustle? – No way.
– No way, not a chance. It’s so simple, I think
that it’s going to be hard for anyone to wrap their
head around the idea. – So, I’m Louie and this is Morgan and here’s a couple things about us. – We’re 20 years married. I went to mime school
when I was a little girl. – [Louie] I was a Chinese
interpreter in the Navy. – We’ve been traveling the
country in our motorhome for the last few years,
living full time in it. – And–
– My day job is a business
consultant, I get to work with other people and different talents. – My nine to five is a software engineer, so I spend most of my time on this little head set, you know, talkin’ to the testers ’cause they can’t figure it out. (laughing) – Mime school.
– Mime school. – [Moni] Yeah, that’s interesting. – Mime school could be related to their side hustle, maybe. Have you done it for a while? – The miming?
– Or, no, your side hustle. – It’s been about ten years.
– Ten years? – Okay.
– Ten years. Has business boomed since
over the ten year span? – It’s grown–
– Yes, yeah. – Over the ten years. – Okay, they use the
internet for it, for sure. – Well, they travel all the time, how do they get the internet? – [Moni] Okay, so guys,
they gotta use the internet. – [Conor] They got that satellite WiFi. – That satellite WiFi, is right. – Yeah.
– Nah, just 4G. (laughing) – There it is. (rock music) – [Director] What role do you see yourself playing on your team? – I think that I am a very
good conflict mediator and kind of a team player who can really get the team to work well as a team. Let’s see. (paper rustling) Product outline: this sketch is missing a few important details. Look at the image outline and figure out what the mystery item could
be for your next clue. You have until the buzzer sounds. – Okay.
– It kind of looks like a car. Maybe it’s something to do
with their motor home travels. – I think it’s an egg. – No, it looks like–
– You think it’s an egg? – Yeah.
– It looks like a state. – It looks like a palette,
like a thing for– – Oh, an artist’s painting palette? – You put your thumb through it? – I told you they’re crafty. – You did say that they are crafty. – Or an amoeba.
– I see the egg inside. – It’s an egg on an island. – Do you do quirky art work with eggs? – Let me ask you, is this a place? – No.
– No. – No, okay. We were just checking, I
just had to get rid of it. – Do you do art?
– Sometimes. – Sometimes.
– Okay. Are you good at it?
– No. – Sometimes.
– So that, okay. – That’s such an artist answer. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay.
– [Director] You guys can flip it… – [Director] to a different angle.
– Ohhh. – Let’s get some perspective.
– Now it looks like a heart, like an anatomical heart. – It looks like Florida, maybe. – I don’t think it looks like Florida. (buzzing) – Damn.
– Oof. – Oh boy. – [Bert] We need to have a
serious talk with the people who’s drawing these pictures. – [Moni] Yeah, I was like
yeah, we can have a talk– – [Director] You just met your team. What role do you think you play with them? – I think if we were a football
team, I’m the running back. I also don’t watch football. (jazz music) Target the market: by learning the market, you might discover the
side hustle you seek. You have until the buzzer
sounds to observe the clue. – Okay, their target market.
– Oh, it’s all male. – Oh, age–
– That’s interesting. – 18 to 40, 85% male. Humorous, white elephant parties. – College bro type.
– College bro types. – I feel like I know a
lot about that last one. – This seems to be your wheel house. – I know, that does seem
to be my wheel house. – Okay.
– Okay. – So, it’s obviously something people would enjoy to get as a gift. – Yeah.
– It’s not actually useful but like–
– But fun or funny, sort of like novelty gifts. – But something that
boys would actually buy. – I’m picturing–
– Maybe, it’s a mime painting. – So, is your hustle naughty? – No.
– No. – It’s not naughty.
– It’s not a naughty hustle. – Okay.
– Okay. – Maybe it’s something
to do with decorating? Maybe it’s like a poster situation with a funny egg on it?
– Yeah. (buzzing) (groaning) – That was good, that was a good guess. – Oh boy.
– That was a good guess. – Good guess.
– We got the demo. – Oh boy.
– We got the demo. – I don’t know if we’re
gonna get this, guys. – This is tough.
– This is hard. (laughing) (rock music) – [Director] Moni, do you have any friends with a side hustle? – I feel like you can’t
really be true millennial if you don’t have a side hustle so, I feel like the answer to that is yeah. Lucky number three, all right? Okay. (clears throat) Riddle me this: have the
merchant open the scroll and listen to receive your clue. You have until the
buzzer sounds to discuss. – All right, guys. Ready for this riddle?
– Let’s do it. – Sure.
– Yes, we got this. (laughing) – Okay, one part short, another part long and sported by the writer of
the Achy Breaky Heart song. – Uh.
– Oh, it’s a mullet. – Okay.
– A mullet. – It short–
– Oh, short in the– – Billy Rae Cyrus had a mullet. – Is your product wearable? – Yes.
– It’s wearable. – Okay.
– Oh. – Maybe its a cowboy hat?
– Would I wear this to a fun party with a bunch of bros? – You could.
– Ooh, okay, okay, okay. What time of year is business boomiest? – Boomiest.
– All year. – Using technical terms.
– All year. – All year?
– Okay, but it’s young adulty men who have– – Nah, it’s not up to 40. It’s up to 40, it’s not–
– 40’s young. – Thank you, thank you. – Yeah, I’d say 40’s still young. – Yes, yes I would agree. – I am sorry to all of the 40 year olds who I just offended, I am so sorry. – We still have a lot of fun. (laughing) – We’re cool.
– Okay, wait. Young adulty men who like humor who like to sell this
as a fun quirky gift. – Maybe, it’s like a bolo tie. – A brolo tie.
– A brolo tie. – If you’re not making that, (buzzing) someone should make that. (laughing) – Is that it?
– Yeah, we got– – We got buzzed.
– We got buzzed. (percussive music) – [Director] Bert, do you think you’re going to guess today’s side hustle? – I’m gonna nail this. Whatever needs to happen,
that’s what I’m here for. I’m a team player. [Louie] – All right y’all, ready to guess? – Yes.
– Let’s do it. – Bring it on, baby. (metal rattling) – Let’s see what you guys got. – So, cowboy hat designers, mullet creator or a facial hair cosmetologist. – [Bert] I don’t even know what that is. – I’m gonna go on a limb and say because neither of them have facial hair– – Yeah.
– It’s like, I feel like you know you need to be able to embody what you’re selling maybe. – Okay, so should we take that one out? – I think so.
– Are we on board? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Okay, question: what color
sells the most for you? – We’ve got several styles, so it’s really personal preference. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Are you guys from the South by any chance? – No.
– No. – Okay.
– So that’s– – Is that, like–
– an issue for cowboy hats, I feel like ’cause I feel like– – Yeah.
– I feel like cowboy hats are very yee haw Texas. – It’s true.
– That’s true. – And they say that they do
business all over the country. – Right.
– So, um. – Mullets are all over the country. – Mullets are all over the country. And Billy Rae Cyrus
never wore cowboy hats. – I feel like we maybe are decided. – I think, yeah.
– I agree, yeah. – I think so.
– Okay. Should I take it down,
should we be official? – I mean, Louie’s, he’s rockin’ a mullet. So, I mean, like.
– I just noticed that. – He’s not rockin’ a cowboy hat, he’s not rockin facial hair. – Oh.
– Who’s buying mullets? – Bros.
– I’m in the market. – Every single guy at a
frat party that I’ve ever been to would love to buy a mullet. – Okay.
– Well, let’s find out. This is your answer?
– Yes. – Final answer, locked in.
– I feel good about this one. – I do, too.
– I’m confused. (laughing) I wanna know more about
your target market. – Here we go. (shutter clicking) – Yes.
– Yes. (cheering) – None were wrong.
– It was mullets. – I knew it.
– Nice. (clapping) – Nice work you guys,
you guessed it right. Our side hustle is Mullet on the Go. It’s a headband with hair. – I love this so much. – I’m gonna go ahead and run out there and do a quick wardrobe
change so you guys can get a full appreciation for what
the mullet man looks like. – I would love to see that.
– Oh my goodness. – Yes.
– This is the best thing ever. – So, I actually have a side
hustle character as well. (laughing) – Oh my god.
– It’s Lonny the mullet man. – I love it.
– Lonny. – Rock and roll.
– So, how do you make them? – Well, I started doing them by hand with our sewing machine and I just had the piece of hair and headband, so– – Oh, wow.
– Wait, so what made you even wanna
make a mullet to begin with? – Yeah.
– Two guys walking down a beach in Cabo in Speedos with mullets. – Mullets.
– Oh. – And so.
– And we were like, “That is money, we should
make some of those.” – You were like, “I want one.” – Every man needs to walk down the beach in a Speedo and mullet
so we thought, well– – I know, now I wanna do that. – Is it like actually, are
you making money from this? – Yes.
– Yeah, we, we’ve manufactured over a
million dollars’ worth of them. – Wow.
– We’ve had our Bill Murray moment,
we sold one to him. – [Team] Wowww! – Would you ever want your
side hustle to be your main hustle or are you
happy with this being– – Oh, we would love that. We have dreams of a mullet
yacht with a helicopter– – Oh.
– The whole thing. We’re dreaming big, yeah. – We’ll be able to say we knew them when. – Oh boy.
– But so far, it’s allowed us the freedom
to travel the country and– – That’s awesome.
– Meet really neat people. – Do you mind if I tried one on? – Oh, we would love that. You gotta do a little flip here. – Oh yeah.
– Oh, okay. – Oh my god.
– And then immediately I think you’re gonna feel–
– I think you’re ready for– – Oh, I feel a change already. (laughing) Where’s a red solo cup right now? – [Director] You look good in a mullet. Do you think you’d ever
consider a natural one? – I think now, definitely. You guys rushing? (laughing) I think everyone should try a mullet. Just try it out once,
just to see if it fits. And I think for me, it clearly has. – This one’s nice, cause
you can customize it. – This is my first mullet and I have to say, it feels so good. This is my new look.
– It looks amazing. (laughing) – Oh wow.
– How do you feel? – Wow, dude.
– I really was shocked to find out how much
money they really made. – We’ve manufactured over a
million dollars’ worth of them. – A million mullet dollars
is a lot of mullet dollars. – I’m very proud that we won. I think it’s beautiful that
people are buying mullets and I respect the American
dream and hustle so much. – You have a little somethin’ on your lip. – It’s called swag, baby.
– It’s called swag. (laughing) – Well, thank you so
much for participating. Good job guessing, you guys. It was so nice meeting you.
– Yeah, thank you. – Thanks for playing Guess My Hustle! – Watch more episodes here! – We really started grassroots
with a sewing machine and a couple of headbands
and hair and just started building the business from there.


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