Daz3d How to fix the PostgreSQL CMS error tutorial

Daz3d How to fix the PostgreSQL CMS error tutorial

so if you’re like me you’ve had this
error come up this is the post GRE SQL space CMS connection error you could
read all this crap but it’s pernicious filler when it first happened to me and
actually sent me back about a week I actually turned to the Facebook pages
for – 3 D that’s where I got the instructions how to fix this but just
click OK then pump to your smart content which of course is now empty which is
why this is an issue right click go to CMS start it up started and check it out
oh look at that everything is perfectly fine all is right with the world it
literally takes me ten seconds to fix this issue and of course a week to get
someone to tell me how to figure it out I hope this helped thanks a lot


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    Hi. I had this problem too. Your method is that advised by DAZ support, it didn't work.

    The solution you suggest will not work if the user has only installed the 64 bit version of DAZ3D and PostgreSQL CMS as a fresh new install. The fact that all your content was present upon database rebuild suggests you had simply corrupted/deleted/edited the directory to the CMS json file. This is the standard DAZ advice. Uninistall DAZ3D, delete user preferences in appdata – roaming, and re-install making sure not to install as administrator (why would you?).

    If you are doing a completely fresh install of DAZ3D on a new 64 bit machine do the following for a foolproof method to fix the problem:

    1. Install Daz Install Manager 64 bit. If it's already installed, great, check the following.
    Open Daz DIM put in your username and password, once connected go to "download filters" box at top left, click it and in the selection box that opens make sure "Win 32 bit" and "Win 64 bit" is checked. Close that dialogue box and your download options database on the the left pane in DIM will update if necessary.

    2. In Daz DIM go to the search box at top right search for "daz". Find Daz3d 32 bit and install it to the default location. If you get a warning about a newer version of software being present on either the 64 bit or 32 bit version, just OK it. Daz's version of C++ 2010 is out of date and Windows won't let it install. If you have an up to date version of Windows 10 you'll be fine.

    Back in DIM. Search for "post" in the search bar. Find and install postgreSQL CMS 32 bit.

    3. Once both of these are installed, go to Win ->Start Menu and open Daz3D 32 bit – make sure it is the 32 bit version – DAZ3D 64 bit says it is so in the start menu. If you had previously installed DAZ3D any version and it knows your password you will see your CMS content displayed as grey thumbnails ready to download and install in the Smart Content pane. If not, input username and password and login. Don't download anything via Smart Content yet, just close the DAZ3D 32 bit version.

    4. Now you should have a working copy of a CMS database connected DAZ3D but it's not the copy we want on a 64 bit system – you can't use IRay on the 32 bit version, so install DAZ3D 64 bit and postgreSQL CMS 64 bit using the search function in Daz DIM. Once that is done (you will see installing the 64 bit postgreSQL version un-installs the 32 bit version via DIM – that's OK) you can now fire up DAZ3D 64 bit version and it will connect and display all the greyed out thumbnails of your Smart Content.

    You can now go to DIM and un-install the Daz3D 32 bit version – the 64 bit version will continue to work as normal. You can change your working and download directories in "file -> preferences" but don't change the location for the json database in the CMS tab unless you want to risk having to rebuild your database again.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.

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    Randy Nash

    Hey it worked like a charm for me. I had to realize that I had to click on the BLUE start button as well. Once I did that all was well again with my content.

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    Peaches Chrenko

    When I right-clicked on the Smart Content Tab as stated in this video My "Start CMS" button was greyed out and wouldn't let me click on it til I followed the instructions at the following link … https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207812393-PostgreSQL-Connection-Error-and-No-Smart-Content … After following these instructions I got rid of the ERROR msg BUT still my content wouldn't show up in the Smart Tab until I upgraded to Daz 4.11 … Thanks for making this video it got me on the right track and let me know others were having this annoying issue 🙂

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    Mike Birtchet

    I just tried what you did: of course, "Start CMS" was greyed out! What now? I've checked my network, anti-virus and Firewall settings- no such luck. My rig is a new iMac, BTW.

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    If none of this works what would then be the issue. I keep reading different ways to fix it but im more scared of making my problem worse by deleting or changing random options in the settings. Is there a way to bypass the postgresql option? I just have no idea why it's so complicated, I haven't used Daz in weeks now, and I'm thinking about giving up on it.

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    Gato ronron

    Paso a seguir : abrir el DIM y luego loguearte como siempre. seleccionar y hacer click en Settings o configuracion en la esquina posterior derecha, luego en Installation y donde dice " Contents Database Port" cambiarle el puerto al numero que tienes como puerto en el programa Daz Studio. en mi caso era 1024 pero por mas que le cambiaba el puerto dentro de Daz este no cambiaba por lo cual al abrir el DIM como mencionaban abajo vi esa opcion y le cambie recien y funciono

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    Uninstall PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL Valentina reinstall. Solution from DAZ —> https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207812393?input_string=postgre

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