Darmowy certyfikat SSL – JOOMLA TO PROSTE #12

Darmowy certyfikat SSL – JOOMLA TO PROSTE #12

So I am going to install here quickly and you sit back and give comfort of course it will be all about the next pace. And that’s how I am with you and back the installation was successful and now I will show you how to install a new SSL certificate oK my dear, so the free ssl certificate will be from Lets’s encrypt Let’s find out a little more about what a product is And so Lets Encrypt This certification authority is available as a product he left the beta phase some time ago The project provides users with free ssl certificates It was created because of that a lot of traffic is unencrypted and as you know it exposes you to any eavesdropping, injecting ads, or tracking using cookies The project works so that it is automated It exhibits, signs and installs on the server immediately a given certificate. The downside is that that these certificates are not valid for a year and the validity period is 90 days It does not bother me at all they have autorenew or autorenification ie once installed Of course, with the right software then it will automatically renew itself every specific amount of time. Lets encrypt can be used in both Cpanel and Direct Admin. There are plugins and this is also called the easiest way. of course, having a dedicated server, you can also install freeware and from such free auto-renewable certificate to use I recommend. OK, let’s go to lets encrypt we generate ourselves certificate for the subdomain As you can see everything was correctly generated using my IP address One such note if you use it Cloud Flare you have to define yourself too CNAME for the subdomain and so on. We’re going to our Joomla we’re going back to global setting system Then on options server we choose force https whole page And we save changes And you can already notice that the site has switched to a certificate and it’s after SSL We can go to page and we have after ssl also. And here it is simple the way we have FREE SSL CERTIFICATE And at this point, thanks for your attention! If you liked the movie, give it a thumbs up, leave a comment. See you in the next episode of Joomla To Straight Hold on to hello.


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