Creating an HTML Résumé

Creating an HTML Résumé

Making an HTML Résumé In this overview we’ll cover how you should design your résumé
on paper first, use a table toorganize it. (See previous videos for how to build tables in
HTML.) Use links to your e-mail, to your employer, to your school, to your home page. And don’t forget, this is a résumé, let’s spell it
correctly, please. The first thing you want to do is design your résumé on paper. Figure out the basic layout and notice how a
table can really help you organize this so,
education, experience, and references can have lists on the
other side… and keep everything lined up. The next thing you want to do, is do a rough
mark up. Maybe, write up on the page some of the code that needs to happen, such as
where to put the acute é’s to spell the word
résumé, what you might want to be headlines, Don’t forget, mailto is a good way to turn your e-
mail address into workable link. And in the table, don’t forget: let’s build lists to
organize our education, schooling, and
references. Someplace on here, we need to have a link back
to your index page, and let’s not forget to have a
link to one or two of the locations such as your school
or your job. I’ve copied my lab4, and named the copy lab5;
I’m going to go into the pages folder and make a
brand new webpage. New\ Text Document\ and I’ll call this resume.htm. Yes, I need to change the extension. I’ll right click, Open with, Notepad. I’ll go ahead and manually type in all the
required items. We need our HTML, we’ll need an ending HTML tag. Let’s add the head, don’t forget to turn it off. Within the head, let’s have the title section, Now, let’s stop right here; we’ll have to fix
resume into résumé later. Now for the body tag. And the ending body tag. We’ll need bgcolor=and some value, background=and some filename, a base text color and some value, a link color, and some value, and vlink and some value. I think I’ll make my background brown, my
background image… well, let me switch back to my folder from pages I can go back one step to lab5 I’ll use parchment1. ../ to get out of the pages folder. images/ to open up the images folder and the file was named parchment1.gif I think I’ll make my text brown, my vlink and links shades of black and gray. Save my changes. Switch back to my folder, and double click to start looking at my ‘masterpiece.’ Well, I see my parchment background is in
place, but that bothers me up here. Let’s fix that. Back in Notepad All special characters start with the & then the #0233; and we’ll do the same with the last e, replace
that with é and a ; We could also use eacute Save my changes, switch to the browser and refresh. Starting to look good. I need to add my contact information: after the body tag, Résumé, how about I just borrow this spelling up here. Copy Paste. I’m not going to do the whole thing, but I’ll just
put in some place holders, to give you an idea. Save my changes, switch to the browser… I’ll need some headlines, and I’ll need to list out
my contact information. But the next next thing I need to do is start
building my table.


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    Nilloy Bose

    sir can you help me by providing any source code of how to build online resume builder using html,css,php,jsp? i will be thankful to you.Thank you for this video.

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    Beverly Malabanan

    sir can u help me po on how to create an online resume with a connection of php,database,css?pls help me nman po!!!😥thank you

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