Create your website with Network Solutions’ Website Builder

Create your website with Network Solutions’ Website Builder

Our Website Builder Tool is an easy-to-use
publishing tool that gives you the flexibility to create your own professional website with
ease and in almost no time. A simple setup wizard walks you through the
process starting with the selection of your website design. Browse through a gallery of
customizable styles that you can easily tailor to fit your needs.
Next you can change the color scheme and the location of your website’s navigation menu
– left, right or center. If you’d like to change the default header background image,
you can easily replace it with your own logo or image to completely change the look of
your selected design. The possibilities are endless – it’s your website, so design
it how YOU like! Now you will choose the pages for your website.
Include things that you would like visitors to know about your business when selecting
your pages. For example, use the “Home” page to give an overview of your business
and an “About Us” page to explain who you are and what you offer.
Finally, if you wish, you can enter a brief description of your business that will be
used in the listings for search engines like Google®, Yahoo!® and Bing®.
Your website’s foundation is built. It was that easy! Now, it’s a simple matter of
adding content to your pages and images, and gadgets if you’d like to customize your
website further. Your work will be saved automatically as you go along.
To add content, click the “Text & Docs” box and drag the “Text” box onto a page
to begin adding content about your business. We’ve already added some example text to
certain pages based on the type of page that you have selected to help you get started.
Feel free to keep the text or simply overwrite it with your own.
To change the font, click in the text box and highlight the text you would like to change.
From the Text Editor box you can change the font size, color, style and more.
To add an image, click the “Images” box and drag it onto the page. There are over
1,000 free images for your use or you can use your own images.
There are several other useful tools available to add to your website like maps, event calendars,
visitor polls, videos and blogs These will make your website more engaging and interactive,
encouraging visitors to come back to your site regularly. For example, to add an event
calendar click the “App Gadgets” box and drag “Event Calendar” onto the page so
your customers can see when you are available, or any special events or promotions that you
are running. You can also add PayPal™ to accept payments
for individual products on your website or accept donations from members. Click on the
“Payment” box and drag “PayPal” or “Donate” box onto your page.
Once you’ve finished your website, go to the “Publish” tab. From here, preview
your website and then click “Publish” to make your site live on the Internet for
the world to see! Feel free to update your website with fresh content, new colors and
images as often as you like – maintaining your site is easy!


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    Sergio Aguiar

    I am trying to transfer my domain.
    I already asked for an authorization code.
    I lost the 15 days of this code because of problems with Paypal.
    Now, I am trying to get another authorization code or a way to renew with you, but nobody provides a solution to my problem.
    I already asked for help several times:
    Service Request # 1-693849012?
    Service Request # 1-693194662?
    But there is no way to have ANY help from you.
    I want to have another authorization code OR some way to renew with you.

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