Create a Pay Per View (PPV) Online Video Channel and Make Money $$$

Create a Pay Per View (PPV) Online Video Channel and Make Money $$$

welcome to my tutorial on how to set up pay per view video streaming using the streaming video provider online
video platform first things first people need to go and
create yourself a free trial account on streaming video provider to come the
link can be found below in the description once you’ve created your own
account which doesn’t require any credit card details you can go here click on
customer login type in your email address and your password once you’ve
logged in you’ll be presented with in my panel section now what we need to do is
click on the pay-per-view lay list button here we’re going to have to first
set up our payment gateway settings it’s very important that this will decide how
you get paid from PayPal so please read the set up payment gateway settings
setup properly once you’re finished with all your setting up on PayPal type in
your PayPal address so you can receive your payment and save the changes so now
we’re back in the pay-per-view playlist section you’re going to go and create a
new pay per view playlist I’m going to give it a title this one’s going to be
cold my first pay-per-view channel and click
on the create a new playlist so now that’s done in the playlist is created
we’re going to go and add some videos to it by clicking on the add new videos
button we’re going to click on the upload your videos Now button this will
bring up a little uploader which we’re going to click Add now you’re just going
to go to your computer find the videos you want to upload once you’ve finished
uploading your videos what you will need to do is you need to go and close the
uploader and you will need to have a look and click on the PPV options button
on each individual video which will decide how much we’re going to charge
them things like that set each one to paid and password protected and enable a
single ticket click on the price we’re going to give the first video price of 1
pound and click on the title so we’re going to call this one for example buy
my first video save the changes and save the changes again so now we need to do
that for each individual video right for video number 2 same thing click on paid
single ticket going to give this one a different price of 2 pounds and we’re
going to they renamed the title to something else
hi video – for example Save Changes and then save again same for the third one
PPV button change it from free to paid click single video ticketing change it
to five pounds for example and we’re going to call this one video 44 and
we’re going to save the changes again safe so now that’s it we’ve set up all
of our videos we need to go and publish it now click on the publish button
preview and publish and now we need to click on our video app studio but the
video app studio will allow you to create your own channels in whichever
way you want you can design them from scratch or use the pre-made templates
which are quite a few of we’re just going to use for this tutorial premier
template by highlighting it and load the template now we need to go and save the
template right as it the project needs to be saved so click the Save button
give it a name so this one I’m going to call PPV test and save the project now
we can obviously click on the preview button to preview our channel see that
it’s working fine you see it loaded all three videos perfectly so that’s all
good we’re going to close that now we’re gonna click on the publish button and
the publish button we get two things one is the embed code the embed code is for
your website if you want to publish the whole thing on your website integrated
or the second one is two video app direct URL which is the important one
for us but we need that video app direct URL because that URL you can copy and
paste it into anywhere anybody who’s going to click on it is going to pop up
your little video channel where they can go and buy your movies from right or
your videos or your tutorial so whatever you upload it in that moment you can
click take these links and put them anywhere you want you can put them on
Facebook you can put them on Twitter you can put them in your YouTube description
right for example if you just wanted to upload a short clip of your video on
YouTube stick the link underneath tell your clients to click on that link to
view the full thing and it’s going to bring up your channel with the
pay-per-view options alright when somebody clicks on your
video and you want to buy it they got two choices to pay once to pay with the
PayPal account and the other one is to pay with a
credit or debit card right so it gives you clients huge choice of payment and
once they’ve made the payment they jump right back to your video and can start
watching it the whole thing right so thanks for watching this
tutorial on how to set up pay per view video streaming check out the description underneath which has
to link to the streaming video provider website and also a tester link to show
you how the pay-per-view channel looks as a demo ok thanks for watching
take care


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    Jerold Fritz

    I have been using StreamingVideoProvider for a while to sell my videos. Their ppv features are just awesome.

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    I have used these people for years and my ONLY complaint – is a big one – for reasons that cannot be explained they do not believe in 24/7 service and only work 40 hours out of a 168 hour week so if anything happens that shuts down their site after hours, you have to wait until the next day to get anything back up and running. It is a real killer for trying to use their PPV service.

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    truthwillrule X

    how is that even possible? how can you charge people how much you wanna charge per view? who is going to pay this money?

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    jean claude dery

    when i click on publish and preview after when i click on exemple mini tv live showing a short video but i dont see load template

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