Couple Builds Gorgeous Tiny House to Escape HigH Rent

Couple Builds Gorgeous Tiny House to Escape HigH Rent

Hey guys. Jenna here.
In this week’s video, I’m going to introduce you to a young
couple named Laurel and Brandon who built their own tiny house and have been
living in it for several years and since building their tiny home they’ve been
able to focus more on their hobbies and career dreams, even building a couple
more tiny homes and selling them, creating their own
business. All right guys. Let’s do a tiny house tour. Hi, I’m Brandon. Hi, I’m Laurel
and this is our tiny house. I think we found out about the
tiny house movement online. Somehow we ran across the idea, well
we were living in Seattle at the time, hang about $1,100 a month
or a one bedroom apartment. We were both working seasonally and it
just wasn’t really cutting it in terms of yearly income and we needed
to pay rent every month. The idea of a tiny house kind of solved
a lot of the problems that we were having at the time. We already kind of realize that the
impact of living a really large house is just more than we wanted to
have. This is really simple. We don’t use a whole lot of electricity.
We don’t use a lot of space. It’s just a lifestyle that we feel like
works well with our values in terms of preserving the environment
and also appreciating nature. Living in a tiny house has allowed us
to pursue our hobbies a little more. We’re always out birdwatching,
hiking, backpacking, living in Seattle in an apartment
where we had to work all the time. We didn’t really have the
opportunity to do that. I’ve always been pretty close with
my parents. They live on 30 acres. The perfect location for
us to start our build. The building process was pretty slow at
the start because neither of us had a whole lot of experience. We kind of
learned as we went. We made some mistakes, but we corrected them. I think we learned pretty quickly
and it turned out pretty nice. I’d say my favorite part of the
tiny house is probably my desk area. I have the surround windows
around the entire thing, so it’s always really bright there
and when I’m sitting there doing art, I can look out at the field
and see deer running through. I would say my favorite part about our
tiny house is that a lot of the wood that we used came directly from the property. There’s even wood in there that my
grandpa sawed probably 50 years ago that we still had laying around. So there’s
a lot of history in the house. The living room area. We’ve
got our little storage couch. We built the couch based on what
we thought would fit in the space. Made little cupboard doors for
shoes, storage and cat food. There’s actually a litter
box under here for kitty. If you come around this side, you can see the little
port hole where he goes in. Initially he was more of an outdoor cat, but we kind of wanted to encourage
him to become more of an indoor cat. So we tried to put in some
stuff that would, you know, make him more comfortable. This is an Ikea Norden I think
is the name and it folds out. It is kind of the perfect dining table
for our needs and fits both of us really well and then it’s got the drawers
on either side for storage as well, so this is the a heat pump and it does
heat and air conditioning as well. We originally had a little space heater, electric space heater
that we had on the floor, but we decided that we
needed air conditioning last
summer because it was just way too hot. We love it because air
conditioning is wonderful. It works great. It also space really quick and it’s
very, very quiet for detail work. We ended up making our own light fixtures
and we just used Mason jars and then spray painted the tops spot like Ikea
fixture things and just screwed them into the jars. We have a ladder here that we installed
some hooks to hang it to get out of the way and that’s how we get into our
storage loft. The floor is bamboo. We decided on that just because renewable
and also we thought it was really pretty storage stairs as you can see. Um, we’ve got like camera equipment
and stuff down here and our, all of our books, this actually goes
way back and I have a lot of books. We built these ourselves. People who’ve never been in a tiny house
or use like a ladder really that much might be a little bit uncomfortable. You just have to watch your head
for this thing. This is structural. We ended up adding to our loft. Originally it only went
out to this beam here. After we started using the loft area, we decided that we needed more space
for kind of like a nice little area to change our clothes or whatever.
Up here, this is our bed. We have a queen size mattress. Brandon
has his clothes storage over here. He gets most of his stuff
right in this little side area. So if you are a person that has a lot
of clothes, there’s plenty of room. I have a ton of clothes and I’m
able to fit everything in here. Um, but if you didn’t have a lot of stuff
you could fit a King size bed in here. Just fine. Got our skylight.
I can open this up. So we got a bunch of more storage up here
and we do the whole Marie condo method of folding stuff. It’s pretty simple. Her whole thing is she wants stuff to
be shaped like a rectangle in order to stand them on end so that way when
you store them you can actually see everything in a row and
you don’t have go digging. So it actually makes it easier
for keeping stuff folded, can see what you’re pulling out and you
can actually get quite a few things in here in a very small space. Okay, let me show you the kitchen. So we’ve got butcher block countertops. I’ve got a nice deep sink. This was not the standard sink that
was recommended at us when we initially bought plans. We wanted a deeper
one and this one has been awesome. This is awesome. It washes and dries and
works great for more storage we did this little open shelving
spice rack sort of thing. It kind of just makes
the space feel more open. But we ended up doing closed
cabinetry for the lower part. We’ve got our pantry for food storage
and these go super deep in here. And then we’ve got our little apartment
size fridge here. And then the oven, which is actually a little
convection toaster oven. Sometimes like I’ll be in here cooking
and Brandon might be doing dishes or something and I can fit over here, chop and cook or whatever with
him next to me and it’s fine. All right, let’s look at the bathroom.
So we have a composting toilet. It’s a nature’s head. The way it works
is it separates the solids and liquids. What we did here is we actually changed
it up so that there’s a hole going through the bottom so we don’t
have to empty the liquids anymore. We dug a hole and there’s like
rocks and stuff down there. So it kind of just
drains into the nature. We’ve got our teeny tiny sink.
This is our little shower. Um, in order to maximize space, we ended up going with these metal sheets. Instead of doing a cabinet,
like a standard shower cabinet, this is a dehumidifier because
we live in the Pacific Northwest. It is very wet pretty much all year. So we have this thing running almost
constantly just to keep it around 50% humidity because otherwise we
could have mold issues inside here. This is the front of the
house. We have our desk area, I am an illustrator, so I spend a lot of time here
doing my art and business stuff. And then Brandon has this
little tiny mini desk. Um, and then we watch TV
usually off of one of these. I have some artwork hanging in here. That’s actually the only
one of mine that I did. I do a lot of bird stuff and that kind of thing. So how long have you been doing
that? Forever. But professionally, I guess maybe around six or seven years. Just this past year I
started doing it full time. So another thing I really wanted was a
stained glass window. I don’t know why. It was just something I got in
my brain and had to have it, so we ended up commissioning a stained
glass artist to make that for us. Our door is also just totally
custom, obviously in a tiny house, especially this one, we had
to have a weirdly sized door, not the standard wide door
because of this bump out here, so we had to build it ourselves and
we ended up just using like a bunch of scraps from the property. All this stuff is just really old
boards that were kind of laying around decaying and then this was
an old farm house window. There were two of them and they’re
both kind of in rough shape. This one was a little bit better off, so we ended up sanding it down and
filling in all the little insect holes and then getting new glasses for it. We built this house using
plans from tumbleweed. The plants were for a 24 foot Cyprus. The cool thing about the plants
was that it came with a porch, which is nice because it’s always
raining here and when you come home, want to get inside the house and you’re
fiddling with your keys and stuff, you’re not getting soaked. This is our
little garden area. It’s very small. We have lettuce, kale, zucchini, and we have some strawberries
growing right now. Our house is sided with Cedar and we
stained it a natural color just because we thought it would fit in nicely, but
we also wanted a little bit of color. So Laurel decided on green window trim. This house is 24 feet long and it’s
about eight and a half feet wide. It’s got three axles. I think the
estimated weight is around 14,000 pounds. Square footage is about
240 that includes the lofts. Currently we are parked
next to my parents’ house, which is nice because we can run water
and power and a cord for internet. We’ve been in this house
for about five years now. So after we built this one, I enjoyed it so much that I started
building a second tiny house and that one sold just finished the third
house actually. And that
one has a buyer as well. It’s all because we started with this one. I’ve had various jobs, but this is the one job that
actually is fulfilling to me. Just seeing the final
product is very rewarding. I feel like half the time people still
don’t understand what a tiny house is. I’d like to encourage people to build
their own tiny house rather than buying. Honestly, it’s not as scary or difficult
as you think it’s going to be. I mean, you have to have the tools
and the space for it, but if you really want to learn how to
do it, even if you have no experience, you can do it. I’m actually surprised that more people
don’t pursue living in a tiny house.


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    Love this couple, they have a beautiful tiny house and have adjusted so well. I can see why more people are going the tiny house route. Jenna I absolutely love the porch you built on your tiny home, everytime I see it, I want to duplicate it for my small house, I think it would just add to my space perfectly. Thank you for sharing, this was an amazing video.

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    I love everything in this tiny house except the beam over the staircase looks a lil dangerous to me, I think one cannot be cautious all the time, if you hit your head accidentally it would pain like crazy (no hate just my opinion). Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Can't stand that nobody asks why these tiny homes are ALL built on trailers. Check your local laws.

    There's a reason they are built on a "moveable" platform.
    Even the host never mentions lol

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    This is Beautiful thank you For showing it this gives me some idea's of how to build my tiny house

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    Great idea for someone with access to 30 acres free space rent AND wood. Not really possible for the rest of us.

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    Sorry. TOO SMALL FOR TWO PEOPLE!!! People need to realize that the camera makes everything look so much bigger and longer. This is very narrow and not very long in length. I use to have big ideas about owning one but not anymore. RV's are more practical because they have slide outs and can be much bigger to live in. They are not as heavy either. Plus, no legal worries as there are with tiny homes.

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    YaYa Studio

    I'm so happy for this couple, they did an amazing job. I'd love to see a vid for those of us who don't have family property, I'd love a Tiny Home, but it's the 'Where' that is my only issue. What part of the country is most Tiny Home friendly? What is trending, per your experience in the Tiny Home Community, and is there a resource that addresses different areas of the country? Thanks!

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