Connect with Customers – Building an Online Business Ep.5

Connect with Customers – Building an Online Business Ep.5

And that’s when…I lost it all…. Hey guys welcome to episode 5 of Building
an Online Business From Scratch. I’m Jason Whaling and in this series I’m walking
through every step of building a online consulting practice from scratch live in real time, so
you watching me. I record these videos essentially right after
I complete a step. So you’ll watch me go from concept and idea
all the way to launch and hopefully making some, hopefully making some sales. So in today’s episode I wanted to talk about
the attractive character or your business persona. Most of the time I like to dive into, you
know my One Note file and show you some stuff but this time I just kind of wanted to I just
wanted to talk, talk with you just one on one here no screen capture no nothing. And just talk about the importance of being
you. And this is a really big thing that I struggled
with my first few years and I still struggle with, I mean these, these videos are just
as much as me pulling myself out of, out of my shell , as it is providing value for you
guys obviously . If the video still provide value I better fix them , but at the same
time you know it’s just, I’m just sitting here in in front of my , my little laptop
and I got the little micro, I got thee little blue Yeti microphone here and I got the two
lights so it’s not all dark. Because I have to record these after, after
work hour, after work hours at night and it’s just one of those things where this entire
series up until this point it hasn’t gotten a lot of views. Hopefully there’s, there’s more views by
the time you’re watching this. But it’s one of those things where being
authentic and who you are as you’re as either build authority or you build your business
is really the best, absolute best way to go. Particularly because nobody else does it,
there are just so many fakers out there. This isn’t going to be a rant video like
I’m not going to point out individuals that I think are fake or not know individuals that
are real. That’s not my place to say but, what I do
know is there’s a tremendous amount of us who are held back by this belief that we have
to have achieved some really large great goal in order to start a business or bring the
value that we have inside us to others, and that kind of ties into this attractive character
or persona idea. And that’s simply when you going to start
your, you know coaching or consulting practice or you’re going to go to start your information
product business, that you make a conscious decision on who you’re going to be. If you have to create a, if you have to create
essentially a fake image of you, if you have to create a pen name because you are embarrassed
of what you’re doing or you have to create, you know a fake, a fake profile that you come
home and you put on that hat of okay I’m now Jones James who is some crazy guy who picks
up women all the time and that’s not really who you are. That’s a recipe for disaster especially
because as, if you do reach success, eventually you’re going to have to wear that hat 24/7
and I’ve read stories of other people, you know I haven’t, I’ve never gotten to that
level of success to have that issue but I’ve read stories of other people who had to walk
away from multi-billion dollar, you know online businesses because they didn’t , they looked
in the mirror at who they who they pretended to be and it was and it was ugly. So that’s that goes into a bit of an extreme
example so I’ll bring it back to, bring it back to practicality and the practicality
is that when your starting your, when you’re starting your business you have to decide
: 1) You’re going to decide what you’re going
to share, what you’re not going to share. Some, some people part of, part of their product
or services are being political. If, if you don’t want to be then on the
outset deciding that you’re not going to be you’re not going to be political. If you have a particular charity cause that
you’re really interested in, then maybe that becomes a part of what you do and what you
talk about as a coach consultant or, or internet entrepreneur. If you don’t want to touch that at all then
don’t talk about it, but I think that the number one thing I can say is decide what
you’re going to share publicly and what you’re going to keep private. If and just saying ah well I’m an open book,
I can I can share anything like that’s not really, that’s not really enough cause there’s
definitely some things you don’t want to share and I’ll leave that up to you to decide,
so that’s number one. 2) Is deciding what your story or narrative
is. And when I say deciding I mean figuring out
how to communicating it communicated, not making it up. So if you’re in, if you’re like myself you
know I’m going to be building a business consulting practice, I’m not going to have a story
of how I was homeless and then went to you know now live in some million-dollar mansion
because that’s not at all represented all, who I am or my current narrative up into to,
up until this point. It would definitely help sell things but,
it’s not who I am and so a great way to figure out what your narrative, what your
story is going to be is essentially having breaking it down into three parts. So par number one is what your life looked
like before your particular result or before you became who you are now, so this is assuming
that you have a skill or passion that you’re sharing so you’ve gone through some sort of
struggle and you want to look at that struggle and you want to look at part 1 of the struggle,
us my other hand cause in doing coming here so part one of that struggle is deciding what,
what did my life looked like before I got that great, before I got that solution and
what was I trying . And then number two was where was kind of, where was the tipping point
where was it where you just hit a wall and you felt like you were going to give up, like
there’s some sort of crash and burn it doesn’t. Most people have multiple you can choose one
so there’s that kind of crash and burn moment and then that moment where you decided to
keep trucking on when most people failed., So that’s number three. So we have number one what, what did life
look like what were you trying to, to do to achieve the result, like pursuing your passion
or gaining this skill that you had because you were overcoming a problem that you had
and then number two is, where was that where was that wall that you hit and then number
three is where was that decision, or what was that decision that you made. And a great way to frame that when you’re
explaining it to two people is no saying I had two decisions to make, I could give up
and go do something completely else or I could give up and just be, be fat or I went with
option two which was you know go back to the drawing board or try this new system or cut
out eating doughnuts every day. Whatever, whatever that decision was there
was always, there’s always two decisions because there’s the decision to take action
which hopefully what you did and then there was the decision not to take action to give
up or the decision to, to maybe taken a more route that’s more travel but you know isn’t
as ethical or doesn’t work as well. You know it’s kind of the difference between
not racking on anyone who gets liposuction, but it’s kind of the difference between
someone who was really overweight and said okay like it either you know spent my life
savings on liposuction or really go figure out how to, how to properly eat and diet and
do it a little more naturally, right. Or getting that the difference between eating
more naturally are getting that crazy core that wraps around your esophagus so you, you
don’t eat as much, I don’t remember the name of it, There’s billboards all over
California couple of years back for it. But, so that’s three and then number step
4 is what your life looks like now. And I will leave, in the description I will
have a detailed layout of what this looks like. It’s just one of those things that’s kind
of hard to represent graphically and you know I didn’t want to take you through the seven
or eight paragraphs of text I have for you know my own personal , my own personal story
or my own personal struggle. So I’ll leave a link to, you know the webinar
we’re actually go through that, that whole story formula and you can, I mean it’s in
the first 30 minutes of the webinar so even if you do have no interest in and staying
on the whole webinar, you can just watch the first 30 minutes and, and you’ll get it the
webinars are pretty will be will be pretty regular. So that does it for episode 5, I just wanted
to share with you the importance of being yourself and not being scared to be transparent
with who, who you are now and where you were. And I think we could use a lot we could use
a lot more authenticity in the world, we could use a lot more people who put themselves out
there in our little and are comfortable saying you know what I, I did x, y and z, you know
in not a millionaire yet I don’t have your crazy six-pack abs or you know I’m not I haven’t
found the love of my life yet or whatever. It touches all three major niches there but
it’s okay to say you know what I’ve got a small online business and I want to share
with you, you know my success or I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last two weeks. Its quicker than anything I’ve ever found
so I want to share it with you or you know what I’m actually going on dates now and
I used to never go on dates, so I want to share that with you. You don’t always have to be at the, what
society thinks is the pinnacle of success you know you don’t have to be the millionaire
to show other people how to be successful financially, you don’t have to be two percent
body fat to show other people how to lose weight or increase their muscle mass and you
don’t have to be some, you know you. I was going to say you don’t have to be
married to show the people how to be married but you probably should be married, but I
think you get my point like you don’t, you don’t always have to have that grandiose
lifestyle to provide value to others,. So hopefully if you still watching this right
now I’ve convinced you, shake a show you a way to lay out your story in a way that effectively
communicates you’re struggle and your triumph and then of course you look in the description
for the details on that and then of course the call that the big call to action of this
video, which is breaking out of that shell and being yourself. I mean I don’t I’m making these videos and
I don’t pretend to be a zillionaire you know I’m just sitting here with my laptop
and I’m talking to you, you know I don’t I don’t have five million dollars sitting
in the bank or whatever but what I do have is experience and in sharing that experience
with you and hopefully you get value out of its there you go in starting to beat a dead
horse be yourself , be authentic and use the formula in the description to share your story
and inspire and lead others. So that does it for episode 5, that’s the
second time I’ve said that right I kept going, but that does it for episode 5. I hope you found this actual and informative
and you got a little inspired out of it , inspired to maybe come out of your shell and you know
start sharing your story. And whether that’s you know some 10 second
snapchats or little YouTube videos like this one. Whatever it is you start on that path to turn
your passion or skill into a business and sharing your personal story. So go ahead and hit that like button if you
enjoyed the video and got some value out of it and then in the comments section and go
ahead and just tell me what, what your big passion or skill is or what struggle you’ve
overcome in the past that you want to share with other people. I’d love to read it and you know get a going
to get a great conversation going. Go ahead and hit that like button, comment
below and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.


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    Oleksii Kosenko

    Great work, Jason! I've watched all of your online business building vlogs in one day 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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