CMS Detroit Spartan Youth Jazz Orchestra | 4.21.2018

CMS Detroit Spartan Youth Jazz Orchestra  | 4.21.2018

How are you all this evening? Let’s try that one more time. How are y’all doing? Good to see you all this evening. How ’bout a round of applause for Jazz Spectacular? Tonight’s festivities will kick off with our outstanding band– how about a round of applause for Community Music School Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Sean Dobbins. Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. How ’bout a big round of applause for professor Etienne Charles Randy Napoleon Mr. Trunino Lowe. Thank you so much. And uh– we are the Community Music School Detroit. We are from Detroit Michigan. And we are so– Thank you so much! And we’d just like to take a quick second ladies and gentlemen, as we know we come here and I Know this is a Jazz Competition, but I will tell you that every year that all the students come here you see the level of musicianship rise, you see the love for the music increase, and you see everybody really understand, and you know, know why they play this music, and why they love this music, and their dedication to this music grows, and so we’re happy to be here this evening, but thanks to Michigan State University, under the direction of the great Rodney Whitaker and his wonderful faculty, we can always say that every year that music wins. So thank you Rodney, thank you everybody. And um, the first tune that we performed for you was a Thad Jones composition titled, Little Pixie, and we are going to conclude our portion of the show with a wonderful Cedar Walton composition– this is a tune entitled, Firm Roots. and this will uh– we will bring out one of the other great professors from Michigan State University, for those of you who heard them play earlier, they are some bad dudes, man. Great day in the morning, they are some wonderful musicians, so uh– We’re so honored to have them as a part and to leading– leading the jazz community I say that Michigan State University– the faculty is leading the Jazz community in so many different ways they’re innovative in instruction, the way they communicate, and their relationship with their students is unmatched. So we’re so happy we’re so blessed to be here. So we’ll bring out another one of the great jazz professors here in just a second, so– We truly hope you enjoy, Firm Roots.

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